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Hello to all my dear fur friends and their mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and everything else inbetween. First and foremost I am sorry I am not on DC. There are a lot of reasons for my absence and I sure do miss you all. Mommy has had major computer problems big time and DC is SO-SO slow, I have found out I have multiple fatty cysts, but I do have a mass on my left shoulder, and another growth on my right eye. Mommy told me as long as I am happy and active that is the way we want to be. I wuv her so much and she loves me. Grams and gramps are really slowing down a lot. Granny has to have another endarterectomy and gramps can not stand for too long and is needing more and more help. As far as mommy she is taking care of everyone but not taking care of herself emotionally. So please know you are all in our prayers, thoughts, and we always send our love. Please don't feel like you are snubbed, because it is totally opposite, mom says she really wants a new pc but at this time with everything going on it is the last thing on her mind. We send our Love, hugs, prayers, and golden kisses and you all are in our hearts.


OZZIE *35231*

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It was a total surprise! His breeder gave him to me since all the other ones were girls, and he was left alone. There is NO way to repay her for such a wonderful gift!1/15/2012-We want to thank all our DC/FC friends and family for being just SO great and patient with our offline time. Please know that everyone was in our thoughts and prayers at all times. It will take time for us to get to know all the new DC family but we are hopeful that it will come with time! I love all the smile boxes, and letters received during our absence, and can never be able to catch up on all the blogs that were left for us when we were off line, so here are some BIG HUG. LOTS of LOVE, continued PRAYERS,especially for the all that need those extra prayers for healing, and GOLDEN KISSES!

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7/2/2008 9:08:44 AM

Hi Oz

Im sorry that you & your Mom are under the weather. We are thinking of you and hope your both better real soon!

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7/2/2008 6:29:48 AM

Hi Ozzie

thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the thoughts and prayers for our family and Pappa. Yes, Mommy has been trying to get things done so she can start packing... she even has a bag to pack for us. It is going to be a long ride. almost twelve hours. but mommy said when we get their her cousin has a poodle smaller than us and mommy said we have to be nice to her. that isn't any fun. And they have a big swimming pool. We don't know about that. we will try to be on Thursday and Friday for a little while... we gotta run but we wanted to wish you and your Family a Happy and Safe 4th. of July....The Yorkie Girls. Amanda and Harley and mom Patty

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7/2/2008 4:35:51 AM

Good evening Sweet Ozzie and Nan

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you're both still in our thoughts and prayers. Nan, whenever you're up to it I have a couple websites that I think will be helpful for you with Ozzie. I'm sure you're quite anxious about the procedure, but we're praying for the doctors and all the personnel who will be involved in your care. I know firsthand how debilitating and horrible migraines can be. I take injections for mine - for the moment! Praying hard that God will ease your apprehension. A vote for Ozzie and prayers of peacefulness for you. Brie and Marla


7/1/2008 8:57:03 PM



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7/1/2008 7:00:16 PM

Hi Ozzie and Mommy Nan!

DOGS GONE WILD! EUROPEAN TOUR # 12! You have voted and this is the name of our tour group! We did not vote as we know who entered each name. We wanted to stay impartial! #3 and # 10 tied for 2nd with 3 votes each. Congratulations to Riley # 39863! He submitted the winning name and has all expenses paid on the trip to Europe! The going away party will be held on page # 76703...The Bark Valley Swim Club , owned by Luke. Rufus ..the DC Travel Agent is helping us plan the trip and has offered his castle page # 72738 for the trip.Pictures will be posted and all info. It will be renamed and set up sometime after July 7th. Please jot down these 2 page #'s for the party and the trip and keep them safe. That's all for now folks...Tah Dah!!!! Hugs and kisses, Ash,Brie,Ty and Shamus.

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7/1/2008 6:19:05 PM

Wuff wuff, Ozzie ! What is your mama afraid of?!? I want to thank you for helping me get dog of the month. It is an honnor and I wouldn't of won if it wasn't for you. I had a total of 2,214 votes all of June. That is totally amazing!! I will try to get on some new photos later on but mom is exausted because she was up till 3:30 am her time when it was midnight CA time to check her email to see if we won DOTM. Sad for mom though because today she has to get 2 cavities filled this afternoon. She is concered about this one because its almost on the gum inbetween two teeth. We hope all goes well because mom won't take novicane. Anyway, I can't thank y'all enough for your support for DOTM! I never thought I could win this and my dream came true. I will be getting alot of treats today mom said she will make me her special treat n food mix with gravy on top..yum!! So here is a vote for you for all the support you have given me!! I hope you bark really soon because I would love to hear from you! Love Star

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7/1/2008 7:05:00 AM

Hi Ozzie and Mommy

we wanted to thank you all for the prayers and thought for our Pappa...mommy and daddy talked to Pappa last night and he told daddy they did an x-ray and found another spot on his lung... he only has 1 1/2 lungs cause of lung cancer and mommy is realllllllly worried. well we gotta run mommy has to go and do some errands... she is trying to get everything done before we leave to go to Georgia early Saturday morning... luv,hugs and lots of thank you's for all the thought and prayers...Your Yorkie Friends...The Yorkie Girls...Amanda and Harley

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7/1/2008 5:29:13 AM

Hey Ozzie

How are you feeling my friend? Thanks for stopping by my foto factory page and for your kind words.Yup,doggies just tell me where to find the pics they want used or just the page and I pick the photo the I pop it in a background.It's really easy..they're from imikimi.com. Sometimes I do my own,but imikimi is just so much easier.Anytime you'd like a pic,just bark at me bud.Mama and I just LOVE making pics,as you can probably tell...BOL..Have a great day and bark back anytime..You're in our thoughts and prayers my friend.*hugs* and a vote Mugsy

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6/30/2008 9:59:12 AM

Woof woof!! How are you on this sunday morning Ozzy ?? can we swap dads? BOL! Our dad is really mean and he says to his kids that he hates them and he wishes they were never born...we think he has bipolor because he can be in a good mood then in an instant he hates the world and everyone in it. He always NO to us. Well I can't believe tommarrow is the last day for DOTM voting. We won't be seeing who won until abour 7am on tuesday. I am keeping my paws crossed that I win!! Wow, these weathermen are really bad at telling the weather...They all need to be in a differnt carrear choice. They had all over the station that they there was a severe storm heading right for us and it was gonna be really bad. Well guess what?!? Nothing, not one single rumble. We sat around waiting for it and it never came. So mommy said were gonna go old fashioned and predict our own weather by the sky. BOL! The ants invaded the computer room and now mom got ants crawling on her. Makes her so mad,but, better they invade this room then her room. Do you ever get ant invasions?!? Well I better get going bark back soon, here is a vote for you too! Love Star

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6/29/2008 8:20:17 AM

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