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Angel Livi~09/13/08-08/09/10

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My daughter brought her home on Christmas Eve, and she has been here ever since!

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Hi Angel Livi, Bully and Odice!!

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." -Luke 2-11 It has been too long since I last barked at you, I miss you! I know you're in heaven and you are very lucky that you get to spend your Christmas with God! Tell everyone I said Hi! Tonight I will fall asleep listening to Christmas music, I will try not to stay awake to see what Santa Paws puts in my stocking! I wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes comes true!! Biggie Smalls and family

Come visit me, :) BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FILES :), Biggie Smalls loves Sally

12/24/2010 1:54:38 PM

Holiday Greetings from Roxie

Dear Angel Olivia "Livi, We think about you everyday, and miss you very much! I pawed at your vote bone with a Christmas Holiday vote. Livi, you and I don't like wearing skunk costumes and dresses, but we wear them to please our Moms! Sorry about the skunk costume, you can blame it on my Mom! hehe! We know it is hard for your Mom to be on DC since you crossed over to Rainbow Bridge, we understand this. We do hope that your Mom will keep the P'Ville Pack on DC for a long time. DC would not be the same without You, Bully and my DC Sweetheart Odice! I want to wish you Merry Christmas Angel Livi and my Mom & I miss you very much! Your DC Friends, Roxie & Mom Sharon


12/20/2010 8:02:34 PM


Angel Adventure…Rudolf the red nosed paint horse, has a very shinny nose. Rumor has it that Angel Julie’s Christmas wish is to ride shot gun in Santa’s sleigh. Booker and Oscar got wind of this and went to work. Apparently a few of Santa’s elves are friends with Booker. He and Oscar arranged to borrow Santa’s sleigh for the evening, however the reindeer are resting up for the big night. Let’s see…..We know some earthly horses, and one very special Angel horse we can use to pull Santa’s sleigh. Booker and Oscar get the sleigh hooked up. They think it’s a good idea to have Samson drive! Here comes Ruff, Tiny, Jake, Livi, Brandy, Chiba, Sophie, and Angel Brandi. Angel Brandi has a particulary bright halo tonight. She has sparkles in her wings, what a beautiful Angel she is. Samson picks up the lighted reins with Julie by his side. Here we go…On Dancer, On Indy, On Ginger & Fancy, On Navi, On Pippin, On Pixie & Quincy. The sleigh is easily set in motion with the strong wings of Angel Petite Fluer in the lead. How did Booker get her nose to shine red????? We may never know. Hey! Wait up yells Oscar, as Prince, Luka, and Romeo run to catch up. All the Angel dogs are giggling and bouncing all around in the sleigh. Look, there’s Happy & Hoppy, Lets pick them up says Julie. Yikes the sleigh is full. Just then Julie looks back to see Angel Tinanog flying beside the sleigh. Happy & Hoppy jump aboard and follow the sleigh. If you look outside tonight you may see a beautiful sight. A sleigh full of Angels, guided by a very special, beautiful Angel. Merry Christmas

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

12/17/2010 10:23:26 PM


Angel Adventure…The ski trip. All the Angels look up to Chiba, and treat her like their Mom. Booker & Oscar learned that Chiba was so busy being a “Mom” to her babies & fur siblings that she really never played. This is about to change! Chiba had to put her paw over her eyes when she saw Luka & Jake come flying down Rainbow Mt. on a sled. “ahhhh be careful you two may crash & get hurt!” Booker went over to her and said, “Momma Chiba, we can’t get hurt here. “ Follow me!! Booker gets on his back and starts to roll in the snow. Before you know it he is sliding down the hill on his back. Chiba thinks, what the heck…lets go! Down the hill she goes. At the bottom Luka shakes a tree branch tossing snow all over Jake “that’s for hitting me with a snowball the other day!" Chiba runs over and starts flapping her wings in the smow. It’s like a snow blower completely covers Jake & Luka with snow. Hehe that was fun. Here comes Tiny & Livi on snow boards. I think they are getting ready for the Angel X-games! Close behind the girls are Samson, Ruff, Sophie, and Brandy. They are on the mogals. Man! they are hitting the cuts with 2 feet on each ski:) Oh NO! Romeo just bit the snow. He is giggling so he is ok:) All the angels are in line for the chair lift....What is that????Here comes Oscar with Julie riding shotgun in a snowcat! I think they are going to take it up Rainbow Mt. Yep, they are!! the angels take one more run before hitting the lodge for burgers and cocoa....

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

12/4/2010 6:47:22 PM

.♥. Angel Livi .♥.

. ~~.♥.~~ . Angel Flyers' All Around Moon Hopping between the Stars Touching the Skies above; . Angel Livi Angel Hugs* Angel Kisses .♥. . ~~♥.~~ Morning our Beautiful Angel, We love You . ¯`v´¯) . `.¸.´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• †

Come visit me, *♥* Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} *♥* ... ~*~♥~*~ Congratulations QUEEN MOLLY #259430, DOTM ~4~ September ~*~♥~*~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ... ~*~♥~*~Congratulations QUEEN MOLLY #259430, DOTM ~4~ September ~*~♥~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ... ~*~♥~*~Congratulations QUEEN MOLLY #259430, DOTM ~4~ September ~*~♥~*~

12/3/2010 2:35:59 AM

Angel Livi

and Mom Linda... I'm so glad you like the Angel Adventures. Just looking at pictures of Livi you can tell she was a beautiful spunky dog! Booker was at the end of his life when I made the decision to end his pain. Prince was just a young dog I had only had for about 1 year. I feel like the Angel Adventures helps Prince to live on. I hope it does that for you and Livi...The Angel Boyz & Mom Joey

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

12/1/2010 5:42:28 PM


Angel Adventure Sleigh bells ring...are you listenin? dadadaaa dadadaaaa Walking in a winter wonderland..The snow looks like diamonds falling from the sky, a horse drawn sleigh appears over the horizon. You can hear the bells ring. The sleigh is pulled by Angel Princess Shawnie, Angel Oreo,& Angels' Rose & Sugar, with Angel Thunder in front. Such a beautiful sight, with Angel Jake, Tiny, Ruff, Baby, Brandi, Moo, Booker, & Oscar all dressed in Santa suits. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a big SNOWBALL wham, hits the side of the sleigh! Ohhhhhh the fight is on! The angels jump out of the sleigh, the horses pull it to safer ground. Who do you think is behind this??? You guessed it, Prince, Luka & Samson! We'll show them says Tiny, and she starts making snowballs. Poof Jake tosses hit on Prince. Ducking behind big snow drifts suddenly out pops Luka whoooof right past Moo for a miss! Tiny grabs a snowball and wham, this one gets Luka. Prince & Luka call for reinforcments. Brandy & Livi jump up from behind a drift and bombard the group with snowballs. Samson goes to toss a huge snowball and gets Jake, Moo, and Tiny all at the same time! Now we have an Angel free for all. Snowballs from every direction. Wham...Poof...Splat... Hehehe this is fun!!All the angels have snowy diamonds sparkling in their fur. In flys Romeo..Hey I have an idea, lets make snow angels. hehehe the girls giggle...Romeo, silly boy...we are snow angels!!!

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

11/30/2010 9:50:00 PM

~*Happy Thanksgiving*~

Hey there Angel Livi! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your thanksgiving went better than mine. Well, we first went to the Lori Wilson dog park with Jackie; she's staying with us for thankgiving. There's a beagle mix there that some how I doesn't like. We got moved to the big dog area. Well, they aren't afraid of me like the little dog. Tiffany got wet when she run across the doggie pool. You don't want to know how the back seat smell like. But it smelled like a barn of animals. We didn't get to the feast of our Thanksgiving dinner. I heard there will be mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and some other stuffs. We're not going to have a turkey b/c mom's not going to eat it; she don't like Turkey. I won't bother you anymore by my ridiculous story. And I'm glad to be back here, but not long. Yay!:) I do miss you. I hope you will have a great Thanksgiving day! ♥ Clovis

Come visit me, Clovis *I miss everyone*, Jackie, Tiffany

11/25/2010 12:14:11 PM


Hi Angel Livi & Family, Here is a vote for you for the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow. We miss you very much! With Love, Roxie & Mom Sharon


11/24/2010 9:07:24 PM

Dear Angel Livi ♥

Sorry to hear you passed away. You'll always be in our hearts and prayers. We missed you dearly. How this happened? Poor dear Angel Livi. Prayers to you. Love, Clovis, Tiffany, and Jackie ♥

Come visit me, Clovis *I miss everyone*, Jackie, Tiffany

11/24/2010 1:24:38 PM

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