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Yea finally got on here. now that i'm here don't know what to do. this is confusing. well since i'm not sure how dc works now i'm just going to post here and hope my friends see it. it said i had 8 friend request but from what i can tell it was all from same friend. well enough of this. i'll check back later if i can get on here again. noticed i lost my points cause dc wouldn't let me log on not so sure if i'll be visiting dc that much or not. depends on how fast i can learn the new dc and how darn confused i get. well yap at yall later. i guess you will see this.


Molly May #205823

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I went to the animal shelter to adopt a chi i saw online. they told me that yes the dog is there but i would have to go across town the next day to adopt her. it didn't make since to me to do that. so i went over to the humane society and that is where i saw the 1yr old chocolate chihuahua and fell in love.

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Hi Molly

Running by to wish you a Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day celebrating.

Come visit me, Bella-

4/4/2012 11:16:39 AM

Happy Birthday to you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MOLLY MAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Stopping by with birthday wishes for you. Hope you are having a great day celebrating! Hope you got some new toys, extra treats and lots of attention!! Sending you a big bag of Grilled Chicken Strips and Smokehouse Poppers. Enjoy! Have a great day! BBS. Left you a birthday vote and lots of Sweet Golden Kisses...

Come visit me, ♥ ANGEL GOLDIE ♥ In Memory Of 05-01-06 to 03-08-13, ♥ Brandi ♥, ♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ RIP Harley 03-20-16 ♥ Please vote Angel Heather #30655 for September DOTM!, DC Award Photos - Please vote Angel Heather #30655 for September DOTM! Thank you for DOTD 9-20-16!

4/4/2012 10:53:38 AM

Happy Birthday, Molly

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with a nice long walk..and some extra treats! Have a great time celebrating! Sending you a big bowl of ice cream..Enjoy! Giant hugs and a special vote..Xena, Zeus, and Sam ;)'

Come visit me, ♥ Angel XENA ♥ 3/28/05 - 8/12/14 OFFLINE, ♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Thank You All So Very Much For Honoring My Memory ♥, Angel Gentle Ben - ♥ Thank you all SOOOO much. You've made it a wonderful week for my family ♥, Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

4/4/2012 9:24:48 AM

~*~*Happy Birthday~*~*

Come visit me, Pepper- Thanks Bella for vote 9000

4/4/2012 7:33:29 AM

Hi Molly

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday, Left you some pupcakes to enjoy.

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

4/4/2012 6:09:10 AM

Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a very special day! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

4/4/2012 5:05:06 AM


Hope you have a great day! Rottie hugs, kisses, nubby wags and a birthday vote.

Come visit me, **CJ**, *~Angel Bubba Dutch~*

4/4/2012 4:25:30 AM

Honorary DoTd RuN -:¦:- Wed, April 4th

. VoTe -:¦:- Suprafa 233 -:¦:- Please Do Not Mention DoTd ``Wahoo!! My name is Suprafa aka Mundi, I am a Labrador Retriever, my pawrents adopted me from Pets Mart. My favorite tricks jump roping, spin`n`jump, my favorite hang-out is at the beach playing catch!! I'm a long-time member of DC since July 7, 2006 that's my Birthday too!! Suprafa is still active on DC, let's silently tippy paw over to Suprafa page 233, with a Surprise DotD Vote on Wednesday, let's slip a new badge on his page on Thursday!! Sound like Fun ?? Let the Voting Begin !! . ~:•:~ Happy Birthday To ~:•:~ . TeamDotd Birthday and 5yr DC Anniversary 57527 . Angel Rooti 56964 :•: Chance 196074 :•: Molly May 205823 :•: Sooki 201762 :•: Blossom 30329 {Off-line But not Forgotten} . ~:•:~ Happy DC Anniversary's To ~:•:~ Angel Mustafa 5yr Dc Ann, 20452 :•: Maxell 2yr Dc Ann, 174264 ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ . MONTH OF APRIL ~:•:~ APPRECIATE DAILY VOTES . DOTM: COOPIE GIRL 31897 . A Note from Coopie ... I am getting up in years, we are not too sure of my date of birth, but I have entered my 17th year of life. I am running for DOTM in April and I sure would like your votes each day. I still love to eat, sleep and rule the house, Buddy, Scooby and Kitty Boy, well, they just know who is boss! I have some hearing problems, some vision problems and a little arthritis, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my voice, I think I have the prettiest bark, not so sure Mom and Dad totally agree, but I sure do love to sing oh, I mean bark! I will be singing oh yeah, barking the entire month of April asking for your votes and if I am lucky enough to be the DOTM, let the Concert begin! I have been on Dog Channel since July 14, 2007, so I guess I am one of the old timers! Woofs to all, Coopie . COTM: INDIE 208247 HOTM: Angel Pixie Dust 101958 TEAM DOTD NEWS •°• WednesDay •°• APRIL 4, 2012

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4/3/2012 9:57:10 PM

.*. Happy 1st Anniversary .*. Molly Mae 4/3/12

.*. Molly Mae, Year went by so fast .*. In celebration of your 1st Anniversary on DC. .*. Look forward to more memories and adventures, Cutie Pie .*. lots of hugs .*. Leaving your favorite treats. .*. Tomorrow were ready to celebration your Birthday. As you Wake Birthday hugs* Tiffany .*. Misha

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~ Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ...Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ...Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~

4/3/2012 9:56:39 PM

Remembering Joanna

Remembering Joanna All through the month of April we on the Horse Channel want to honour a dear friend who passed away last year. In February her beloved pony, Pixie Dust, also passed away to join her in the next life. Please come and support Joanna (RIP) and her pony, Pixie Dust (RIP) 101958 on the Horse Channel for horse of the month. We would greatly appreciate your daily votes for her. And don't forget that you can blog on the HC without an account. Perhaps some of you remember me mentioning Joanna last year when she died. She was a very special friend. She was bedridden for many years but didn't lose her happy spirit. She was on the HC for 3 years and blogged regularly, always having a kind word for those in trouble. Not once did any of us suspect that she wasn't well! At the age of 34 she passed away peacefully at home. On my pages I have photos of Joanna in bed being visited by Pixie Dust. She had a wonderful relationship with her pony and made friends easily with all those who were blessed to have her in their lives. Vote Pixie Dust daily in April! HC 101958 Thank you! And here's a vote for your page! Pippin HC 11626 Melian DC 141414 Tom CC 66957 Acorn SAC 188686 Pond Creature FC 49444 Kermit RC 47121 (Just won rotm!)

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/1/2012 5:02:32 PM

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