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play and do tricks. i bought him and played with him.

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I cant believe that I just meet the 8th dog to join thedogchannel. I just joined. Please vote for me.

Come visit me, Blaze, Tinkerbell

9/6/2009 10:35:31 AM

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9/1/2009 10:24:20 AM

Congrats!! You haven't Been active within 1151 Days!!! Let's Pawty!! *Does the Macirania 10 Times* You are an Awesome Dancer!! I hope we can be Friends!! *Steals A nacho from your Paw* Your Hobo Friend, Cooper

Come visit me, † Angel Stella †, ♥ Emily ♥, Cooper

8/30/2009 8:09:26 PM

Hello Handsome

Hi, my name is Mitsy, I am also a Boxer, me and mom was just looking at the gallery of photos of potential friends and we came across your pic,WOW, what a handsome guy.Anyway we just had to vote for you. Well it is time for my morning walk I hope you have a great weekend,look forward to being a friend. Bye

Come visit me, Mitsy

8/29/2009 5:50:57 AM

Hi my name is Compass and my sister is Belle you can respond back to one of us dont care what one! Belles a Jack Russell and compass is a mixed breed. I'm 12 Belle is 7. I would like to be your friend one day! Dc is soo much fun! Belle is running for DOTD on Sept.15 for win on 16! Well BBS(Bark.Back.Soon) to one of us! Belle, Compass!

Come visit me, Belle1,000votes please! VOT ROXIE DOTM OCT138773, Compass300 votes Please! VOTE ROXIE DOTM OCT138773

8/20/2009 2:05:51 PM

Hey just browsing around DC today and I came by your page would you want to be friends? Just message one us back, whoever you choose to be friends with. Sadie Maye is a female 6 year old Golden Retriever, Duke is a male 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier, T.K. is a female 1 year old French Bulldog/English Bulldog mix and Bailey Girl is a female 3 year old Border Collie/Siberian Husky mix. Come visit one of us, Sadie Maye, Duke, T.K., and Bailey Girl

Come visit me, Bailey Girl, Duke, Sadie Maye, T.K.

8/8/2009 8:40:00 AM

just barking by

Hi I dont see you have a Jack Russell but if u want to learn about them more or just see what they look like take a paw at my channel. You can become part of it! By.... you can leave comments vote or even leave questoins if u have some that have been unanswered. If u have more informatoin about them tell me and i well add it on my channel. All u have to do is visit my channel take a look over it and decide if u like it. You can tell me what to fix or add. I post pics and new information daily. So dont be shy paw by!(i'll even add ur name to my page so poeple know that ur a member)

Come visit me, Belle1,000votes please! VOT ROXIE DOTM OCT138773, Compass300 votes Please! VOTE ROXIE DOTM OCT138773

8/6/2009 4:41:55 PM

<*|*|*> VOTE GUNNY BOY FRIDAY <*|*|*> Hi! My name is GUNNER ~ And I am going 4 DOTD on Friday, August 7, 2009 ~ please paw me a vote and help me get a new shiny badge on my page. I am a very handsome German Shepherd Fella from San Diego, CA. My people call me Gunny, Gunster, Gun Gun, and Grunter. I am one awesome frisbee player. I can catch one if you toss it and balls too! I am a sportie kind of guy. Come on by and give me a vote and let's play frisbee! Thanks, Gunny. 126542.

Come visit me, *Angel Bullet*Please Blog on Gunner's page,Thanks*, *Gunner* Might not be on often*, *Kody* Blog on Gunner's Page Thanks*, *Magnum* blog on Gunners pg Thanks*

8/6/2009 12:59:18 PM

Hey can you do my doggie friend the hugest favor ever? She is entered in a contest and needs as much help as she can get! All you have to do is go here ==> & leave her a vote! It will take just a few seconds of your time & would mean so much to her! Thanks in advance! (:

Come visit me, Abu~~~sry forgot my password

8/4/2009 12:45:19 PM

Hi Bruno!

Hi there, my name is Delilah! I love making new friends, so I came by to ask if you would like to be friends? Bark at me soon...can't wait to hear from you! V4U! ~Delilah

Come visit me, Delilah ♥'s Leevi 4ever (:

8/4/2009 8:27:22 AM

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