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A friend told me about an add in the paper for Yorkie pups. When I went, she came running to me and kissed me and begged me to take her home...so I did. She was 7 wks old.

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we checked out the website and mommy is looking into it. I understood you dont need to be certified to go to certain hospitals or homes, Problem is i did a search and I dont think there's any programs like this around our town. We live in the fun southwestern rural MN!!! :) We'll keep looking!!! :) A vote for a very kind doggy. :) Tommy

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5/23/2007 5:07:06 PM

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I forgot to mention, as seen in the photo, I have attempted to run on the FlyNFur flyball team with my dog sister, Oreo. I love the game and can do it well, but at a tournament I get too scared and loose my focus so this photo was taken at my one and only tournament. I just don't think I was cut out to be competitive. I do much better at the more quiet venues so I'll stick to my visiting the nursing home.

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5/20/2007 4:57:25 PM

Hi! Hardy

You are a cut little yorkie.Yorkies are the best i hope i get another soon.I lost my little girl yorkie Mi Ling oct.8th 2005 she had just turned 17 sept.10th.Stay happy give your mother and father lots of love and take your heart guard & vitamins.God bless

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5/20/2007 7:12:49 AM


welcome to dog channel!!! you are so cute and soooo smart!!! :) I wish i could be like you one day, mommy would like to do therapy work with me! Any tips? tommy

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5/19/2007 7:38:20 PM

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