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Mom went to a breeder, out of the litter I was the only one left, nobody wanted me because I'm deaf, Mom didn't care she fell in love wth me the minute she saw me. DOTD 8-16-11

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Come visit me, Keshia

10/28/2011 12:23:18 PM

thanks for stopping by sassy

left u a vote too :)

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

10/26/2011 2:17:08 PM

Thanks Sassy

For the DOTD vote. You're the greatest-Angel Brandi

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

10/25/2011 8:49:42 PM

hey sassy

thankyou for comming by and leaving me vote my goal is to get 100 so i can go for DOTD! hope ur haveing a wonderful day!!! ~booker~

Come visit me, Axel ~single~, Booker ♥ I Love You Sandy :), Capone ~single~, Maggie Mae ♥ I Love You Rudo :), Rookie ♥ I Love Sassy :), Sage ~single~

10/22/2011 3:42:26 PM

Good Morning

Thanks for your vote to help me get DOTD. It's taking me a bit to get back to everyone. It's not easy to type with paws. I asked Mom for bark to text software for Christmas. Bol Have a nice day.

Come visit me, Carmen, Gema

10/19/2011 8:05:02 AM

hey sassy

hehe u make me blush :) ur a lil cutie urself! left u a vote ♥ ~Booker

Come visit me, Axel ~single~, Booker ♥ I Love You Sandy :), Capone ~single~, Maggie Mae ♥ I Love You Rudo :), Rookie ♥ I Love Sassy :), Sage ~single~

10/18/2011 3:59:15 PM

thanks for stopping by sassy

i hope u r having a great day :)

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

10/16/2011 3:54:20 PM

Hey Sassy!!

Hey just ran by to give you a vote and tell you your ADORABLE!!!

Come visit me, Angel Lady Kellogg, Kellogg's Jack Daniels

10/16/2011 2:28:08 PM

Hello Miss Sassy!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming by with votes towards my goal of 5,000. With the support I'm getting from my pawesome friends I think I'll make it! :) We had lots of days with favorably cool and dry weather here for the past week. It was perfect for yard work so mom did lots of that. While she was raking and mowing the lawn, she found a tennis ball that had got buried in the leaves which have been pouring down from the trees like upside down pails of gold (wish they were doggy bones). It was a replacement though, not an extra, since Peaka just demolished one at the park. Bol... Guess what? A couple days ago we saw a porcupine! He was taking a nap in one of the trees on the opposite side of the property from our house. Mom put us inside and then went back to have a closer look. He was super duper cute with just the most adorable face. Mom wishes they had something else to defend themselves with besides those quills because they are a DRAG when you're trying to remove them from a dog's nose. I've got into porcupines three times and it was no fun. The quills were all over my face and in my mouth. Peaka got into one once but the quills weren't in her mouth and she was very cooperative. We're never anywhere off-leash right now so we don't have to worry about them, but out in the woods at our fishing lodge there's always the chance of picking up the trail of one. We couldn't get on DC at all yesterday or this morning. Not even to the home page. We thought the site was done having problems! We're so glad it's working right now so we can finally catch up. Well anyway, I hope you are having a great weekend. We went to the park today and had a lot of fun playing tag and fetch. Here's a vote to add to your collection! 8==8 Your bud, Yukon

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

10/15/2011 9:23:18 PM

Hola Sassy,

Just ran by with a vote for you my sweet amiga. Thank you for your last two votes & page visits. I'm sorry, mom's been so busy, we could never forget you though Sassy-girl. I like your new profile pic, you look very comfortable. I'm so glad that you like my pix. Mom has been sending my pix out to a few magazines to see if they might want to print them. So far, we've gotten two great responses! We hope to share my printwork soon with all of our D.C. friends. But, mom warned me not to get disappointed if my pix don't make it to print. It may take some time, that's how the modeling biz is! Mom knows, cuz she used to be a model. I've even modeled with her! I'm excited & hope it happens soon, I'll be sure to let you know Sass. Wish me luck! Have a tail waggn' weekend. Tu amigo, Fred p.s.:(Let's keep barkn' @ eachother.)

Come visit me, Fred Bones Mertz

10/7/2011 10:27:37 PM

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