Shadow #219532 - Thank-you for your prayers!!

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What a difference a few weeks can make. Mom knows that I am getting closer. I have not been eating , I take a mouthful and then drop it on the floor and then do not finish the bowl, mom picks it back up so my kitties don't mess with it and I usually finish it later. I still enjoy the walks but do not chase anymore and really don't want to carry my frisbee either, I always took it on our walks & would not leave the house without it. Mom's heart is breaking right now and she spends her days in tears. She is never going to be ready for me to leave her. She cannot imagine me not being there first thing in the morning or when she gets home, to see me watching at the window, the giving here my very happy greeting. Mom hopes that I just go to sleep and do not wake up rather than have to help me cross. Mom wants to thank all you dear furiends for support and kind words, she doesn't know what she would have done without it!!! Mom says she won't be back to post here again until I am an Angel and with my Gpa who promised mom before he passed to take very good care of me till Mom arrives. We love you all very much and have appreciated your friendship. Hugs & Kisses, Shadow & Mom Lynn


Shadow #219532 - Thank-you for your prayers!!

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Shadow is a Pitt/Lab mix & was six different places before she came to us, She was just being a very busy puppy. Nobody wanted her, but that has changed everybody that meets her wants her now!! She is the love of my life and follows me everywhere when I am home. She is the most awesome dog I have ever owned!!!

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