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His first home didn't work out so he came back to his breeder, she was looking for a forever home who could give him a lot of one on one. I walked in and he jumped up on me, she said he never did that before to anyone so she knew we were the right mix.

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Hey the bad dog club is running for DOTD on Dec. 23! Make sure to vote for us! Also, the contest we have going on, the funny picture contest, it ends monday so you should cast your vote! You can give two votes a day but no double votes on one dog please!

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11/25/2011 1:43:58 PM

Vote 972!

*~^%^~* HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY TO YOU *~^%^~* Super quick c/p. Can't talk much. Got a lot to do in such a short amount of time. Momma's back from bootcamp due to a medical discharge. The doctor's over at Parris Island diagnosed her with asthma. Which is unbelievable cuz Momma has never had any asthma symptoms in her life. She just thinks they're using that as an excuse to send her home. Especially since the Marine core is trying to downsize their numbers. Momma's going to fight it and try to get back in. But that'll take about 2 years. So until then, work and college for Momma! We're all doing great. SUPER happy that Momma is home. Flicka is doing swimmingly well. She's so FAT and LONG. Jester is HUGE and she just keeps changing color. She's getting more grey on her face and body. Coal is doing good, getting bigger each day. And still no signs of Shellshock, Linley, Lucy and Crush. They're probably hibernating already, though. That's about all there is to say! Bark soon! Love, The East Patchogue Gang (Onyx)♥ .

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11/24/2011 7:01:19 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 106.1 Psalm 107.1 Ezra 3:11 1 Chronicles 16:34

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11/23/2011 6:17:18 PM


We are having a contest next week so please join us! Submit a funny photo of your dog by the 20th and then voting starts the 21st! Remember to stop by!!!!!

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11/16/2011 3:28:32 PM

Where are you?? Moose Mooko

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11/15/2011 10:28:08 PM

Hey guys! It's Hunter here! Since December is just around the corner I thought I'd get the word out about my run. That's right, THIS DECEMBER, THIS POOCH RIGHT HERE IS RUNNING FOR KING OF DC! I'm gonna need every vote I can to win and those votes have to come from you pups! My owner and I really want this, like more than all the doggie bones in the world (of course that might be because she doesn't like bones but the point still stands!) I know it seems like a while away and your probably wondering why this moron is still typing but it's sooner than it seems! PLEASE VOTE FOR US EVERY DAY YOU CAN! We will be coming to our supporters with tips on taking care of your best bud with fur, especially in the chilly months, along with facts about water (which is alot cooler than you probably think) and owls because they are pretty awesome. We have some of my run's photos at the bottom of my page and I'd love it if you would check them out! It doesn't snow much here but if it does I'll make sure you hear about it! We are so excited about this! Just remember, I NEED YOUR VOTE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want ya'll all to know that we love you all and that if I win it would mean the world to my owner and I. We'll even post a picture of our victory celebration if we win, but if we lose you are goiing to see pictures of the worst creature that every roamed the earth..................... .......................... .......................... ................................(don't you love suspense?)..... THE CAT! So remember to cast your vote!!!

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11/13/2011 6:59:12 PM

Greatly appreciate you stopping by.

Hello we are so happy that you found a forever loving home just like my Smokey did with us. He has become such a spoiled baby now and is begining to trust people more outside of us. He does get jealious when my husband gives me a kiss but thats okay he a baby and I understand my wee one. You have our vote and don't be shy and visit us again, by the way your so adorable!!!!!!!

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10/20/2011 12:37:19 AM

How are you doing? I've been busy. My kitty sister, CC, won cotd and hogged the computer. And now my pond has just won setup of the week on the Fish Channel. It's currently in the spotlight and I would love if you would stop by and say hi. It's easy to find right now. And, mama was making a tribute video for her friend on HC who died last month. It was just uploaded today and if you would like to take a look and learn about this amazing woman just check out HC videos. It's called Remembering Joanna. I was wondering if I could ask a great favour of you? Mama entered a photo of Eddie, big percheron horse, in Dover Saddlery's online photo contest. I would love to have your vote and you only need to vote once. The contest ends in a few days so the sooner you can vote the better. And if you would pass it along to your friends I'd appreciate that so much. The contest is at No spaces or dashes. He is the 2nd photo on page 10 in the Best Black & White category. The title is, "Tall, Dark, and Hansom." Thank you so much!!! ( I uploaded a photo of Eddie on my page for easy recognition.) Okay, that's enough about everyone else. I like talking about me! I'm so glad that DC is mainly working now so that I can tell you about my amazing leap. Mama was out getting alfalfa bales and there was a big scary dog that kept annoying me. Finally I had just had it and I leapt up over the side of the truck and right on top of the bales in the back. Mama was shocked! She immediately jumped down and measured the side of the truck to see how high I had jumped. It was 5 feet! Boy, do I have some spring in my legs! I'd like to see mama do that! hehe And just so you don't think I'm all athlete and no compassion I have to tell you about Tuna. We were on a walk a few days ago and Tuna started limping and not putting any weight on one of her hind legs. She was feeling truly sorry for herself and I felt bad for her so I leant down and licked her sore foot. Mama says that was so sweet of me. I know it. That's all from me for right now. Thanks again for all your help and I hope you're all doing okay. Here's a vote.

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10/13/2011 3:00:20 AM


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10/9/2011 8:08:45 AM

Vote 959! So close to 1,000!

Long time no bark! We're SO sorry about that. So now we're just going to send a quick c/p. Again, sorry! Momma's shipoff date is JUST around the corner; 6 days away, to be exact! We're spending as much time with her as possible! Flicka has healed BEAUTIFULLY and is doing GREAT. She's on the verge of shedding once again! Yay! Jester is HUGE. He has grown SO much since Momma got him. He is twice the size. And he changed colour a bit. The light brown on his back side is a TINY bit darker, he's got brown spots on his nose and the tips of his ear are darker. He is such a cutie. Onyx is still having issues adjusting to him. There are times when she's fine with him and some times when she wants to chase him. We're going to work on that as much as possible to make sure things go well when Momma leaves for bootcamp. There's a black cat Momma feeds every day. He is slowly starting to trust her. Momma calls him Coal. But she is still unsure if it's a boy or a girl... Momma's been running nearly every day cuz she has to be able to run 2 miles in 10 minutes. She stopped running and fell behind by 2 minutes. So she's doing it again. Momma also volunteers at her local animal hospital. She has seen some pretty neat things there. All types of surgeries and whatnot. Sorry for or extended absence. But Momma has been VERY caught up with a LOT of things!! WE ALSO WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT HELPED US GET OUR DOTD BADGES. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! That's all! Gotta run! Love, The East Patchogue Gang(Onyx)♥ .

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10/7/2011 9:23:10 AM

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