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See I was on a plane from Korean to the US then I came to my owners house for her siser's birthday when my owner was the only one who feed me for a while i became bonded with her.

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Coco for DOTD

Please vote for me as DOTD on my birthday, February 11. Tell all your friends to as well. Thanks!

Come visit me, Coco

2/3/2008 11:43:35 AM

Hello Big E

Hi I just voted for you. My name is Willow and I am a pretty new member. Please come visit and vote for me and my scrapbook. I also entered the Longest Tongue Contest pg 6 with a popsicle & Best Coat Contest pg 11, check it out, you can vote for me there too.If you ever need a vote for something or help with anything just let me know you can count on me. I hope we can be friends. Love Willow

Come visit me, Willow #42243

11/10/2007 4:26:01 PM


Hey! You are a hansome boy! Please visit our Help Page if you need, well, help. Here's a vote! (Could you please put your b-day/adoption day under the motto area? Thanks!)~Trigger and Lacy~

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/7/2007 6:13:21 PM

Hi there Eepoonee

Hi there how cute are you, we had to stop by and give you our vote, our mommy used to have a cocker when she was a kid, and she said that you remind her of hers. So we had to give you a bark or 2.

Come visit me, Latte, Prince

6/7/2007 9:40:32 PM

My Little Friend~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a little friend whose always by my side, We're never very far apart no matter what the time. I have a little friend who listens to what I say and doesn't judge me for what I've done but what's inside of me. She gives me the support I need to make it through the day. And when I'm sad she seems to know just what I need to have. My little friend is not like me she/he has some things I don't, like four legs, a tail that wags and a nose that's wet and cold. She/He lets me know with a gentle nudge that she/he cares and is there for me. We'll never be that far apart, and when the time does come, I know we'll be together again in that spot above. ~~~~:)One Vote For You Today~~~~:)Mike,Michelle,--Zack, & Harley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~"The greater love is a mother's;then comes a dog's;then a sweetheart's~~~~~~~~~~~~:--)

Come visit me, Harley D Authement, In Loving Memory of Mike Midnight Authement, Michelle Princess Authement, Zack Michael Authement

3/23/2007 8:48:23 AM

Hello Eeopoonee

You are so cute. What a good Girl to sit so still with your hat on. Visit us soon.

Come visit me, Ms. Nellie Mae Wright, Sir Winston Wright

2/10/2007 12:01:59 PM

Aww your soo cute eepoonee in this picture

Come visit me, Eepoonee, pretty

7/10/2006 9:09:00 PM

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