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THANK YOU ALL FOR STOPPING BY FOR MY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) AND MAKING ME DOTD TODAY!! Momma was so happy as she don't get over here much. Will take pics and post of me and the Pak today. THANKS AGAIN!!


Taco #37875

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I saw a picture of him that my sister-in-law had, and to find out that her daughter was trying to find a home for him. After already having 4 other dogs, I asked my husband-after several "No"'s, finally he agreed and Taco made a long distance trip from Indiana to his new home, and that is when he came into our Family

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I love the way your fangs are showing in two of your pictures. You just look soooo intimidating. Is that Gizmo on top of you in the picture below??? Too cute! Tuna and I like to hang on each other, too. Mama and Tiny's mama were trying to put the beginnings of the roof on the extension we're building and it started to rain. Everything and everyone got soaked. Tuna was out helping for most of the afternoon, but had to go in when it started raining. She played with bits of wood and then slept wrapped up in blankets in a Tofu box. We all love the Tofu box, but Minnie kind of overflows it. BOL! We went for a walk on Monday. Everyone is off-leash except for Tuna. She's allowed off the leash while we're in the forest, but has to go back on when we're on the road. Lately, Minnie has taken to running ahead on the way home. Mama took Tuna's leash (still attached to Tuna) and put the other end around Minnie. They were walking each other. It was great! They were so funny together and it really worked. Maybe if Minnie goes blind, Tuna can lead her around. She can be Minnie's eyes and Minnie can be Tuna's ears. Tuna and I went to the vet today. I had to get my shots and Tuna had her eyes examined. THEY ARE ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL!!!!! HURRAY! She will have to continue Prednisone drops for the rest of her life, but so what?! I was very courageous... okay, I was a whimp, but who wouldn't be? I was shaking like a leaf and I'm not ashamed to say it. Minnie and Mouse are going down to the ophthalmologist tomorrow for Minnie's checkup. I'm afraid her eye is still very swollen looking. I hope it will all be okay, but maybe she'll have to have the eye removed anyway. Tiny's mama has already thought of a good part for her to play in a new movie she wants to make if she only has one eye. BOL! Unfortunately, our video camera is broken and I don't know when we'll get a new one. Well, that's the news today... hopefully we'll have our beach pictures up by tomorrow morning. BB, SVEN

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1/22/2009 8:32:22 PM


It's great to be back on the DC after being off for nearly a month!!! We were on vacation at the beach for a week. It was wonderful! We had great weather the whole time despite what the rest of the country has been having. I got spoiled by going on 3 walks a day. Now I'm hibernating again since I'm back in the cold weather. Mouse and Mama were walking on the beach and thought there was solid ground in front of them, but it was a tide-pool. Mouse got drenched and Mama's shoes were soaked. Sven got attacked by a wave, but it only went up to his belly. We had to block off the stairwell in the house because Minnie can't see and last year she almost walked straight off to plummet to a disastrous end. This year that wasn't a danger... cardboard was tied up... not very pretty, but effective. Just before we left, Minnie went down for an eye appointment. Bad news! Her glaucoma pressure was back up. She had to stay overnight and get an injection to kill the eye. Now she's blind in that eye. Still don't know if she will have to have it removed or not, but hopefully the injection did the trick. She had lots of fun at the beach as well. I hope to post pictures soon, but we'll see. Mama has been helping Tiny's mama to do some building construction and thinks she may be building some muscle. Mama went to the chiropractor day (been a month for that as well) and rode one of his horses. He is about 18.2 hands high. That's about 6 feet 2 inches. As she went to get in the saddle (which is usually a struggle) she threw herself with such unexpected force that she nearly went over the other side. BOL! The chiropractor thought she had hurt herself, but she just was caught off guard. BOL! Well, that's some of the news for now. GLAD TO BE BACK! BB, Tuna

Come visit me, Minnie (In Loving Memory) #12859, AVATAR ART EXHIBIT (Easter Winners Announced!), Kermit, Mouse #12870, Sven #12401, Tuna #12275

1/20/2009 9:56:51 PM


CHI CLUB CHRONICLE VOL 29 Good Monday To You All!! I hope you had a great weekend and stayed warm.Sure was a cold one here and snowy too...We have a lot of news this week...DOTD NEWS..Today's DOTD is our very own Gma Mimi(116250)..WOOHOO..CONGRATS MIMI!!...BIRTHDAYS..We have a Birthday Boy this week.On Saturday 1/24 please join me is wishing Angel Dos Man(27759) a Happy Birthday..MEDICAL NEWS & UPDATES..First I'd like to thank you for the well wishes and prayers for Mama.Her back is feeling better but not normal yet.She sees the chiropractor 3 times this week.Hopefully his adjustments will continue to help her get better.And hopefully we will be on the puter more this week because we sure weren't last week..Princess,Tobi and Mimi's brother Scruffy(39348)received his pathology results and there is no Cancer..Congrats Scruff..Jenny(24249) had a vet visit on Sat. to check the slight swelling in her belly.She had some excess fluid there so the vet doc changed her meds.A loose tooth was also noticed and pulled..Bonita and Gang's(67978) Nanny Ceile took a turn for the worse.Please pray for her and for guidance for her family.Their Grandma(COPD) who is Angel Sassy Faith's (109766)mom is feeling better everyday..Lily(100232) is feeling better also..No word on how Gitli's (76211)Great Gma and Gpa are doing..Keiki Jaye(38246)& Angel Dos Man's(27759) Mommie and Daddy are both having medical issues so please keep them in your prayers...Mambo's(70360) brother Simba and their Mom have both been having stomach problems..Roxy(9997) &Turbo's(42076) Mom has been having Migraine's.She's getting married in 3 mos and is very stressed and Pepe's(23905) Mom fell on the ice and is pretty sore.Please keep all of these families in your prayers ...HAPPENINGS..On this Tuesday night 1/20 at 7pm EST you are all invited to attend my Presidential Inauguration Dinner/Ball(109695).I hope to see you all there...On Friday night 2/13 in celebration of Valentine's Day,The Chi Club will be taking a (Virtual)trip to Paris, France. We'll visit sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Everyone may bring a guest. Please let me know if you will be attending and if you'll be bringing someone. That's the news for this week. Stay Warm,Safe,Happy and Healthy..*hugs* Mugsy

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1/19/2009 5:07:36 AM


CHI CLUB CHONICLE VOL 28 Happy Monday Everyone!! Did you all have a nice weekend? I sure hope so.We had a very cold and snowy one here,but that's pretty normal for this time of year. Now for this weeks news..DOTD..CONGRATS to BONITA & TAZ(67879) Today's DOTD..WAY TO GO PUPS!!..On Sunday 1/18 please VOTE MIMI(116250) for DOTD..she sure would appreciate your support..BIRTHDAY'S..We have a Birthday Boy this week..On Thursday 1/15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DROOPY(80725).Please be sure to stop by his page on his special day...ANGEL NEWS..Friday 1/16 is the 1yr Anniversary of our Sweet ANGEL DOSMAN(27759) passing to the Rainbow Bridge..You're FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS ANGEL DOS..WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU..Please stop by and leave his family words of encouragement, as I know they are really missing him terribly...PRAYER REQUESTS..LILY 100232(possible ear infection & allergies), GITLI 76211(Great Gma broken ankle & Great Gpa in Nursing facility for rehab),Bayou Pups 68428(Nana having problems with COPD),Princess,Tobi & Mimi 39424/116250 (Mom fell and hurt ankle and brother Scruffy(39348) post surgery,still waiting for pathology results),Chipper & Angel Ricky's 39863/48458 Mom Julie(Migraines)..I hope I didn't forget anyone,sorry if I did....NEWS...ChiChi(113304) is back online & Little Bit & Paco(85816) should be back online now also..YEYYYY..we missed you all...Susy(29343)and Sissy(105448) are back..they were out of the country for the holidays.WELCOME BACK GIRLS!!..Looks like Maggie & Sally left the DC as their page has disappeared....HAPPENINGS..I had mentioned in an earlier news edition that for Valentine's Day we should have a dance or take a trip to Paris..Since there will be a Dance already being planned on the DC..We'll be taking a trip to Paris.Well that is if we get enough participants...So please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.It will most likely take place on Friday 2/13...ewww..Friday the 13th,we might need to change that..BOL..Please let me know if you'd like to attend. Everyone may bring their significant other or a date. They don't have to be a Chi to attend...Well I think that's the news for this week.I hope you all have a safe,happy and healthy week. *hugs* Mugsy

Come visit me, DC CHI CLUB © #45760~, MUGSY & PRINCI~66654~

1/12/2009 5:42:27 AM

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