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Some friends and I have made a DC facebook page for fun and sharing and keeping in touch, and if you are interested let me know if you'd like to join! Should be lots of fun!!



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I was a shelter dog, and one day my Momma walked by my cage and saw me, and thought I was the cutest thing. The next time she came for a visit, I was still there, and this time, she was in search for a fur-kid...and I gave her my biggest brown puppy eyes, and looked at her with my biggest puppy face, and sat quietly in the cage. Instantly, I was hers. :)

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Hi Wishbone!tight now i am staying with dads friend fay while is working in texas for a month getting a rig ready to take to mexico he will be working a month and home for a month

Come visit me, Zoey

5/25/2012 7:25:03 PM

Hi Wishy, I (Max) just got back from the vet's office. I have a double ear infection. It is very inflamed. I'm now taking a prednisone taper along with ear medication. Mommy is concerned that she will have some trouble putting the drops into my ears because even the vet had lots of trouble cleaning out my ears. I was yelping in pain and it took two techs and the vet along with Mommy giving me tons of treats to allow the vet to clean my ears. She wasn't even able to do a thorough cleaning but she said that once the prednisone reduces the inflammation it might be easier to do. Mommy will be trying to give the drops tomorrow morning. For now she is doing the prednisone hoping that it helps somewhat with the pain. I'm 50 lbs already! I'm almost the same weight as Snickers (55 lbs). Happy Memorial Day weekend! Here is a vote for you. Love, Snickers & Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/25/2012 6:51:17 PM

Good Morning!

Sorry that we've not been on as much as usual! Losing Miss Lady was a very big blow. If we haven't already we want to thank everyone for everything:the votes,the cards,the beautiful angel,the flower seeds,Lady's ADOTD and each & every time you prayed or thought of us! We love you! Also we want you to meet Bro & Sissy whose now going to be called Sassy & Dodger..because the grand kids like that name better & no one knows better than a child what to name a Dog or Kittie!After Memorial day we'll put their picture back up! DC everyone have a wonderful day! We love you!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Little Buddy!

5/25/2012 8:32:24 AM


it was 71* and overcast all day but never did rain.. mom's grand daughters met her for lunch she had a great time talking with them most of the afternoon.....after she went to Target, BJ's then Walmart she was beat by the time she got home and was so happy dad picked up Subway on his way home...the cats were happy that they now had her lap to sit on... hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv and angel puppy kisses...angel lita

Come visit me, Angel Lita -#102560--

5/24/2012 9:42:00 PM

omd wishbone!!!

not only do we both have great names, but we are brothers in oil to boot bol/bol you would really go swimming for me??? wow, u truly are special my friend :) may u and your family have a wonderful evening. your bestest bronx buddy ol

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

5/24/2012 5:42:54 PM

Hi Wishy

It wasn't COMPLETELY fair that I lost blogging priviledges yesterday because I didn't listen when Daddy called me to come into the house and kept running all over the place! Like a friend of mine said, how often do THEY not listen to US when we try to tell them something??? A lot of times we try to ask to go outside, especially me, Chewie. I will hit the bells on the front door and whine and Daddy will say "knock it off, Chewie. You don't have to go out". Now, how does HE know? I think I know better. If we would end up peeing or pooping in the house because HE DIDN'T TAKE US OUT, in spite of the fact that WE WERE ASKING HIM TO, who would be in trouble? You got it!! We would take the fall and it would actually be their fault....I'm just sayin' Sometimes I try to get Mommy or Daddy to play with me, especially Daddy cause he plays better than Mom. Sometimes he plays with me but sometimes he ignores me and tells me he is trying to work on his computer or he is busy in his workshop. I am trying to talk to him and he just ISN'T PAYING ATTENTION!! They never get punished if they don't listen to us!! Why are we supposed to ALWAYS listen to them?? Just not fair!! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

5/24/2012 4:36:06 PM

Hey Wish-aye!

Thanks Wishy! Well, I am becoming a trouble maker again! The past few days moms come home to find food that was on the COUNTER. Eaten and gone on the floor. She also caught me counter surfing right in front of her! So I've been in the doghouse. Not literally...I am actually afraid of doghouses. Mom doesn't know why but I will REFUSE to go in one. Other than that its been an extremely stresful bad week for mom so I am just trying to sit by and keep her and myself calm. She is completley healthy now though. She coughs like once a day. Nothing to keep her inside or anything. Mom was supposed to go to her grandmas to go see the pups and what not but she doesn't have a way to get there so she will wait until summer. She is pretty excited to see the puppies and she is gonna see if she can find a job down there while she is helping her grandma out, but she has NO idea what she is going to do with me because her mom won't watch me and there is no one else up here that can, So she is hoping her grandma can find a friend down in bothell or something where I can stay! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed! Well, Have a nice night! Licks, Love, & Prayers ♥ Zoey

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

5/24/2012 4:29:46 PM

Hi Wishy

Thanks for coming by. I am feeling better and better every day. I am also acting more like myself and still taking my pills and being a pretty good girl about it, too! Mommy and Daddy took away all the hard plastic "bumpy" bones and said we can't ever have them again! It's okay with me!! Hope things are good at your house. This weekend it is supposed to be close to 100 degrees here....TOO HOT!! Have a great day and tell Aunt Jamie we love her! Hugs, Maya and Chewie

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

5/24/2012 11:25:42 AM

Hi Wishbone how ya doin dear friend?

Come visit me, Zoey

5/21/2012 6:47:16 PM

Hi WishyPup BroMo :-)

Thank you thank you thank you! I love to chill-lax out in my yard and catch the warm rays...it's heaven! I'm glad you didn't mind that the cheece platter got a little bit melty, Stewie felt just awful about it! By the way, he sent some more. This time all the really good stinkiy ones! Mmmmm, just for you! Did you see the Fam Guy season finale last night? Bol Bol, too 2 funny :-) Bob's Burger's was too, do you watch that? We just love Animation Domination at my house, tickles our funny bones ;-) Hope you havfe a great night tonight. Oh and thanks for the EXTRA BIG carrot, yum yum yum! Stewie and I found it to be DELISH! Hugs and a votey (and little tiny Stewie kisses, shhhh) ♥ Belly Button SissyMissy :-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/21/2012 4:53:52 PM

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