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I saw her picture on the internet and she was so cute I couldn't resist. I cannot see you Mommy, when you cuddle me so near. And yet I know you love me, it's in the words I hear. I cannot see you Daddy, when you hold me by your side But still I know you love me when you tell me so with pride. I cannot see to run and play out in the sun so bright For here inside my tiny head it's always dark as night. I cannot see the treats you give when I am extra good But I can wag my tail in Thanks just like a good dog should. "She cannot see. The dogs no good" is what some folks might say "She can't be trained, she'll never learn She must be put away." But not you, Mom and Daddy You know that it's all right Because I love you just as much as any dog with sight. You took me in, you gave me love and we will never part Because I'm blind with just my eyes, I see you in my heart.

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