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My mom has a FB page ( Julie Ulrich from Mn) but we don't get on there much. She also has an Instagram @worldfamousju. We have loved all our furfriends on DC and will miss you all. Basenji hugs and BarooOos to you all.


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My mom was vacationing in Mexico when she met a basenji (from Canada) on the beach. She thought he was adorable. Upon returning home she saw that some basenji puppies were up for adoption (it WAS the right time of year=we're only born in the winter) She picked me-the brindled male runt. My mom had NO idea what she was in for...I destroyed thousands of dollars worth of things over our first few years together, but 14yrs later I know she doesn't regret a minute of our time together!

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Hi! Just came by for a fast visit and to leave you a vote. Hope all is well in your world. We have spring now, so Mom and I are busy in the yard. Mom also takes me for a walk around Wascana Lake, it is a man-made lake - it is 2 1/2 miles around and I get to see lots of people, lots of doggies and enjoy the beauty of the park. We will soon have to go early in the day before it gets tooo hot outside. It takes time to get all of this done each day.

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5/15/2012 10:42:11 PM

Hi Benny

did you have a great weekend.we did,we spoiled mommy. we even let her sleep in for 20 minutes. HEE HEE. well I hope your momma had a great momma's day. well I better go. the fire siren went off so we all howled at it and now I am hungry hee hee take care Eddie

Come visit me, Bindi, Eddison, Ladybug, Mandy, Molly, Sunday, Wynter

5/15/2012 10:14:52 PM

Hi! Benny

Hi! Yes it sure is. That is Emilian, he is a gentle man. I live with one more, but he is a little fierce in my opinion. Emilian and I are like buddies, he likes to nibble at my nose and I just sniff him and then walk away. Mom really appreciates your blog about her pictures, they really keep her going and want her to do more. Right back at your mom :) Here is a vote for my special friend. How have you been? How has your weather been? Hope well. All is well over here in OR. It has been, over the past few weeks, in the upper 70s and sunny. Mom has been really busy lately, and hasn't gotten to take pictures in a while. Since April 29th...ya. We posted those photos up just for you to see, and if you are wondering, I am watching a soccer game with mom and auntie :) "A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart." Wishing you the happy days this week, see you tomorrow!! SB ♥ PS) Mom wanted to ask me to ask you to say some prayers for mom's Gma & Gpa. They are really stressed out due to some seen health problems with mom's grandmother. She went into surgery this morning and had a nice recovery. Please pray that they will not be stressed out and that God will show them comfort. We appreciate you and your prayers so much.

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5/15/2012 7:27:14 PM

Hi Benny

It is fun at our house, Benny! I wish you could come over and play and visit! You would love it. We would have so much fun. We would run down the hill past the big pine tree and the cherry trees past the grapevines, behind the play pen and wood shed, around the garden, up past the mock orange bush and the bird feeders to the fish pond Daddy put in. Then across the bridge that Daddy built across the pond to the Gazebo Daddy built. From there back up across the drive to the wildflower bed he planted where Daddy plans to put up a rail fence, thru the Arbor he made and up to the front porch. My Daddy can make anything out of wood. He is very talented and creative! We might need a drink of water before we take out again.I am so glad you are our friend. We like you so much, Benny! Did you ever send us any pictures for our friends photo album? I don't remember if you did or not. I guess I will have to look to see. I don't remember getting any of you, though. Chewie gets all excited when the mailman brings us pictures. He can tell which envelopes have our names on them. I guess he smell the other puppies where they come from or something! We love you, Benny! Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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5/14/2012 5:04:45 PM

Hi Benny!! :)

Hi Benny!! Hehehehe, great song! Yup, we're all fine here. We'll be on DC infrequently these next few weeks because momma's schoolwork always increases dramtically before the end of the year. Not much is going on here. Yesterday, Suki went to her first puppy kindergarten class and was labeled as a "shy dog." Momma had to keep on distracting her so she wouldn't bark her head off when she got too close to another puppy. But Suki was also told she was very smart because she did everything she was asked to. This morning we met a neighborhood dog named Gracie who always offers me her ball to play with. I was totally uninterested in her ball. Suki stayed away from us but did say hi to Gracie's mom. I can't understand why you'd be afraid of other dogs or humans... Oh, and... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOUR MOMMA!!! ~Jazzy ♥

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5/13/2012 5:03:31 PM

Thanks for stopping by. Would you like to be friends? I'll see you around. Licks & Love, Abby

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5/13/2012 1:29:55 PM

Busy Pup

Rrrrrrroooooooo Benny! I chewed the plug off the vacuum. Mommy looked at my handy work & just sighed & said to me "Wallaby, you have an overflowing basket of toys that's bigger then you. & yet you chewed this. I swear dog, if I didn't love you so much, I'd call the Humane Society & tell them to Repo your furry butt!" I just went uber cute & Army crawled over. Mommy melted. She such a sucker for a furry face! ;)

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5/11/2012 6:59:00 PM


To the silient dog! Hi Benny! Having the best day ever! Glad you were here for my Gotcha' Day Celebratiion! Woofs, Buddy

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5/11/2012 6:00:59 PM

Hi Benny

I put a picture of the super moon on my page for you. we did not have clouds that night. Oh and pictures of the bear. he is 4 years old this year. he is very chubby for just coming out of hibernation. Mommy saw bones near by him from an elk and some from a deer so she thinks he had a big snack. Well i better go cuz it is bed time. have a great night Mandy

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5/7/2012 11:11:55 PM

Hi Benny my Buddy!

Bol mom is now on a rescue mission! There is this little Chi that lives up the road and when I tell you this dog is TINY its less than five pounds! A couple weeks ago momma was driving back home at around 3:30 and she thought she saw a little squirrel run acrose the road then it came back and started chasing the car. She looked closer at it and it was a itsy bitsy dog! She pulled to the side of the road and the dog was still in the middle of the road. She got out of her car and saw there was a bus coming down the road the dog was in! Well when mom left to run arends at 12:00 the little dog was in the feild beside the road she thought maybe the owners were there to. So the little dog has been out for hours in the high 80 degree heat! The little chi to collapes in the middle of the road(Mom guesses of dehidration) and a bus is coming right towards it. So mom(without really thinking) darts out in the middle of the road grabs the pup and runs off just in the nick of time. The bus is honking and honking at her. And he even did the bad finger at her......:( She dicided to take the puppy back to its owner the owner said the dog was only a 4 month old female. The worse thing was about the rescue was momma saw the owners watching the puppy running in the road! She left the dog with them and went home. She just couldnt get to sleep that night even though the oweners promised to keep her inside a couple weeks later mom was driving down the road with ME this time(We were going to get icecream) and saw the little female dog(The owner said shes not fixed) hanging out with another owners unfixed male dog just a little bigger than her. Mom didnt know if she should pick her up or not. She didnt but the NEXT day moms friends from Canada were staying a couple days and she told them about the dog situation and they said "Oh yeah we saw those to mating in the street when we were going to run arends today. Momma couldnt belive it! Now theres gonna be a little of puppies running around getting hit by buses! She called her vet friend frantic and she said that next time mom sees the pup out she needs to pick it up and bring it to the clinic so before the puppies "form" inside her they can fix her. Momma said she just feels plain evil doing that....any advise? Pawing a vote BBS Love, Honey Dew

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5/7/2012 11:17:14 AM

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