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Chewy Markus  #151252

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A friend of a friend knew someone who was getting rid of him because they could no longer take care of him. I was looking for a female Chihuahua but I have a hard time saying no to a dog in need. So Chewy became a part of our family.

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Hi Chewy!

It was so beautiful today! Mommy & Daddy worked in the yard and the cows in the pasture next to us were out eating grass. Poochie & Prissy like to chase them. But there was a new one Mommy said he was a bull. He was bigger & red. So Poochie & prissy start barking & run at him but he chases them! HE HE HE! You should have seen them run! It was a good Saturday! Hope yours was to! Love ya!

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4/2/2011 9:59:11 PM


Barkin' by with a quick hello. Have a Happy St.Patty's day..can't wait for some Corned Beef..YUM *hugs* McMugs ♣ An Old Irish Blessing ♣ May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand ♣

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3/16/2011 9:11:08 PM

~:•:~Cute n' Chewy Markus~:•:~

Woof woof! Hi furiends. Whatcha up to this morning? I'm just warmin me toesies up by the fireplace. ahhh... I've never been allowed to come past the laundry-room but lately I've been getting to lie by the fireplace all day and I'm LOVING it. Bol. I still can't go into the rest of the house but I'm sure lucky to get to go even this far. Mom does think we were being a little strict but we want to keep the landlords happy. grrr. Thanks so much to everyone who kept my DC sweetie Zeke's family in their payers & thoughts as Zeke's young mommy's mother was killed crossing the street by a speeding car going through a red light. (Yukon had that in his last blog but I haven't had a chance to blog since it happened) It was so socking to all of us & we just felt so bad for Zeke's mommy. Zeke told me it makes his mommy sad when people tell her how sorry they are but I'm sure Zeke (201422) would love to hear from any of my furiends. You may have heard from my bro Yukon about the crow mommy found with a hurt wing. It was hopping around outside of the soccer-field and mom brought it home. She is taking care of it and it seems to be doing wonderful. We can hold it and pet it with no glove and it's pretty calm. But is sure is a messy lil fella. bol! Yesterday I sneaked into the bathroom (shhhh...hehe) & saw the birdie. I didn't seem to care much...probably just wanted the SALMON mom's feeding it. bol. The crow is perfectly quiet accept when the bthrm door accidentally gets left open & the cats go in & stare at it. Then it caws, squawks, & crows very loudly telling the cats to GET OUT. I come running in every time to see what the matter is. Mom thinks it's sweet how I'm concerned. I'm probably on the bird's side...any side but the cats'...Bol! Today is mom's daddy's birthday but he isn't here to celebrate it with us as he's in the lower 48 to get a little plane he bought and fly it from Colorado all the way back up to Alaska. whew...glad I'm not gonna be on that plane. Bol! I hope things are very well with you and you have a grreat weekend. Yukon and I finally gave our cats a chance to blog on CatChannel lastnight. bleh...Not that we wanted to but mom said she wouldn't do ours til they got a chance. yikes! bol. Leaving my pawprints in your vote 8==8 and wishing you a wonderful and sunny Saturday. Lab Licks, Peaka 0(..)0

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2/19/2011 3:31:51 PM


. !!.♥..!! Mambo 70360 !!.♥.!! . I adopted Mambo along with my other Dog Simba from an animal shelter. Mambo was in the pen next door and had developed a bond with the extremely shy Simba. Mambo helped us to gain Simba's trust ..... Please drop a silent vote for Mambo on Sunday so he is the BIRTHDAY Valentine Sweetheart DOTD on Monday......!! .♥. Mambo 70360 .♥. . NO RECORDED BIRTHDAY'S . ``A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness.`` ~John Keats~ . COTM CANDIDATE ON CC FOR FEBRUARY 201l: ~*~ PETE 72575 ~*~ . DOTM CANDIDATE ON DC FOR FEBRUARY 2011: ~*~ CHIP 147257 ~*~ . HOTM CANDIDATE ON HC FOR FEBRUARY 2011: ~*~ SHESA DERBY BLUEEYES 154901 ~*~ . TEAMDOTD NEWS, SUNDAY 2/13/11

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2/13/2011 2:37:03 AM

Happy Valentines Day

Hi friends, hope you are doing well! Still very cold here but it is supposed to warm up this weekend finally! Well mom fell again and now she hurt her back. No sooner did her foot heal and now her back! She is waiting to hear back from the doctor to see if she broke her tail bone, but there really is nothing you can do about that anyway. Hope you are doing well, have a pawsome weekend! PS We understand about your mom not getting another dog. We'd like too also but with mom working it is just too much! Mom says she wishes she coudl just have a kennel and not work!

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2/11/2011 9:36:25 AM

Hi Chewy!

Love your main pix! Your Mom has all the time in the world! When the times right the right pup will come along until then try to enjoy life! Love ya!

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2/2/2011 8:15:54 PM

I agree with your decision....

Not to adopt another right now. Not only does Ladybug require the attention but it might upset her having another strange dog come into the household. Sometimes a sick/older dog doesn't take it well. I think that is what the lady who first adopted me was trying to do but her old Chi starting peeing/pooping all over the place & so she took me back & that is how Moma got me! Well although we had some rain here there was no freezing rain and no snow. It's suppose to be 52 here today and it's done a lot of melting but the yard is still covered over. I have had 2 walks today but only on the sidewalk and up and down the driveway. I do pee on the little bit of ground that has melted & peeled back from the edges of the driveway. Otherwise that snow is hanging in there. Moma has been cleaning today & her back is now sore so I think her & I will cuddle & she can rub my tummy. I mean the woman's just sitting there doing nothing she may as well be doing something right? Besides she is always telling Daddy women can multi-task....ok lets step up Moma and show him how to do it....hugs LilyPup

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2/2/2011 1:05:05 PM


The only problem with getting a dog is the taking attention away from the rest! That's probably a wise choice with Ladybug. That darn groundhog didn't see his shadow so no more winter! :( Stony

Come visit me, Angel Bingo, Angel Prince, & Stormy, Stony

2/2/2011 8:45:20 AM


Sorry we are so behind in blogging lately, but it's only 6 weeks until mom's wedding and she just has so much to do. We'll probably be a little behind until after the wedding but we'll do the best we can, we hope you understand! Cold and icy here but not too icy like some other parts of the country. Stay warm, have a great day. Hugs and belly rubs! PS We love the story of how you got the door open for Ladybug, that was pawsome!

Come visit me, Cody & Buster!, Max & Lacy - Hugs and Belly Rubs!

2/1/2011 9:06:29 AM

Chewy the Wonder Chi!!!

What a good trick to help LadyBug out with! Good for you! That is really cool that you did that. You are a good brother. I am sorry it has taken us a while to get back to you but our computer got a virus "again" & had to be taken into the shop then we were without power for 18 hours. We just couldn't win. Anyway I'm baaack!! We got about 8 inches of snow from the last storm and I haven't been outside for a while. Hanging close to my pee pads. Moma has been chosen to replace a member on the churches Planning and Policy Committee. (The other member moved out of state) Wish her luck she is not sure what she is doing.....Nascar season starts soon. Any one wanting to join her fantasy league is welcome. All you have to do is be sent the link, be given the password and sign up. Moma's team is WildThingRacing. You choose 5 drivers each week. Very simple. No money just bragging rights. Moma won her league last year!! Then there is Super Bowl Sunday next week. We are unsure who we are rooting for. Daddy's family is from Penna & there are a lot of Steeler fans in the family "BUT" Moma has a tug at her heart for the underdog Green Bay....what to do what to do....I just hope she has those crockpot little smokies. I love those little devils....hugs LilyPup

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1/30/2011 11:43:31 AM

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