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Finally DC I hope is happy because they are shutting down our pages. If you had just left everything the way it was you would not have lost so many members. Perhaps you are the same bunch that set up the O'Bama website....


LilyPup the Taco Terrier

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After Rico died I was heartbroken. Finally when GrumpyPants gave the ok I started looking on PetFinder. Lily was a name I actually had picked out for a new little girl & when I saw this Lily I thought maybe it was fate. She came from a shelter in Spindale, North Carolina & she found her way to God's Will Small Dog Rescue in LaPlata, Md. Miss Patty was her sponser & after another lady had to return her because her old Chi didn't like her I was given the call. We took her home that day & she has had her forever home ever since. Lily became Dog of the Day on Oct 30, 2008 & again July 2, 2011Affiliations: Chihuahua Club 8/31/08Diva Dog Club 11/25/09Winstons K9 Club 3/22/10Hunters Club 6/17/10Puppy Pals Club 8/8/2011

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Awww little Lily!

You have your own page! YAY. It's about time you came out into the world!! Hey...I was born in North Carolina too! Maybe you are my long lost little sister? I see a bit of resemblence, don't you?hee hee. Welcome to your own page, Lily! Hugs, Louie

Come visit me, ♥ LOUIE ♥

8/31/2008 8:25:10 AM

Good Morning Lily~

Good morning bed head, it's 8 here, and even though us dogs are just waking up, Momo has been up for hours. You are looking very lovely in your little houndstooth jacket up there! Comfy!

Come visit me, ♥Mercedes Dakota & Jazz♥

8/31/2008 8:17:53 AM

Good Morning Beautiful Lily

It is nice you have your own page. This is where I can bark to you privatly without my nosey sisters knowing every move I make, tho most of my moves are to the food bowl and the bed!!hehe. Your lead picture is great!!! Mama is going to the state fair today to take a dog who needs a home. It is sunny out, so she will have fun. Have a pawfect day!!! Your Pal-- Izzy

Come visit me, Annye Shireen, Rainbow Bridge Nov 8,2011, Izzy, July 8,1994 ? to April 12, 2009, Kaytee Bell, Therapy Dog ♥♥, Lola ♥ Daddy's Lil'Princess ♥, Theo Ngata (Teddi), Victoria, Kaytee Bell's BFF

8/31/2008 7:36:10 AM

hello Sweet Girl

so glad you finally got your mom to get you a page. you sure have learned a lot since coming to your forever home. hey i know how it is to have our big dog ancestry kick in. our humans just dont understand that inside us beats the heart of a lion, or maybe i should say wolf. we sure hope you and your family have a great relaxing weekend. your poor mom, the holiday falls on her day off. we are so glad to see all your pictures(we saw most of them already, but they look great here). lots of love and hugs, Rufus and momma Kay


8/31/2008 7:33:30 AM

Hi Lily del Rico

we just want to say "Glad to see that pretty little's about time"! Woof, Woof, Woof!! Buddy, Coopie & Scooby

Come visit me, ♥ Coopie ♥, ♥ Scooby ♥, Buddy

8/31/2008 6:45:05 AM


So glad to see your page .. look at that number would ya .. woweee, your Mom has been a DC member a very long time .. all the way from 5284 Angel Rico to 100232!! Your such a beautiful girl and we are so happy your part of the DC family. God knew what He was doing when He led your Mommy to you .. what a healing journey for both! We love you honey .. Hugs and our vote, The TRIO

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8/31/2008 6:12:33 AM

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