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Hiya DC pals! Hope everyone had a grrrreat holiday season! Sorry I haven't been on DC since summer, my family got back a couple weeks ago from a month in Hawaii, I stayed with grandpa and had thanksgiving at his place also gained some weight while they were away of course with my expert begging abilities grandpa can't resist! Praying for Poochie and his family.



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My dad suprised his daughter with me when he came home with me from his trip to Alaska, a few years later we moved to Alaska :)

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Hi Pay Pay Pierre

Well I went to town with my mom & dad, I had to sit in my crate while they went in shops. It's cause I scratch the window tinting & bark if I stay out. I didn't even get a toy this time, but I know my mom will get me something soon. She's cool that way. I left you a vote too. My scrapbook is on my moms page so she's going to look into putting my pictures on my family photos, but probably not today. Thanks for bringing me into your dog park. I,m not sure how to do the friend list, my mom might have done it. I'm not sure, You are my bestest, barkalicious friend ever. I'll bark at you later amigo.

Come visit me, Chance

1/14/2012 3:02:08 PM

Hi Pez

My dad had to work today,but he'll be home at noon. You should put me in your dog park. My mom made me a scrapbook on my site.I don't know if you can see it she might have to put some family photos up. I have to take my heart worm pill today. I'm glad my mom takes good care of me. Your loving friend Twanda

Come visit me, Chance

1/14/2012 7:56:24 AM

Hey Pez! You and I share a birthday! May 1st right? Cool!! :3

Come visit me, <3 Tips *in loving memory*, Dog Art Club (DAC), Duke (Dukey), Dutchess

1/13/2012 9:13:29 PM

Hi Pez

Hi my faithful amigo, I went and picked my dad up today,I'm soooo happy to see him. I have to go to bed so i'll chat in the morning, cause my dad has to work. Love you lots cuz Love Twanda

Come visit me, Chance

1/13/2012 4:41:03 PM

Hi Pez

Hi there Pez yes I figured out how to add you to my dog park. At least I have someone to play with. It was cold here this morning, but not as cold as you. I've been going crazy at a plastic bag across the street, cause it makes me nervous. I'm going to pick my dad up at 3:30pm, i'm so excited to see him. I had to take my flea pill yesterday & I have to take a heart worm pill tomorrow. It's all good though, my mom gets them for me so I don't get sick. I eat them like they were a cookie. I'll have to try some games soon, they sound fun. I have to get my hair shaved a lot here cause it gets really warm. Well chat later.

Come visit me, Chance

1/13/2012 1:04:23 PM

Hello, pez. Thank you for joining DAC! Unfortunately, I am having some trouble making the member photos right now, so it may take a while before I can upload yours. :( you are still a member, though, and I will upload your member photo as soon as I can. Sorry about that. You asked me what I meant when I wrote "who'll leave vote 200?" well, I have 183 votes now, and I am trying to get to 200. :) (please vote for Duke if you get the chance!) you are a very cute boy! Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, <3 Tips *in loving memory*, Dog Art Club (DAC), Duke (Dukey), Dutchess

1/13/2012 6:44:16 AM

Hi Pez

How do you come to my dog park? I voted for you cuz.Love Twanda

Come visit me, Chance

1/12/2012 7:09:33 PM

Hi Pez

Hi it's me Twanda i'm so glad to finally get to talk to you. I've missed you a lot. I wish we could play together like we used to do. Nobody has chewed on my armpits since i seen you. It took my mom along time to get me registered huh!?! Well we are going to bed so i'll chat later. Love you lots Twanda

Come visit me, Chance

1/12/2012 7:03:49 PM

Hi! My name is Keshia. Nice to meet you. I left you a vote.

Come visit me, Keshia

11/30/2011 8:54:01 PM

Yappy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

Heres a question for my friends: Will you be giving your dog a special Thanksgiving meal? If so what will it be? {Im really looking forward to turkey!}


11/15/2011 5:40:21 PM

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