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Hey everyone! Mom's laptop will be down for awhile, and the main desktop is very slow with DC, so I may not be on a lot in the next few days. Have a great week!



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My soon to be forever owners went to their favorite pizza place on Valentines day, and saw a sign on the bulletin board advertising Golden Retriever puppies. They went saying they would "only look" but came back with the amazing me, and almost got one of my brothers! BOL I love my forever home.

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Well maybe instead of a poll we could have a quiz or something for our members like, since st. patricks day is all about green name some plants that are poisonous for dogs or questions on the origin of st. patty's day. Or something similar.

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3/14/2012 9:52:41 AM

Thanks! I thought that might be a good contest! I think (now this is just my opinion) but I think the contests with alot more natural poses are better because the dogs look happier, you don't have to get a bunch of decorations out and most people already have pictures of their dog sleeping or playing rather than wearing a mask or beads, you know?

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3/14/2012 6:33:15 AM

Hi Bucky!

Hope you had a nice day! Today we got to go for a car ride and had a little ice cream. Tomorrow it is supposed to be a record high...almost 80 degrees! We plan on pulling out the kiddy pool and sprinkler to play in (at least Brandon does, hehe) :) Left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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3/13/2012 7:52:05 PM

Hi Buck!

Happy Wednesday :) It's been busy here. Well it looks like Winter is over now...today was in the low 60s and raining. Most of the snow is gone now...that means puddles and mud everywhere. :( Brandon got out for a nice walk though and then today, no one picked up the trash can so guess who knocked it over again? Yep, Brandon! Mom thought we could leave him without a muzzle or crate or anything but guess not yet. Hopefully he'll stop soon. Left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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3/7/2012 7:53:44 PM

Sup buck?

Hi buck! How are ya? Our weather here has been great! The most snow we got was I think 4 inches but it melted in a day! I love playing in snow! I like to burrow in it;-) I saw that you asked mommy what our mix is! We are a mix of a Maltese like you! And a shih-tzu, and a coton-de-tulear! My biological mom was a mix of a Maltese/shih-tzu, and my daddy was a C.d.t.. My mommy says I look just like my dad and pearlie looks like mommy! It's so funny because we are so different that nobody would think we are brother and sister! I weigh around 25 pounds now, and also 10 pounds over weight.. Mom is always joking with me that I should make a weight watchers for dogs. And I should be the main person on the commercials. But my chubbiness makes me, me! Haha my faceis so chubby and fluffy! My great grandpa wants to take me home! Every day he says that! I think it might get boring and I might miss my sister. But I know he would watch me if mommy and the family ever went on vacation..... Hmmm..... Oh yeah today we get to go on a long walk down the rail trail! I am so excited! We will go only if mommy feels better, I hope she does because I've never been there! I love baths too!! Im the easiest! I am so short I can't jump out! I am I think 12 inches tall. Miss pearl is 16 inches. She's a show off. She just runs down the stairs like its no problem! I am scared of going down.. What if I trip? That's a long way down right!? And then she runs all fast and stuff... But I can fetch and she can't! She sort of knows, but she looses interest. I don't! I love it! I love going on the big marry go round! I try to run in the same spot and keep up with mom. But we have soo much fun here! I got so many things for christmas! I got a new ID tag to match my new blue coller! Then I got a lot of mini tennis balls, a rain deer toy! A big bed to sleep in! New shampoo that isn't too frilly like the old one, this one makes me smell more like a man! What did you get for Christmas? Buck tell the family I said hi! I miss you all! We have so much catching up to do! Talk to you later! From, Alex! P.S. pearlie barked hi!

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3/7/2012 10:03:45 AM

Hi Buck

Sorry it's been so long siice I last bloged, it's just been crazy around here. Things have finally started to calm down. Mama told me that she will set a specific time for us to blog our furiends. Our weather is so strange lately. We were having tons of rain, even hail. Then one day the sun decided to show itself. It even warmed us up pretty good. I love it. I spend most of the day out in the yard just sunbathing. I do go in from time to time, just to check on mama, see what she's up to, and make sure I haven't missed out on any food or treats. All of our trees are blossoming, Maggie thinks it's popcorn on the trees, bol. She still likes to follow me around, tries to do exactly what I do, I don't mind as much anymore. What I do mind though is that she tries to play with my bunny. I mean just because I have a favorite toy that I need at all times, doesn't mean that she needs that same toy too. Mama even bought a bunny just like mine, but she won't play with it. So what have you been up to? How has your weather been? Any big surprises happening in your area? Well, I better get going, appearantly the others need time to blog too, leaving a vote and pug hugs, Mitchie

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3/6/2012 3:43:33 PM

Hi Buck

Those beautiful photos were made for me by some of my DC friends. Here's a vote for you ! Tail Wags, Fiona

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3/3/2012 8:21:24 AM

new page!

The doggie photo page is a page where you can show of your dog's funny, beautiful or action pictures! You can ask us to upload any photos you want to share or if you think you'll want to share alot of pictures you can ask for the email and password to this page so that you can upload them yourself! When you submit your first picture I'll put a basic frame around it with your name and page number but after that the pictures will just be by themselves unless you really really really want a frame around it. Every once in a while we'll also have themed contests but there are none planned at the moment. At this page you can also ask for photo edits here were I'll put them in frames or add effects to them or whatever you'd like! We hope you'll stop by and enjoy our page if nothing else but we do hope to see your pictures here! It's on the same account as the bad dog club so u can upload some of your pics if you want! -The doggie photo page

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3/2/2012 4:28:29 PM

Hey Buck!!

. wanted to check on you/your family .. the storms out your way yesterday were brutal. Give us a howlar when you can Praying for your safety! Bella

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3/1/2012 6:27:17 AM

Hi Buck!

Happy Leap Day :) And finally DC is up again! Well, our snow storm was nothing like they said. All day it was pouring rain and ended up melting some of the snow that was left. Guess Brandon will have to run on the treadmill today...he won't mind :) Pawed a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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2/29/2012 4:31:45 PM

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