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My grandmas dog killed my favorite chicken on my birthday so after school my mom and my sister took me to the puppy store. I found the cutest little border collie who would just lay down while you rubbed his tummy! We called my dad to make sure it was okay but he said no border collies because he didn't liked the way they looked at people (which I don't understand). My mom showed me this other dog who so fluffy and cute but when we took him out he became a little devil! He peed on the floor twice, attacked our shoes and almost pulled down my skirt! And that's how I got this little devil! On the way home we were trying to name him. He was going to be named Sammy but then we decided we'd try to make my dad think we got him a dog he could take hunting, hence the name Hunter!♥Hunter is part yellow lab and part white standard poodle.♥He was adopted April first 2008♥ When we got him he weighed 14.21 lbs. ♥. He weighs 72lbs.♥He's 24 inches tall at the withers♥ ♥Here's a link to all our videos:♥We have family on the other channelsbut we do not check them very often.♥ Quiz rank: 15

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Happy Anniversary, Hunter.

Have a great weekend! Hey, they are putting up a fence for me! Yeah! I will be sure to take pictures when it is finished.

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5/26/2012 4:42:58 AM


Have a wonderful day. Rottie hugs, kisses, nubby wags and a vote for you.

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5/26/2012 3:54:06 AM

Happy Anniversary!

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your DC anniversary. Happy Anniversary and here's a congratulatory vote.

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5/26/2012 1:00:20 AM


. •*´¨`*• 207879 \ Faith / Surprise •*´¨`*• . A friend of her Moms fiancee' had a litter of pups ready to go soon after she had lost her best friend of 13yrs to cancer (SpikeGirl). Faith has had a big job to do helping her Momma's heart to heal from such a loss. She has done that well! Please drop on by and leave her a silent dotd vote Saturday! Thanks, TeamDotd . •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° ~:•:~ Happy Birthday's ~:•:~ . Miley 30104 Ozzie 35231 Sadie 68224 Abbie Rose 29610 Regis 116698 . ~:•:~ Happy DC Anniversary's ~:•:~ . Delta Dawn 210077 ~1year~ Hunter 179220 ~2year~ Ruby 179229 ~2year~ •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° . ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ MONTH OF MAY ~:•:~ APPRECIATE VOTES DAILY ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ . DOTM: Donna's Dawgs 159929 BOTM: Trillian 186056 COTM: Mike 161232 HOTM: Shadowfax 49806 and Texas 209066 . TEAM DOTD NEWS °• SaturDAY °• MAY 26, 2012

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5/25/2012 11:29:43 PM

5/25/2012 11:28:27 PM

Hello Hunter! I'm so sorry it took me so long to write back! I haven't been on much because we went on a road trip also! Love the new pics! I hope your "trick" begins to go well,your mamma should look into the book: 101 dog tricks!~Golden hugs,Buck

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5/22/2012 4:17:59 PM

An Update from Texas:

We've had a pretty rough past couple of weeks. First we lost one of our new chicks and we were looking and looking for it and then we had a bunch of storms so after a week we figured it was dead but then momma heard that some girl at school had found a chicken in her yard but when we tried to talk to her she made it sound like she had just bought a chicken so we thought we had just heard wrong but just to make sure we asked her if it was black and white and she said no. Thne next day when we tried to clarify it with her she said that she found it and when I asked her what color it was she said it was black and I asked if it was pure black or black and white and she said that it had two white splotches. Now maybe she just misheard momma or maybe she misheard her but something is definetly messed up.And to make matters worse it doesn't sound like she plans on giving it back. Then last week we heard that our granpa was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer and he'll probably come down from Wisconsin to live with us because of our better cancer centers. That's essentially our past month summed up. We can only hope it'll all get better. We'll be blogging back soon, ♥Hunter Ruby &the angels

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5/21/2012 6:45:59 PM

hey thanks for that vote a while back. Miley is black and white. I will leave a vote for hunter.

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5/21/2012 7:27:57 AM

5/21/2012 5:16:36 AM


Thank you so much for the congrats on my dog of the day. it was truly a surprise to me and mom. We are dropping off a vote to thank you. and I have some cheesy lasagna for you too. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


5/20/2012 5:55:32 PM

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