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Hello to all my dear fur friends and their mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and everything else inbetween. First and foremost I am sorry I am not on DC. There are a lot of reasons for my absence and I sure do miss you all. Mommy has had major computer problems big time and DC is SO-SO slow, I have found out I have multiple fatty cysts, but I do have a mass on my left shoulder, and another growth on my right eye. Mommy told me as long as I am happy and active that is the way we want to be. I wuv her so much and she loves me. Grams and gramps are really slowing down a lot. Granny has to have another endarterectomy and gramps can not stand for too long and is needing more and more help. As far as mommy she is taking care of everyone but not taking care of herself emotionally. So please know you are all in our prayers, thoughts, and we always send our love. Please don't feel like you are snubbed, because it is totally opposite, mom says she really wants a new pc but at this time with everything going on it is the last thing on her mind. We send our Love, hugs, prayers, and golden kisses and you all are in our hearts.


OZZIE *35231*

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It was a total surprise! His breeder gave him to me since all the other ones were girls, and he was left alone. There is NO way to repay her for such a wonderful gift!1/15/2012-We want to thank all our DC/FC friends and family for being just SO great and patient with our offline time. Please know that everyone was in our thoughts and prayers at all times. It will take time for us to get to know all the new DC family but we are hopeful that it will come with time! I love all the smile boxes, and letters received during our absence, and can never be able to catch up on all the blogs that were left for us when we were off line, so here are some BIG HUG. LOTS of LOVE, continued PRAYERS,especially for the all that need those extra prayers for healing, and GOLDEN KISSES!

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Hi Ozzie & Momma Nan!

I haven't been on DC that much but Auntie Sandy emailed me and told me about your eyes! :( I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping you and your Momma Nan are okay. So, is this blindness something that came on suddenly or over a period of time? I want to tell you that my fiance's aunt and uncle's dog Abby - a Springer Spaniel - has been blind for years now and she gets around really well and is one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen! Sometimes you wouldn't even know she was blind until, of course, you see her bump into things as she goes along. There is always a wet nose trail along the sideboard where she makes her way to the door leading out to the porch. :) But she can still fetch and run around outside and everything! I know it was VERY difficult for them at first too. Betty and Jack are SUPER nice people and if you would like to talk with them about it, I'm sure they would be more than happy to discuss things with you... It might make you feel a little more positive about the situation. My email is: sunestaples@aol.com. Write me and let me know if you would like me to have them email you and also I want to know how YOU are doing as well!!! I know you're about to have surgery! Yikes! Take care of yourselves!!! And don't worry - it will take some adjusting, but Ozzie will be fine. One way to look at it is at least he doesn't have some life threatening disease! He will still love you as much as ever and continue to be a wonderful companion I'm sure! Hang in there! Hugs and love, Luke and Mommy Sunny

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