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*Audrina Star* Were Voting for Angel Heather #30655 ***DOTM September*** Congratulations ***King Kane*** Winning DOTM August

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I knew I wanted a shih tzu. I looked at about five different pet stores and called breeders from the newspaper. I had gone to this one pet store called pups n suds I saw Audrina among the other puppies I thought she was so adorable. But I left after about thiry mins. I could not stop thinking of her. the next hour I went back and knew she was a prefect piece to our family. And I have loved her ever since that moment. I could not be more grateful what she brings to my life.

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Hello Cousins Audrina,Gracie,Mia & Auntie Alison!

We are dropping by to let you know that we are so happy to have such great cousins on this wonderful Easter Sunday. I sent an email to Auntie Patricia and all of you girls thanking you for the beautiful email about Jesus, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter and say that I hope Mr. (could it be Ms?) Easter Bunny brought you all lots of eggs and treats for this special day! I hope you all have had a great weekend and will have a wonderful upcoming week, and I am pawing you all a vote from Pongo, Hope, Arial, and myself! Luv & Hugs, Cousin Gaby and Auntie Vickie


4/8/2012 5:40:20 PM


today was 61* sunny but windy again... when mom came home from lunch she did some more laundry and picked up a little...we had so much fun helping her fold the laundry...hehe mom is still having a problem with her laptop so she is using dad's desktop for now.... hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv and angel puppy kisses....angel lita

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4/4/2012 5:51:51 PM

Hi Audrina

Well, Mommy has inflamation in her nose and fluid in her right ear. She also got a cortisone shot in her left knee because of the pain. Her cartilage is wearing away and her knee is bad but doesn't need surgery, YET! Well, I think I have figured it out. Mommy has 2 personalities. Not that DID kind like you see in the movies and those infamous Soap Operas. Just Crazy and NOT Crazy. You know, the amusing kind. one day she is just fine and everything is hunkie dorie! The next day, she is running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off! ( do chickens REALLY do that? ) Anyway, on those days Mommy loses anything and everything that isn't attached....thank goodness that head of hers that ISN'T shrunk is attached!! She even loses me and Maya and most of the time, we are right behind her while she is running around calling our names...BOL!! That is a RIOT!! She would be a hoot at a rousing game of Hide and Seek...talk about hiding in plain sight! Bahahahaha! Sometimes when she is having one of those "crazy" days, she tries to put things that don't belong in the refrigerator, IN the refrigerator and things that DO belong there somewhere else! BOL! It isn't a BIG problem cause it doesn't happen often, but it sure is hilarious when it does!! Those are the days me and Maya stay "hidden" behind her where she doesn't see us to make sure she doesn't get "lost" herself!! Bahhahahahaha! I think I'm gonna "bone up" (there's another one) on some of those dippy expressions Mommy and Daddy (and other humans, too, for that matter) use when they talk so I can enlighten you so you don't get too confused listening to their convoluted conversations! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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4/4/2012 9:44:15 AM


i was wondering if u would like to join the angel dog club. its where u can talk all about ur long lost furrend. for more info please visit my page.

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3/31/2012 6:43:20 PM

Hi Audrina, MIA too

Well, here's the deal. About getting Maya in trouble by "jumping" in the fishpond, I just couldn't do it. The funny thing is, it all just fell into place without any manipulation on my part.We were outside and I went over by the bridge and gazebo just like I always do. I looked up and by golly, there she was just like a lamb being led to slaughter!She was standing there at the edge of the fishpond perfect position for the ambush! I couldn't have put her in a better spot if I had picked her up and set her down. I couldn't do it. I love Maya, she's my sister! There we were and I hear this voice saying "do it. Push her in. Go On!" I look around and on my left shoulder is this little "Chewie" with 2 horns, a funny looking tail and a pitchfork whispering in my ear. He was kinda scary looking. Then I hear somebody whispering in my right ear, only instead of a raspy voice, this one was sweet and almost melodic. There was another "Chewie" on my right shoulder. He was kind of sparkly and had a halo and these little wings starting to grow out of his shouders.The voice said, "do what is right, Chewie. Listen to your heart. In your heart, you know what to do, you know what is right. Listen" Well the sparkly guy was right, no pun intended there,but ya know, maybe, just maybe, that is why he was on the "right"...hmmm?! So I listened to my heart and it told me I loved her and couldn't sabotage her like that. I told Maya Mommy and Daddy were calling us and to go back to the house. I told her to turn around carefully and head back to the house and I would be coming right behind her. She had gotten a bath that morning and was so good, she didn't even shake water off herself all over the place. She just sat down in the sink and let Mommy bathe her. If she would have fallen in the fishpond, when Mommy saw her it would not have been pretty! She did what I said, turned around and she did good and didn't miss a step! That's my sister....I was PROUD! As for sabotaging her for my own stupid revenge, ain't gonna happen. I'll get my revenge on Wednesday nights like Mommy does, watching the tv show! Maya just looked so cute and sweet, up there looking at me with those great big eyes that said she loved me and trusted me and would follow me ANYWHERE! If that little weird scary guy ever tries to talk me into something again, I'm not gonna listen. I'm gonna tell him to go straight to.......... well, you know! I'm a year old, but I'm not supposed to say bad words. I think in THAT case, Mommy will make an exception. Well that's the story, weird but true! I didn't go to the "darkside" and no scary guy in a black outfit wearing a helmet and breathing funny said "Chewie, I am your father" BOL! Have a great evening and a better tomorrow! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/30/2012 6:45:09 PM

Hi! Here is a vote, thank you so much for yours. Sorry for this C/P, its getting late. Hope you had a wonderful day today. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Sweet Dreams~ SB

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3/29/2012 9:26:20 PM

Hi Audrina & Mia

Running by with a c/p. Sorry we haven't been active lately, the past few days have had things going on constantly. We'll be offline tomorrow and Saturday (3/30 and 3/31) or possibly will be able to c/p on the 31st but no guarantee :( Not too much happened today, mom went and got us some new clothes (how exciting, huh? BOL) for pictures. Well tonight Muffin proved she really does like Brandon. Muffin and Peanut always pretend they don't like him (but mom has recorded us alone and we all played). Every time mom walked in the living room Muffin and Brandon were laying side by side in the same position, and changed poses a few times but still were the same and stayed by each other, BOL! Afterwards we got to do tricks and had treats. Have a nice weekend! See you Sunday :) *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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3/29/2012 9:04:05 PM


Just Stopping in to paw up a Sunny AZ Vote!

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3/29/2012 1:20:13 PM

Hi Audrina

Yesterday afternoon, Daddy went to take me and Maya out to potty because I was INSISTING I had to go out....Well, naturally Maya wanted to tag along, as usual. Mommy asked if he needed help and he said no. Well a split second later, Daddy threw me in the front door and hollered at Mommy he may need help, that there had been a brown dog out front and Maya took off after it. (I was on my leash but Maya was free as a bird!) Mommy went out after Daddy, both calling for Maya. Maya did good and came back and into Mommy's arms. Yay Maya!!Daddy asked Maya what she would have done if she had caught that dog. It was a pitbull that belongs to the neighbor up the road. He comes in our yard at night and poops! He is not a mean dog and that is why he ran from Maya and didn't turn to fight, thank goodness. Maya just told him it's our yard and to go home!!! BOL!!! At night before we go to bed, Mommy always has us perform for treats. Well since our trip to Petco Sunday, Mommy has been putting us in the down position and placing a treat on our front paws and telling us to leave it and we can't have it until she releases us from the leave it command. Last night, Maya was the star! I did okay, but that little booger had to ride on the coattails of her glory earlier and shine in her performance. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE STAR! Even Daddy said Maya was best! I am gonna have to come up with a way to get her to do something besides just chase Lucky so she isn't the best....it's called sibling rivalry by humans, sabotage by me! Hehehe I thought of tricking her into rolling in the cow poop, but I discovered since the cows haven't been here for a while, its all hard and dried up! Darn! I thought of getting into the trash and coaxing her into the garbage on the floor then barking to get Mom and dad's attention, but today is trash day and the cans are empty! Foiled again! I know, if I can get Mommy and Daddy to let us both out off-leash, I could run over by the gazebo and bridge over the fishpond. She usually follows me and she could accidentally fall in the fishpond. It's real shallow so it isn't dangerous but it would warrant a scolding IF I can make it look like she JUMPED in on purpose. If they think she just fell or worse yet I knocked her in, she will get sympathy and get comforted so she won't be scared...but if they think she JUMPED ON PURPOSE she will be in trouble AND have to get that bath. Hehehe I think that just might work, and of course I will be a GOOD BOY! cause I will just stand there and bark at her so Mommy and Daddy will think I am alerting them out of concern for my little sister and telling her she should not have done that! I will be the GOOD EXAMPLE again and they will forget all about Maya's stuff from yesterday. Sometimes humans have a short memory, especially MY Mom and Dad, this just might work. I'll let you know. I'm not being a mean brother,just a bit mischievious like sibs do! Maya said to say hi! PuppyDog Kisses & Tail Wags, Chewie

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

3/29/2012 8:03:58 AM

Hi! Audrina

VOTED• Thanks so much for stopping by. Mom had woke up this morning and found out that her brother had a friend sleep over. She had her morning all planned out. They recorded songs to add to there band, and so mom didn't want to get in there way. They were down stairs where the computers are. So mom just stayed up stairs with me and we watched some tv. Today was rainy, and very windy, but we got through. Anyways, how are you? Has spring came to you yet? Hope so! Thanks again for being my friend and also for stopping by. Love ya so much!! "Friendship without self interest is one of the rare and beautiful things in life." Have a good day! . . . ♥ . . . ♥ . . . ♥ . . . ♥ . . . ♥ . . . ♥ . . . Collie Paws, SB

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3/28/2012 5:59:34 PM

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