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these are really old pics of me...


Duke (Dukey)

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How We Met?

I was in a cage at a place where the animals hardly ever are allowed out. My fur was matted and tangled, I was standing on a metal thing, with square holes all over it, like the front of a dog carrier. Then in walked a family of 7 (at the time) And it was love at first sight! I had found a forever home!

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4/30/2012 9:41:18 PM

hello everybody!!!

thank you so much for the birthday greetings. im getting older and wiser :) ask the human's if u don't believe me...bol. we hope that u have a great day too xoxoxo oompa

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4/24/2012 2:18:58 PM

HI Dukey!

Today was a good day. I played chase with mommy in the house and then she gave me a treat! Mommy's watching her cousin's bearded dragon. He hisses at me. Mommy let me sniff him and he "sniffed" me with his tongue. I think after a while, he got annoyed of me sticking my nose in and he hissed! That silly lizard hissed! AT ME! how dare he... >:( I was sun-bathing to day. Mommy came running at me and i bounced up. I may have bounced a little too quickly and i rolled a little bit down the small hill in our backyard. BOL! I'm ok though. I convinced mommy that i was emotionally disturbed so she gave me a treat. I tricked her! I chewed on one of auntie's toys. I ripped the arm off of one of her dolls. She was very mad, but mommy bought her a new one she was all better. Yep, it was a normal everyday day... On another subject: Thank you so much to all of you friends for congratulating me on DOTD! I'm so happy. Thanks! ~Your Basset Bestie, Bella <3

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4/20/2012 10:36:59 PM

Hi Bella!

thanks for voting! thats my mommy with me in the picture :) your new furriend, Dukey :3

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4/17/2012 6:49:23 AM

HI Dukey!

I voted again! You are tres adorable (french for very cute!). Can't wait to be friends! Don't forget to come visit me! ~Your Basset Bestie, Bella

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4/15/2012 9:46:34 PM

HI dukey!

Hi there duke! You are too cute! I just HAD to vote for you. <3 I can't wait to be friends! You are just too cute! ~Your Basset Bestie Bella P.S. Is that your mommy in the picture with you?

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4/15/2012 12:24:30 AM

Hi Duke!

Thanks for stopping by! Its funny how we both have PND and Dogchannel. Pawing a vote Love, Honey Bunny

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4/11/2012 8:06:43 AM

Hi Dukey, thanks for stopping by! and telling me about the club Bobo

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4/7/2012 4:14:27 AM

Hi Dukey, thanks for stopping by! and telling me about the club Bobo

Come visit me, Bobo, Friendship is Pawsome!

4/7/2012 4:14:25 AM

2/29/2012 1:51:53 PM

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