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For Christmas, 2006, my daughter and husband gave me a dog collar with a note attached that read "Insert dog here". They had decided I had greived the loss of my first dog, Poha, long enough. I needed to give my love to another puppy.

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Hello friends, This is a c/p because I have alot of blogs to respond to, and news to share. Well first and foremost, I am so sorry mom and I haven't been on DC. She has been super busy and tired for like the past two months. We hope to be on more from now on once she gets back on a normal sleep and daily schedule, but we still don't have actual internet at home and have to use moms phone to connect and what not. Well, thank you all so much for voting me in the dog days of summer contest, As I was not on too much in August I was very suprised to recieve an email from DC saying I had won first place! So thanks all so much, Unfortunatly mom isn't able to send DC the full size picture of my winning pic so she isn't sure if I am actually going to be featured as a puzzle or not. But we did see me on the main page of DC when we found out I won and it made us smile and I of course got to celebrate with mom! (Also like to say congrats to peaka & woody, Their pictures were great!) Well how 'bout that weather? Bol. Our summer was practically all of september (85 degrees for about a week towards end of summer/beginning of fall) and about all october its been winter. Its been really cold (in the 50's during the day). Been raining for about two weeks. and with all thats been going on mom hasn't gotten a chance to take pictures in about a month so. Shes having withdrawls from her camera. Bol. She hopes to go out tomorrow and get pictures. Even if it is raining, but that might not happen. There is also a family dinner tomorrow so she has to go to that and than she might come and get me from Chips house if it's not too late. I've been spending lots of time with him while moms been gone, The other reason I've been staying there is that, our kitty Rufus is having some issues, He seems to have gotten into a fight (He does alot but usually they aren't this bad.) He had a cut on his neck and his ear and a kinda deep scratch on the bridge of his nose. He is ok and has been healing, but mom think something happened in his nose, because he has been sneezing alot, but mom also wanted him to have some healing time without me bothering him. Well, saving the sad news for last, The newest member of our family, Twix (Rabbit), passed away on the 21st of September. He caught the snuffles (That is basically the equavilent of a human cold but it is fatal to rabbits.) Mom didn't catch it in time as he was not showing the usual symptoms. Mom was pretty sad as we had just gotten him and he was a very unique boy (Colors and personality.) Mom kept a close eye on Bugs and Mollie after he passed and checked them out very thoroughly but they managed not to get the snuffles. But it as a good thing mom decided not to put Twix in Bugs cage. We miss the little guy but we know he is up on rainbow bridge hopping and healthy with Pascal. Well, let me know whats new with you all! I haven't been on in so long, I don't know whats been going on. Well, Have a good night! ~:~Zoey~:~

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10/22/2011 9:04:56 PM

Vote 97!

Long time no bark! We're SO sorry about that. So now we're just going to send a quick c/p. Again, sorry! Momma's shipoff date is JUST around the corner; 6 days away, to be exact! We're spending as much time with her as possible! Flicka has healed BEAUTIFULLY and is doing GREAT. She's on the verge of shedding once again! Yay! Jester is HUGE. He has grown SO much since Momma got him. He is twice the size. And he changed colour a bit. The light brown on his back side is a TINY bit darker, he's got brown spots on his nose and the tips of his ear are darker. He is such a cutie. Onyx is still having issues adjusting to him. There are times when she's fine with him and some times when she wants to chase him. We're going to work on that as much as possible to make sure things go well when Momma leaves for bootcamp. There's a black cat Momma feeds every day. He is slowly starting to trust her. Momma calls him Coal. But she is still unsure if it's a boy or a girl... Momma's been running nearly every day cuz she has to be able to run 2 miles in 10 minutes. She stopped running and fell behind by 2 minutes. So she's doing it again. Momma also volunteers at her local animal hospital. She has seen some pretty neat things there. All types of surgeries and whatnot. Sorry for or extended absence. But Momma has been VERY caught up with a LOT of things!! WE ALSO WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT HELPED US GET OUR DOTD BADGES. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! That's all! Gotta run! Love, The East Patchogue Gang(Onyx)♥ . Ps; Hey! You almost have 100!! Way to go!

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10/7/2011 9:25:16 AM

Hi Tess!

Hope you're having a nice Tuesday :) It's in the high 60's here today with some rain here and there. There was a perfect break of a couple hours with sunshine and no rain so Brandon got to go swimming today, for the last time this Summer and probably the last time this year. After that he had a bath and once he dries off it'll be time for another good brushing. Left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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9/20/2011 7:05:57 PM


Been busy can't talk lots but I've been good

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9/12/2011 3:03:47 PM

Hi Tess!

# # # #:::::::::: # # # #:::::::::: REMEMBERING # # # #:::::::::: # # # #:::::::::: # # # # # # # # # # # # # # SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Sunny in the low 80's again today. Mommy stopped at PetSmart to look at some things, and actually got Muffin something...but what do you know, it's a t-shirt! Brandon is just glad he doesn't fit in many clothes. We can only get things for him online, hehe. And we have yet to find a t-shirt in his size. Then Brandon got to go for a nice swim and walk around the pond. He did end up jumping in the water on the far side of the pond (where it's not cleaned at all) to chase ducks..but he got out quickly! Then he had to go back to the other side to wash off some. He really had fun though and didn't want to leave :) Left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut . . .... ( .. . . .(,) . . _.-♦-._ . . |. . . . | . . |. . . . |..A candle burns in Remembrance of 09/11/2001 . . |. . . . | . . ♥♥ ♥♥ . . Please keep the candle burning ♥

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9/11/2011 6:39:44 PM

Hot weather here...Summer most definitly came late here! Past 3 weeks, not a day of rain. high 70's to high 80's all throughout then. Every field in our county's got sprinklers going! Bol. Alot of people do too. I'm sure sprinklers are selling well now. Most people here don't need them for their yards! We get enough rain for that! But not lately. Our yard is fine and green, for now. Mom doesn't think we will need a sprinkler or anything. Anyways, So chips dad is finally home! Mom and I went up there last week and she got a few pictures of Chip. Asked how he was doing, He has definitly gotten slower, but that comes with age, and he is having trouble getting up stairs and mom noticed he isn't as interested in racing me for the ball anymore and he gets wore out real quick. But he is still a very happy lab and will still snatch the tennis ball from me whenever he can. Hehe. Well, we are actually going up to see Chip and some friends now! So bark at ya later! Chip says Hello! Licks & Love, ♥ Zoey † Rest In Peace Dear Friends, Taylonnie & Stormie † Goal: 12,000 votes by October 1st. I'm know I'm not on as much as I would like but I am pretty close to 12,000 and think I can make it! Thanks for voting!

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9/10/2011 5:06:48 PM

*-:★:- Tess -:★:-*

Yikes, Sorry I've been offline so long again. Mom has been super tired lately. On friday she went to take a nap at about 6pm (Probably not the best idea) She didn't wake up until 8:30am! So she was obviously quite tired but she is better now. Not sure if we will be blogging much except on weekends for a little while. But I will try to blog more! Lets see, What news do I have...Hmmm...Oh well first thanks for everybody who voted for me in the summer avatar contest. It was a happy suprise to win 1st place. My first, 1st place win in an avatar contest! I haven't done much lately. Mom went up to the top racehorse mountain yesterday. Awesome views. Mom didn't know we had THAT many mountains/foothills before Mount Baker. You could see like everything though, The canadian mountains, the other mountains here in WA. the foothills, the ocean. I couldn't go because on all those foothills is where people go shooting and I am super gun shy. Chips dad should be home soon, So that means mom and I will see him more. We didn't see him much this summer. and mom is always super worried about him. He is getting to be an old boy. He will be 11 in February. But he has been doing pretty good so far. I think thats all I have for today. I hope to bark again soon. Licks & Love ♥ Zoey

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9/4/2011 11:08:54 AM

"The LORD will keep you from all harm--he will watch over your life." - Psalm 121:7 Saying a special prayer for those in the path of the coming hurricane. Praying that God will watch over and protect them. Love you! Trio, CS, Wooki Mom Diane

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8/27/2011 11:27:43 AM

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Hey. Once more, a quick c/p with a hint of personal blog towards the end! Jonelle is still in the ICU, but little Tyler David is doing good. Jonelle is getting better VERY slowly. But at least she is getting better. The prayers are working. Please keep them up!! Now, some of you may remember we had a little black dog named Juicy on our account. Well, we took her down cuz she belonged to Momma's cousin and Momma's cousin wanted to have her own account for Juicy. Well, they're here! It's Juicy and her cousin's friend's dog, Nash. Nash is a Bulldog. Juicy is a Maltipoo! Please visit them. They are new here and are looking for friends. Nash; 217671 Juicy; 217672 So on to bigger news. We are STUCK in Staten Island. Can't make it home back to Long Island. There's a huge Hurricane watch here in SI and everyone is advised to stay indoors unless things get really bad. And Momma's cousin refuses to take us out during this hurricane watch. So Momma called up the Animal Hospital and explained her situation to them. They're understanding of it. We are all staying up high and trying to keep dry! Keeping our prayers strong and praying the hurricane is not bad. Onyx didn't get her DOTD badge... Not entirely sure why. But that's okay! Cuz it's Domino's (119109) DOTD run today!! Woohoo!! So it would be lovely if you can drop him a vote today so he can win! :) That's about all. 1. This would be funny to watch! The Hognose, Grass snake and the Spitting Cobra will fake death when feeling threatened. They flip into their backs, open their mouths, and let their tongue flop out. And they will let out some smelly stuff from their anal gland. Nobody would want to eat it after that! 2. Mother Pythons will coil themselves around their eggs and make their bodies shiver in order to heat herself up and keep her eggs warm until they hatch. Love, The East Patchogue Gang (Gotti)♥ . Ps; Yeah, we are definitely in the way of Hurricane Irene. We are going to stay indoors to see how things play out. If it starts to get really bad, then we are going to leave from SI (Which is a flood area where we are staying at right now) and go to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is not a flood area, thankfully. Thanks for the prayers and the crossed paws. It means a lot. :) Oh, yes. Jester is a CUTIE PATOOTIE, like YOU!! :D

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8/26/2011 1:54:07 PM

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Oh, yes. Momma loves her reptiles!! Sorry for our extended absence! We are having computer issues. Momma has tried to go online with her phone and her 3DS, but that just isn't working too well! We're happy to see the ASPCA ad is gone! Phew! As of right now, Momma's in SI again with her cousin, using her cousin's computer. So there are no issues. We're working to send this c/p out to EVERYONE. First thing's first, no sign of poor little Max. None of the nearby shelters have received a little Teacup Chihuahua. So he's gone. We're hoping and praying that he got into a good home. Jester is doing fantastic! Onyx is still having a few issues with him, she'll push her nose into him so he can take off and then she can chase him. But she's slowly learning to not do that. Now ALL of our turtles have gone missing. Momma was at her gma's all last week and we're guessing her dad/mom/brother forgot to feed them and they exited the pond and our yard in total. Momma's pretty upset about that, but there isn't anything she can do besides hope they return. Tomorrow, Momma should be going to Hurricane Harbor with her friends, so long as the weather permits. If not, she'll be going to FunPlex, where there are go-karts we can race for as long as we want for a one-time fee, just have to hold onto the ticket we get in return. We're hoping it's all sun and shine tomorrow! That way we can DEFINITELY go to Hurricane Harbor! Momma's never been there. She's only been to Six Flags... Well, that's all we can think of! If there's anything we forgot to mention, please ask us about it! Bark soon! Love, The East Patchogue Gang (Gotti)♥ . Ps; We're pretty positive Jester's a boy. Giving it a little more time, though. 1. The largest gecko is the tokay (Gekko gecko). The tokay is found ranging from India to the Australian Archipelago. An unusual characteristic of this lizard is that it is possible to actually see through it's head through it's ears. Tokay geckoes are aggresive and have been known to bite when provoked or threatened. The tokay will eat rodents and small birds and even other lizards. Momma used to have one named Geico! He rarely bit her. But when he did, BOY did it hurt!! 2. Did you know that snakes, like all reptiles, are incapable of learning? This is because they lack the enlarged Cerebral Hemispheres found in birds and mammals, this part of the brain controls learning and thought.

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8/24/2011 10:16:18 PM

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