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Mom said she is going to find me a rocking horse because I sit on things like I should be riding a horse.


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Saw her listed in SPCA profiles.Drove a hour and a half out of town to see her and brought her home.She had a horrible start to life.Where she lived I'm told a two year old child ran the house.Too make long story short the child put the dog in the oven then took a knife to one back leg and cut it.When xrays were done before surgery it was also discovered she had a sock in her stomach that needed to be removed.

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8/10/2009 4:46:12 PM

Okay, if they still have No Name for you...

I will call you Jackie! So Jackie how are you? Bark at me soon. Woofs, Buddy

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

8/9/2009 7:09:56 PM

8/9/2009 6:26:04 PM

8/7/2009 7:05:17 PM

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Hi! My name is Taco #37875 - I am a cute Chihuahua boy from Trosper, KY. You can call me, Taco-man, Knot-head and Hip Hugger. Hey, I am running for dotd on Saturday, 8/8, and will celebrate my next birthday on the 9th. We can pawty together both days if you want too! If you ask me too I will show you my teeth!! Smiling at you of course!! Come on over to my page and let's have some fun together! Family's and Friend's That Play Together, Stay Together!!! See ya soon, Taco. (Happy Birthday to Lilly 35098, Sugar 29084, and Spice 31423.)

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8/7/2009 1:34:02 PM

Hi Ginger!

Welcome to DC! So happy to hear that you have a special loving home now:) You are a real cutie! Thanks for the info about Traumeel..Mommy has the name saved. We hear about the fires and hot weather in many have lost homes. We will pray that you and your family stay safe and that the fires are put out soon. Wish we could send you our rainy summer! Not sure what we are doing doing today. Sunny but COOL! We may go swimming cause next week between the weather and the Mustang going back in Monday for water leaks and appts ..doesn't look like we get to go next week. You know dogs aren't allowed in the Ford loaner:( Have a great Friday and Weekend! Dixie Boy by Alabama Words and music by Jim McBride I was raised in the shadow of an old cotton mill, back when believin’ was in Style. Smalltown heaven and a big-eyed boy made sweet music for a while. My daddy worked hard down at the facotry. Nights he went to g.i. school. He didn’t know nothin’ ’bout the silver spoon, but he lived by the golden Rule. Summer nights he was gone; me and mama stayed home, out on the front porch Swing, wishin’ on the stars in the southern sky, and sometimes we used to Sing. We were leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms of love, livin’ all the Simple joys this dixie boy is made of. Please vote Alabama Gang # 43042 daily in August for DOTM and Outlaws Buddy # 92175 {no internet till the 8th} and Rooti # 56964 are running too..from the law.. hee hee! Please vote Gunny Boy # 126542 Friday August 7th for DOTD. Gathered around the campfire eating grits and beans singing..hugs and love, Cowgirls Ash,Brie,Mommy Sandy and Sheriff Tyler.

Come visit me, . ♥ .

8/7/2009 7:43:03 AM


You are just the cutest thing we've seen in a long time! Soooo glad you're in a good home! We think Bobbie has a lot of JRT in her, but don't know for sure. We were reading over some of the names that have been suggested & my mom thought of Jackie Sprout! I'm leaving you boxes & boxes of Lorna Doone cookies for treats. Hope the fires go away soon & I know all the critters do too.


8/7/2009 6:40:04 AM

Good Morning Sweetie!

Hi there! Welcome to the DC. We are so glad to see a new member and so glad to see a great family have brought you into their home and their hearts. You will be loved always by your new family, you are "lucky" to have such wonderful people bring you into your new furever home. We hope to see more pictures of you. We love baby pictures. I know your mom heart still aches for Rusty, I am sure in time it will heal and you will be there to comfort her in the sad times. I know Rusty and Cotton is watching out for their Family from above. We are so glad to have a new Furfriend from the DC. Don't worry if your not able to blog back, momma stays busy alot too with the warm season. By fall and winter things will definately slow down. We hop on the computer when we are able. Take care little friend. Sending love and Hugs your way. ~Shadow and the Gang and Mom too

Come visit me, ♥ Lucky ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart), ♥ Rusty ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart), ♥ Shadow ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart), ☆ Liberty 229897 ☆, Baby #37994, Gizmo #41269, Taco #37875

8/7/2009 6:23:43 AM

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8/6/2009 5:55:03 PM


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