Carrie, Radar, and Angel Dusty (FAMILY)

West Highland White Terrier | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | St. Petersburg, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 3, 2010


Radar is doing well!


Carrie, Radar, and Angel Dusty (FAMILY)

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Hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight! Happy New Year!!

Come visit me, A.L.I. (In Loving Memory), Heather (In Loving Memory), Josie, Katana, L.E.A. (In Loving Memory), Mariah, Misha (In Loving Memory)

1/1/2012 10:07:10 AM


Hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight! Happy New Year!!

Come visit me, A.L.I. (In Loving Memory), Heather (In Loving Memory), Josie, Katana, L.E.A. (In Loving Memory), Mariah, Misha (In Loving Memory)

1/1/2012 10:07:08 AM


Congratulations on your DOTD win! Way to go! I hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight, get extra treats and attention, too! I bet Angel Dusty is having a great celebration with all the Angels up there at the Bridge and having some delicious Angel Food Cake, too! I made two DOTD Award Photos for you. I hope you like them. You can choose between them or take them both! If you would like a different picture used for your Award Photo, just let me know and I will be happy to change it for you. You can pick it up on my DC Award Photos page, 183491. Just remember to left click on the photo to enlarge it. Then right click on the enlarged photo and save it to your computer. Then you can upload it to your page via your My Account page. Instructions are on my page, too. Have a great day! BBS. Left you a vote and lots of Sweet Golden Kisses....

Come visit me, ♥ ANGEL GOLDIE ♥ In Memory Of 05-01-06 to 03-08-13, ♥ Brandi ♥ THANK YOU for voting me May DOTM!!, ♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ RIP Harley 03-20-16 ♥ Please vote Alabama Gang #43042 for June DOTM!, DC Award Photos - Please vote Alabama Gang #43042 for June DOTM!

1/1/2012 9:46:09 AM

1/1/2012 6:32:38 AM


. Yahoo, Carrie Anne, Radar and Angel Dusty! Happy New Year 2012, your the dotd in the winners frame today .. we are soooo excited about that! Hugs .. Trio, Bella, WOoki Mom Diane

Come visit me, Our Foster Dogs, Paws for Pawrayer, Pray for America! (Angels Baby, CS, Franki and Meg) Kasi, Bella, Liddy, Josie, Tinkerbelle and Sammy. (Trio Plus), Rain Bow Bridge #5 - (JOY'S ♥ HEART), TEAM DOTD (Thank you for the DOTD win 4-9-16), TheTrio News; Please vote Alabama Gang #43042 JUNE DOTM!, TRIO NEWS SPOTLIGHT - DC Friendships

1/1/2012 12:32:12 AM


stopping by with a new year vote for you tonight. We hope and pray that your new year is full of love, joy, kindness, happiness, good health and good finances. We hope and pray that you are blessed with all goodness in the new year. So to start it off right I have some yummy steak, cheesy bread and fresh homemade chicken jerky for you. wishing you the most fabulous night and a truly awesome New Year. All our love, hugs, prayers, magical yorkie kisses and happy new year wishes, Rufus and momma Kay


12/31/2011 6:10:39 PM

Hello Guys

We are stopping by with your DOTD vote. Have a Happy New Year! Hugs, Destiny & Elvira

Come visit me, Elvira, Jolene & Angel Destiny

12/31/2011 5:58:08 PM

Hello everyone

Dropping by to leave you a Dotd vote. Good luck. Golden hugs,Cessna

Come visit me, Angel CESSNA (4/18/04 to 2/1/16) and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

12/31/2011 5:49:54 PM


EUGENE, OREGON WEATHER REPORT: The temperature was high 39 & low was 30 this morning, now it's 38 feels like 39 with humidity 86% & wind is 3 MPH. Sunday's suppose to be Mostly Cloudy & High 45. Wow!!! Was me and mom ever surprised when I was asked to be your next nominee for COTM!!! What an Honor just to be asked. I will try to bring you good things and in hopes they aren't to bore you into napping!!! MOL!!! Thank You All So Much!!! Mom says I must be home every night as she wants to make sure I get my proper beauty sleep to stay beautiful looking!!! MOL!!! I will be talking about my family and other subjects that is purr*taining to the feline world. When I first came to my furever home then became an inside kitty, my big brother Rhoamin 2921 had welcomed me into the home and babied me as a father would do with his young. He was so kind and sweet and played with me lots when I was little. I still love to play attack him and he really doesn’t mind even if he does squeal at times. MOL!!! Most of you already know we do not celebrate Birthdays and most Holidays so I will not be adding Birthdays and such to my blogs. We do celebrate Anniversaries and Adoptiversaries though. We are on DIAL~UP and therefore we are slower on the internet. I will try to leave a copy & paste blog to you all along with a purr*sonal message in it if it’s needed. You can read our messages on the CMR page 46883 as we try to make it a point to post one there everyday. ...~:♥:~...PLEASE VOTE FOR 2012...~:♥:~... **VOTE COTD on CC Sunday JANUARY 1, 2012 for: .~:*:~.FREE VOTING DAY.~:*:~. on CC. COTM CANDIDATE ON CC FOR JANUARY 2012 IS: .~:*:~.PAPPOOSE KNIGHT 10366 .~:*:~. **Vote DOTD on DC Sunday JANUARY 1, 2012 for: .~:*:~.MAGGIE 225344.~:*:~. on DC. DOTM CANDIDATE ON DC FOR JANUARY 2012 IS: .~:*:~.HONEY 218255.~:*:~. on DC Here's a Knight Gang vote for you. Sweet Kitty Kisses, ~:♥:~ PAPPOOSE KNIGHT #10366 ~:♥:~ A DOTD Vote & Hugs, CARLY KNIGHT #11000 (NOVEMBER 2011 DOTM)

Come visit me, ♥CARLY KNIGHT #11000♥ Forever Sleep 9-15-1998 to 1-18-2013, WILBUR KNIGHT #260132 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: VOTE ALABAMA GANG #43042 ~ JUNE 2016 DOTM :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 6/19/2016 Thankx Sadie #267388 for vote #8500

12/31/2011 5:38:34 PM


We are dropping off our DOTD vote for you and sending lots of good luck wishes for tomorrow. Have a great evening. Happy New Year! Love, Abby, Tess, and Beau

Come visit me, Abby...In Loving Memory 7/29/1996-3/15/2014, Beau...In Loving Memory, Holli ( IN LOVING MEMORY), Maggie (IN LOVING MEMORY), Tess Happy Spring, Tucker Ahhhhh...Spring

12/31/2011 5:14:42 PM

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