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Thank you for making me dog of the day! I both happy and humbled. Its truly an honor!!


~ Chewie loves Khia ~

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FATE....We lost our 6 year old terrier mix to kidney failure and went to the local shelter and found Chewie. It was fate and supposed to happen. He belongs with us.Thank you Angus for vote 1,000Thank you Jaxxy for vote 1,500Thank you Fiona for vote 1,800Thank You Grant (My B'Day Bud) for vote 2000Thank You to my Bro' Takoda for Vote 2300Thank You Contessa for Vote 2700Thank You Bella for Vote 2800Thank You Bella Boo for Vote 2900Thank You Ruby the Border Collie for Vote 3000 Thank You Angus for Vote 3100 Thank You Misha for Vote 3200 Thank You Wishbone for Vote 3300Than You Abby for Vote 3600 Thank You Dakota for Vote 6000

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Thank you so much for voting :)

Thank you so much! I might only have 70 but I'll keep reaching for 100. I'm so glad and this is such a surprise! I love DogChannel so much I have tons of people praying and voting it's really happy for me! Well I just wanna say thanks and still keep voting :) Cuss I'll always vote back and guess what mommy got a call from the vet they're gonna try to remove my tumor I'll live!! ♥ Charlie

Come visit me, ♦ Batman ♦ Happy Howldays, :) Past Angels :), ~R.I.P~Charlie~

6/4/2012 6:30:55 AM


Pawed at your bone and wishing you luck! Are you meeting a lot of new friends? I bet. Now we need Maya to be a cheer-leader and have some fun instead of being task manager! What do you think? It's Monday and it started off that way too. Reallly sleepy from a busy week, mom is gonna take me out for a walk so she can regain her energy. Good luck! Give your mommy big hugs and golden kisses from me.

Come visit me, OZZIE *35231*

6/4/2012 6:11:47 AM

Hi Chewie

Stopping.by early with a vote for you. Nice day today. Mom actually got our pool out & patched yesterday. Has to wait 24 hrs before she could fill it. Today for sure. Can't wait to jump in already hot here.

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6/4/2012 6:07:58 AM


We are so sorry for your loss. You will be in our thoughts. Left you another vote.

Come visit me, Carmen, Gema

6/4/2012 5:42:05 AM

Good morning

Here's your Monday vote!!! We had a great weekend - we hope you did too!!! Have a great Monday too. Sophie

Come visit me, Sophie

6/4/2012 5:17:24 AM

6/4/2012 5:15:43 AM

Hi Chewie

Mom says she remembers that movie, about Bobby. she saw it a long time ago. Wonderful story! We wanted to come by early today as we heard DC is making a lot of changes later & we might not be able to get thru. I am in BIG trouble this morning. Mommy is very MAD at me! I said I was sorry but she is ignoring me. My sister, Misty the cat, jumped up on the bed & I did not want her there, so I snapped at her; right at her face! SHE thinks she's a dog & wamts to be everywhere we are! I've warned her!!! STAY off the BED! But she won't! HER fault not mine, but now I am in trouble! IF she gets on the bed first that's different. THEN I let her stay!! But I really got in her face this morning. Have to go & turn on my charm & beg Mommy for forgiveness! Aaliyah.

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6/4/2012 4:58:10 AM

Mornin' Chewie

Wow you're doing great with the campaign! You have a awesome theme too! Here's your daily vote pal and woofs to Maya and lots of healing kisses to your mom too! Our Maggie kitty would also give kisses just like a pup. Momma misses those kisses alot and that's where we come in. Have a great day Chewie! Woofs RCR

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6/4/2012 4:40:22 AM


Another vote from Khia

Come visit me, Khia

6/4/2012 4:14:29 AM

Hi Chewie!!

How is everyone? I just wanted to tell you happy anniversary for yesterday. I didn't want to say anything yesterday because it was not a good time for me to say that, I still feel really sad about your sweet kitty. I was at a complete loss for words to you, I'm sorry! Love and hugs KANE and Darlene

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

6/4/2012 4:05:53 AM

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