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My owner was looking for a companion for Aussie and my Dad, and got me in Crystal River, Florida. Now I live in Lutz, Florida!

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<|* Vote Brutus Friday 115654 *|>

<|* Vote Brutus Friday 115654 *|> Arf-arf, I am Buckeye's Baby Brother Brutus, 115654. I was the huge Christmas surprise at his house!! Cute as a bug in a rug, aren't I?? I am a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier little fella from Wildwood, MO. My Familys says: We are trying to call him just Brutus now, so he'll get used to his name, but every now and then we'll call him "Bruty" or "Little B". His potty training has been going fantastic and we will be taking him to PetSmart for puppy classes when he is 10 weeks old. Brutus prefers to be anywhere. We rarely let him go into the carpeting area because he is not fully potty trained. But, he enjoys being outside with Buckeye. His teeth are growing and he can't chew anything but his food (Royal Canin). He'll do just about anything. He likes to sleep, eat, run around, and get into things!! Please give Brutus a dotd vote on Friday, 12/26, 115654. Thanks!! Little B. (57527TeamDotd)

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12/25/2008 4:19:26 PM

Praying for your Momma

It's Christmas Eve and good friends come to mind .. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paws. Love y'all .. Merry Christmas! The TRIO

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12/24/2008 6:03:45 AM


Right back at you! Ruff-Ruff Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Yours Ozzie

Come visit me, OZZIE *35231*

12/19/2008 2:20:46 AM

<<>> VOTE SAMMY THURSDAY 46326 <<>>

<<>> VOTE SAMMY THURSDAY 46326 <<>> Let me introduce myself, I am Sam Wind in de Wilgen, but you can call me Sammy. I am a very handsome 8yr old male Standard Dachshund, from Washington DC, DC. I am on a sprint today for dotd votes on Thursday, 12/18, and would appreciate your help on my page, 46326. Mommy says: We like to call him Sammy.. But he listens to almost anything! He has completed obedience for beginners .. and he can show very good! A proud AARD member since 03/07! Sam loves to sit and lay down. He can do it very quick! His newest trick is foot, and he just loves it! If I call him, and I don't say anything, then he will do it on his own.. And then he thinks that he deserved a treat.. and We have little meat treats for him, and he likes them. Favorite is cheese and chicken! He loves to sleep on a blanket, especially on the couch or bed.. Sam likes to bark at cats.. but he won't chase them. Sam likes to do games, his favorite is hide something and then search! He also likes to be brushed, and to go for a walk, to sleep and... he loves to cuddle! Please give Sammy a vote on Thursday,

Come visit me, #313160 Amber~ Spring is here! ~, #39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!, #39424 Princess, Angel Tobi & Ang. Mimi, #39529 HONEY-"Funny Girl", #68274 HONEY&MAX- Happy spring!

12/17/2008 2:41:41 PM

You are Invited to a Christmas Party

Hello! You are invited to attend Maxie and Molly's Christmas Party on Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 7pm EST on our page #22894. There will be food and drinks provided. Don't forget to bring gifts that we can all exchange! :) Everyone on DC is welcome, so please invite your friends! Thanks! M&M

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12/16/2008 2:28:43 PM


Mom's still feeling pretty crumbie, its gone into her ears and right eye now too. She has a doctor's appt. tomorrow finally to see what can be done if anything. She did get all the out going packages sent. Now to get the rest of the wrapping done. She hopes to start tonight. Meanwhile, we will keep your mom in our thoughts and prayers as well. Duncan

Come visit me, Duncan *Gone 5/22 - 5/29*

12/16/2008 9:56:17 AM

Merry Christmas and Thanks!

Yes, we are sad and teary still over Pepper's loss, but this is the season of new birth, the season of a savior born to overcome death. Because of this we smile, knowing that Pepper has overcome all the woes of this earth and runs now in God's garden. Letting Go We mourn for the loss of a loved one whether they walked on four legs or two – But the angels sing us a lullaby to help our spirit renew. The angels sing a lullaby to welcome another angel home – Our hearts beat on while his is still resting beneath the loam. The angels sang a lullaby when Pepper received his wings. Now he walks with God in His garden And plays in eternal spring. © 2008 Ruth Y. Nott

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12/16/2008 4:24:26 AM


Thanks for the vote. I had a great doggie of the day day.. We went running and played ball. merry christmas. Penelope

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12/14/2008 11:00:22 PM

Hi Rowdy and Aussie!

See you are way over here too! You both have 2 sets of profiles! Old style and new style ...is that why? Sending you hugs and love , Ash,Brie,Ty,Shamus and Mommy Sandy.

Come visit me, . ♥ .

12/10/2008 1:22:20 PM

Rowdy <333 Mom

<333 Mom so happy you're feeling better, sure missed all of you Rowdy our christmas tree is up no decorations, were going wait for Mom when she is on winter break, will be fun to have my sisters' help. Mom *hugs* warmest thoughts prayers' hugging you closely *hugs*hug*hugs* Tiffany

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12/9/2008 8:17:42 PM

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