*Franklin* is DOTD today 9/15/14!! Thank You So Much!!!

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Franklin passed away peacefully today. We will love him and miss him until we meet again. 4/22/2003 - 5/5/2013


*Franklin*  is DOTD today 9/15/14!! Thank You So Much!!!

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We had wanted to get a Lab for a very long time. We looked online often and read a lot of articles about them. Once we were ready to get one we went to a well known flea market that has a section where registered breeders are, and we looked and looked. We came across a litter of pups that were all black and piled in a heap. We reached down and picked-up the one we could move without disturbing the whole litter and he nestled right next to us. The guy that had brought the litter had 'tears' in his eyes when we said we would like to buy him, so we knew right then this dog was coming from a loving home!! He's been such a sweet-heart and so charming right from the start.

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Another beautiful, black dog, YOU, Franklin, nice to meet you, smart boy. Awwwwwwwwww....your kind nature is a testimony for the world. You even have a human in your pack. :) Love the story of how your human Family adores you, Franklin. Here's a vote from your Sheltie friend, ME :) Bark at me, anytime, Franklin. ..kisses..

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2/9/2007 5:21:54 PM

You're cool, Franklin!

Hi Franklin, I'm a black lab too! My name is Remy. My boyfriend, Shiro, is also a black lab. Would you like to be pals? I think everything you do for your older sister is very sweet. Your family is lucky to have found you! I've got it pretty good too. Sometimes my people sit on the floor if my sister Brooke and I are hogging the couch and loveseat! They won't even move us. (We've got them trained, don't we?!?) But, kinda like you, I don't like when someone is sitting in the spot I want. I'll tell you a trick....go to the door and cry like you have to go out and then when the person gets up, run and jump in their warm spot on the couch. It works every time! And, it makes them laugh too and give you attention because they're always amazed at how smart you are for doing that!! Hope we can be pals! Remy

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2/9/2007 4:15:08 PM

Hey Frank Man! Casey Girl here :) thanks for that ball, caught it and it made my day! I think it is so cool that you help take care of Kassidee and Baby, I bet they are so glad to have you around! Have an awesome day! RUFF!

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2/8/2007 6:38:44 AM


Your a nice Lab! Are you a pedrigree? I am. By the way, I'm a Lab too! I'm three years older than you. Not much! Hope we can be friends! Bark Back, Shiro.

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2/7/2007 1:43:12 PM

Thanks for those kind words Frankling ... I have a wonderful life and I am so happy! Isn't it great to be a retriever? ♥Titus

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2/7/2007 5:00:42 AM

2/6/2007 8:24:44 AM

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