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I just wanted everybody to know that the miserable person who is stealing Bella and Sam's pic is now stealing mine and mocking my memory. Please help us by reporting this person every time you get a bad comment or see any of our pics on a page that os not ours.This person is just a horrible example of a human being and needs to be kept away from this channel. Thank you all...lots of love, Angel Zeus


♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Thank You All So Very Much For Honoring My Memory ♥

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I use to work at a Vet clinic. One of our clients called me because she knew that I loved Zeus and Xena, and asked me if I would give them a home. She said it was either me or the rescue. So I said bring them over..They showed up and they never left.

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Sweet Uncle Zoosie Goosie :-)

I love holding your paw and singing silly songs to you! I feel a silly song coming on right now! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ .... Smooches and hugs and tons of love! oxoxoxoxoxox ♥ Little Buddy Boo :-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/28/2012 9:03:02 AM

Hi Zeus

Thanks for stopping by on my RB Anniversary. I really love getting company, although I do have a lot of company up here! It is always good to have visits from my old DC pals. It makes my Mommy smile to know people still remember me. LUV, Angie

Come visit me, Angel Angelina, Aaliyah - Oh! My GOODNESS!, Angel Jenny, Paco - I am a Lucky Dog!

5/28/2012 4:08:25 AM

I'm sorry I didn't stop by last night. The HC was down for almost an hour between midnight and 1am. That's my prime blogging time! By the time HC was back up and working again I could hear my bed calling out to me. I don't know what you all thought about my crazy blog of hiking in the rain and mud, but it's done and we're moving on! Shadowfax approaches us and nuzzles those closest to him. He wants us to follow him. The sun is lowering in the sky and we know it will be setting soon. What could he have in store for us? We shiver with anticipation and make our way after him, across the meadow and through another thicket of trees. Several clearings and groves of trees later we emerge onto the top of a large smooth hill. The face of it is illumined by the golden light of the now setting sun. Parts of it have been cut into huge step like plains. Others are left with a smooth grade. Everywhere there are small mounds with beautiful white flowers growing over them. Their shadows are long in the twilight. It is a place of rest. It is where the dead have come for their eternal sleep. We all pause, sombre and quiet, and remember those who have gone before us. Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial day. We remember all of our fallen heroes, both those who served in battle and those who were personally close to us, human and animal. Rest in peace, precious ones! Leaving a vote for you and in memory of all those you love who have passed on.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

5/28/2012 12:30:30 AM

5/27/2012 11:46:54 PM

hi zeus

we are here to give you a vote. and we hope you have a nice weekend.

Come visit me, abigail, bella, maggie-mae R.I.P. You are missed, Morgan Mackenzie's R.I.P. You are missed

5/27/2012 9:16:01 PM

Moma says that.....

you need to share some of those pills with her!!! She needs happy pills also with this bunch. Oh that Ziggy was over here just today running his mouth. I snarled at him & just turned and walked away. He is very cheeky & any help you can give me would be appreciated. What a surprise he would get if he popped thru that little wooded area to be faced with a Great Dane!! Hahahaha that would fix him. Well we had an exciting beginning to the holiday weekend. Daddy ended up in the emergency room!! What happened was Daddy had a regular appt w/his kidney doctor on Friday. When he got there he took his blood pressure more than once & it was never higher than 80/60. His kidney levels were very high & he was having trouble breathing. Anyway it all indicated dehydration so he sent Daddy to the emergency room. Two bags of fluids later, a battery of tests, blood work & a breathing treatment he was sent home. We got home about 6:30pm. Anyway he is feeling better & we have a bp cuff that we have monitored his bp & its pretty normal. One time at the hospital it was 66/42!!! He's off his bp meds until we see his cardiologist on Tues. So that is our sad tale of woe my friend. He got an inhaler by prescription & he seems less congested & he is still on antibiotics for now. Daddy is getting better though so hopefully this week he will be all better. So Moma go the Great Dane lean from another Great Dane? hahaha each of us have our special things we do and I guess that is yours. Cute we think. And yes I am still on that diet. I understand that sometime this week they are taking me to get weighed in. I personally didn't think there were that many green beans in the town but she never runs out of them. Daddy thinks I have lost weight. Moma is hoping I have because she feels badly for me. Ok I better go before this blog takes up your entire page. lots o' hugs and kisses from your LilyPup to my Zoosie Caboosie....Cheeseburger Champ

Come visit me, ♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart, LilyPup the Taco Terrier, Rainbow Bridge Page #1, Rainbow Bridge Page #2, Rainbow Bridge Page #3, Rainbow Bridge Page #4(Page #5 #94259)

5/27/2012 5:18:44 PM

Thank You!

OMD! Thank you so much DC for celbrating this milestone with us! We're so sorry we weren't here for it, we were celebrating Memorial Day at Caddo lake and by the time we got home it was bed time so we didn't get to check our blogs! Thank you so much guys! We can't belive that Ruby made it all the way to 1,000!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! We are so happy to be here on dog channel! We are happy to be here for another year! But so sorry to hear that you've been having storms lately. It's been extremely sunny this past week here! We hope your weather clears up! ♥Hunter & Ruby

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Cali, Ruby

5/27/2012 1:38:51 PM

Hi Zeus

We are sorry to hear that the storms have been bothering you & that you have had so many of them. Pooh & Abbie don't like storms either. But it has been so hot & dry here that we would welcome a storm if it meant rain. Abbie has been enjoying her walks when the weather is cool enough for her to go on one. She no longer fights getting into the car. She goes right out & gets in the car. Mom says that she seems much happier. Since Regis is known to eat anything & everything, when mom got home from Atlanta, instead of paying the sitter she handed her a plastic bag. When the sitter asked what the bag was for, mom told her that Regis ate her money & she was going to have to go collect it. She thought that was funny but seemed relieved when mom handed over the money & that she really didn't have to go collect it. BBS. MisFits

Come visit me, MisFits~Money Abbie & Pooh ~ 136806, Regis ~ 116698

5/27/2012 1:09:16 PM

Hi Zeus,Xena, Sam, Angel Gentle Ben & Auntie Kim!

Votes for all of you and Wishes for a Happy Memorial Day tomorrow. Have a safe weekend! We were swimming Thursday and Friday:) Resting up this weekend. Sending Golden Kisses and Love and Prayers from the Beach Bums and Auntie Sandy

Come visit me, . ♥ .

5/27/2012 7:35:46 AM

Hi Zoosie

Feeling any better buddy? Have those nasty storms blown over? Keep chasing those flying hamburgers bud. The video is of Dibbles, I'm a big boy and don't cry like a girl:) Ok..I cry a little but nothing like Libby and her howl. I think your embarrassing story should be a brag story..hehehe! Miles got paint all down his one side, Libby got paint on both her nose and bum and I...not one drop or smudge! I know...it took skill to wiggle and miss touching the walls but I pulled it off. What is your mom painting? My money's on Sam too:) I shared the goodies with Libs and she won't tease you, I promise! Thankyou, turkey and bacon, droolicious! I brought you one of my toys...it squeaks! Love ya buddy and really hope you feel better soon and those storms stop stormin'. Paw slaps and man hugs, Sausage

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/26/2012 10:38:23 PM

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