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Thank you friends for DOTD on May 24! I have been trying to log on D.C. everyday and I finally got lucky tonight! I think I need a new computer!


Biggie Smalls loves Sally

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Hi Biggie, Thank you for the anniversary wishes! Having a furiend like you is a great thing and I'm so glad that we have become furiends!! Here is our vote for you! Love, Snickers & Max P.S. We wish we were able to taste those cupcakes but Mommy took ALL of them to Alex's school birthday party! No fair!! BOL

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/19/2012 6:43:00 PM

Biggie Smalls

Your Welcome. I thought that you would like it. How have you been little buddy, and how was your mother's day weekend? Mom did a book sale today and we had a yard sale last weekend. Mom's leaving to go to North Carolina this Sunday, so we haven't had much time for DC this week. I'm glad that you like your pic! Have a nice day :) Bobo

Come visit me, Bobo, Friendship is Pawsome!

5/18/2012 9:46:26 AM

Hi Biggie Smalls!! :)

Hi Biggie Smalls! Thanks for coming by my page! I love making new friends. Hehehehe, Jazzy has so many, now I can name some that she doesn’t know! Hahahaha! I don’t usually like to make Jazzy jealous, but today she got to go on a walk and I didn’t. You see, momma had to get to her dancing and schoolwork and her dad took Jazzy for a walk. He can’t control two dogs and I’m really momma’s responsibility and she had to start at 8:30 and it was already 8:00. I gave momma my “I’m so hurt” eyes and she promised to take me out as soon as schoolwork’s all over! Yesterday, momma took me to Bam Bam’s Holistic Pet Center to get a harness and the lady who runs the place cooed over me and said I was gorgeous. She was holding me and rubbing my belly. Then she said she wanted to take me home and momma was like “Wait a moment! Give her back to me!” BOL! Like I’d want to go anywhere where momma wouldn’t go! She’s such a jealous girly! She says I am too because I hate it when she kisses my fur siblings. Well, gotta go do puppy stuff! Chewed that votey bone of yours! :) ~Suki ♥

Come visit me, .•*´¨`*•. Suki.•*´¨`*•, Angel Shasta Sep. 5, 2002 to Oct 19, 2009 † Thank you for DOTD! ♥, Doggie Photo Place *Closed temporarily*, Jazzy

5/17/2012 3:23:46 PM

Awesome Mothers Day poem u wrote Biggie

WOW! 2 New toys from ur dad?COOL ;)!!They both sounfd like alota fun 2 play with.We got u and Kane b-day gifts,they should get her 2morrow and momma will probably wait till July 2 mail them though.I Hurt myself again 2day and even though momma gave me a pain pill a few hours ago,I'm whining in pain :(...Momma locked me in the crate and I have 2 go 2 the vet.Wish me luck!Momma wants x-rays taken THIS time!!!Got ur bone.PLZ tell Kane we said hi!!Love,Gambit & family

Come visit me, Angel Balto I L ♥ ve Angel Chiba, Angel's Oscar and Luka

5/16/2012 5:41:07 PM

hey best friend how are you hope you are having a great week sory i forgot to tell you happy birthday mom has been busy around here and stuff but i hope you had a great birthday it has been raining here for the past few days i cant wait til its warm again heheh so i can lay in the sun athena has been waiting to be tried up so mom tied her up and she loves playing in the dich hehehe mom has alot of pics of her playing she dug a hole that i could proubly lay in bol its cloudy today but she wanted to be outside bol left you a vote give you mom min pin kisses from hehehe and my mom said to tell your mom hi love your best friend raze

Come visit me, Dakota Blu, Peter Boi, Raze

5/15/2012 12:15:22 PM


from Grant who has missed you and big guy Kane! Mom has been trying to recover and she went to work today dor testing pilots! 12 hours of that and only one person made a perfect score, a woman of 28 years! Gal power, yeah!

Come visit me, GRANT of Silver Bullet,ready for an ocean swim, on vacation until end of September and mostly offline.

5/15/2012 11:18:21 AM

Hi Biggie, Thank you for the Mother's Day poem for our Mommy! That was so sweet! Alex's birthday was very fun! We hope you have a great day Biggie. Here is our vote for you! Love, Snickers and Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/15/2012 8:20:16 AM

yo Biggie! I have some wonderful news!!!! I got a b-day present for you.. im NOT going to tell you what it is but it goes BAK BAK!!!!!!! hehehehehehe!!!! look out for the mail man...he might be holding a box for you!!!! mom is sending it out maybe on Friday b/c this week is a mad house with her since Juan has ALL these events going on this week! have a fun day... **BLUE**

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

5/14/2012 8:20:08 PM

Hello Smalls

Thanks for sharing the Mother's Day poem. We did sing it to our Mom. She loved it. We did get a bath yesterday. Mom said we were dirty. How fun you got new toys. Our G'ma get our toys (stuff animals) from the locate thirft store. We love those they are tons of fun. Our bigger sisters like to pull out the eyes & nose. Gracie is doing great. Her wounds have healed up but her ACL is still healing. She can walk on it but doesn't run on it. Mom says if she still not fulling using the leg by end of May. She will take her to Dr. Bolok to check it out. We got groomed last weekend & Mom had Gracie's cut very short so her hair will grow out even. You don't see any of her scars. We hope your Mom had a nice Mother's Day & you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs & votes,

Come visit me, Belle & Gracie

5/14/2012 8:33:14 AM

Hi Biggie!

I probably put the same thing on Kane's Page, or close to it, but forgive me I am a DORK! I did leave both of you votes though so thats good! Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy! We had our last tricks class today and Maya really showed off! She went to class in her pink dress and pink flower on her collar like she wore on Easter and she stood up and danced around in her dress, sat pretty, shook hands, rolled over and then she bowed. Boy did she bow! Everybody thought she was a doll! I wore my white bow tie and did okay, too, I was just a little wild and stubborn at first! I'm going through a phase according to the humans. Mommy hopes that's what it is. If not, and I keep acting up, Mommy and Daddy will never enroll me in CGC Class cause I would never pass the test! I have to "find my brain" again! hehehehe I'm kind of like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, you know: I could wile away the hours Conferrin' with the flowers Consultin' with the rain And my head I'd be scratchin' While my thoughts were busy hatchin' If I only had a brain Did you ever feel like you just have all this energy and you just go crazy and forget everything you've learned because of it? I think I have enough energy to light up the eastern seaboard if they could just harness it. Maybe I should have my people contact President Obama's people and see if we can work something out there...hmmm! Now I know what they mean when they say "I'm so bright, my Mama calls me sun"! Like Travolta said in Grease, "it's electrifyin" That's me! Man I got so many possibilties for the future. Oscar winning Actor, President, maybe, Teenage Hearthrob, Energy Provider to the USA, man I got so many hats to wear Mommy's gonna have to buy me a hat rack! Stay out of trouble and don't do anything I wouldn't do...that leaves you quite a bit of leeway..hehehe PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

5/13/2012 6:38:09 PM

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