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THANK YOU ALL FOR STOPPING BY My page ... momma dont' get over here much and still trying to learn this new DC when she is able to. Thanks for any votes and blogs you leave.


Taco #37875

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I saw a picture of him that my sister-in-law had, and to find out that her daughter was trying to find a home for him. After already having 4 other dogs, I asked my husband-after several "No"'s, finally he agreed and Taco made a long distance trip from Indiana to his new home, and that is when he came into our Family

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Hello DC Friends!

I know ... long time, no bark! Mom has been busy lately with new additions to the goat Pak. First, about almost 4wks ago mom and dad got 3 young pygmy goats from a guy up the road. They have a different color than the others she has here. That grew the goats from having 5 to 8. Then on March 28, 2010 Girly Girl had triplet babies again! Last year she had triplet nannys and this spring we have triplets again .. 2 girls and a boy. Now that brings the goat pak to 11. Mom has been busy more with the young goats she got from the guy up the road than the Newborns. She has been trying to get the 2 new nannys aquainted with the triplet nannys and it is work. But the Newborns are doing fine and mom has been tryign to make extra money to feed all these mouths. So, we will stop in from time to time on the DC. We posted just a few pictures at the bottom of Shadow's page(37741) of the Newborn baby goats. (2 solid black- girls, Black with white on it-boy) Enjoy! ~Shadow and the Gang and mom too :)

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3/31/2010 5:05:45 AM


Hello Chihuahuas,how is everyone doing today? I hope you all had a nice weekend.It was cold but sunny here.. Now for the news.... Effective April 1st, the Chronicle will only be delivered to you once per month. You will receive it on the 1st of the month. There will continue to be news on Mondays, however,it will just be posted on the club page. Today's edition will count as the April 1st edition... Tomorrow Tuesday 3/30 is mine and Princi's 2 yr Wedding Anniversary(66654)...WOW how time flies,seems like just yesterday..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY LOVELY WIFE!! If you weren't around back then and would like to see Wedding/Honeymoon pics,check out our scrapbook. BIRTHDAYS: We have 3 birthdays this week..Thursday April 1st Tuna(12275), Friday the 2nd Peanut(37824) and Saturday the 3rd Angel Sassy Faith(109766)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPS!!! ****************- - *************************- - *************** Here is the April list,very busy month.... April 1st Tuna(12275), 2nd Peanut(37824), 3rd Angel Sassy Faith(109766), 15th Danny Boy(60009), Mugsy(27341) and Princess(39424) , 18th Callie(98724), 20th Angel Lil Bit(64619), 20th Taz(67978), 22nd Lily del Rico(100232), 23rd Angel Ricky(39863) and Mimi(39424), 24th Spencer Shamus(146822) On April 5th,Keely Shaye(169645) is scheduled to go to her furever home with the NY Mob...YAYYYY KEELY FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS..On April 18th it will be the 2yr Anniversary that Angel Ricky(39863) suddenly went to the Rainbow Bridge..I MISS YOU BUDDY YOU'RE FOREVER IN MY HEART!! NOTE: Angel Ricky no longer has his own page,so I have listed his brothers Riley and Chippers page. That's the news for this week.Be sure to check the Club page on Monday for next weeks news... This Friday is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter...Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy one *hugs* Mugsy

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3/29/2010 12:56:21 PM


Hello Chi Friends..Happy Spring!! How is everyone doing today? Did you all have a nice weekend? We had the BESTEST weather,felt like Summer.I spent a lot of time outside in my hut and I loved it. I know some of our Southern friends got some snow..I hope they keep it there. Did you all have a nice St Patty's Day? Did you get to have any corned beef? I had corned beef,potatoes and carrots..mmm. .mmm...good WOW..not much happening in Chihuahuaville this week... BIRTHDAY: On Saturday 3/27,please join me in wishing Pepe's(23905) mom Ann a Very Happy Birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE ANN!!! I have APRIL BIRTHDAY pics posted on the Club page.So if you have an April bday and would like your pic for your page,feel free to grab it. April is one of our busiest birthday months,13 bdays..mine being one of them..WOOHOO,I can't wait. Well friends,that's the news for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy One *hugs* Mugsy

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3/22/2010 1:04:06 PM


CHI CLUB CHRONICLE 3/15 Hello Everyone..I hope you all had a nice weekend and that you stayed dry.It sure poured here and boy was it ever windy. Now for the news... BIRTHDAYS: We have 3 birthdays this week. Today we have a Birthday Girl..CoCo(141147)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!! and tomorrow a Birthday Boy..Gizmo(41269)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIZMO!! Saturday is my dear sweet Mother-in-Law Mama E's(Elly)(39424) 60th Birthday..WOOHOO MAMA E,YOU GO GIRL..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today is also my Grammies 79th Bday TRIP: I think we are just going to scrap the idea for now.Everyone is busy at different times so I don't think it will work.Thanks to those who did get back to me. HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY TO ALL:I hope you all have a wonderful day..May the Luck of the Irish be with you ALL. That's the news for this week,have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one *hugs* Mugsy

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3/15/2010 1:08:51 PM


HELLOOOOO CheeWOWwas...How was everyone's weekend? We had nice sunny weather with warm temps...WOOHOO..I actually got some "hut time" in so I was a Happy Camper. Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? Daddy said the ladies looked like they took curtains and wrapped themselves in them..BOL.. Now for the news... DOTD: Please join me in congratulating LIL BIT~137322 our 3/3 DOTD...WOOHOO LIL BIT...WAY TO GO GIRL!! TRIP/PARTY: I'm still not receiving much feedback on a Trip/Party.I've maybe heard from a handful of pups. So I will give a few options and then ask for everyone to let me know if they will attend and which destination they choose. The options are Hawaii, Vegas,Rio, Italy or Spain.Also give me an idea of when you'd like to go.If I still only hear from a handful,we'll just scrap the idea. Well everyone,that's the news for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one *hugs* Mugsy

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3/8/2010 12:53:46 PM


Hello Chi pals..Happy 1st Day of March..It's PIG DAY..BOL...I can't believe another month is gone ,this year is flying by. I hope you all had a good weekend.I hope your weather wasn't too bad.We had rain,snow,wind..you name it,we had it. Could've been a lot worse though...Now for the news.. NEW MEMBER:We have a new member.Please join me in welcoming Angel(132342) to the club.Angel is a 4 y/o Chichi girl from GA.Please stop by her page when you have a chance and give her a warm Chi Club welcome. NAME CHANGE:The little Chichi girl formally known as Shawnee has changed her name..BOL...Her new name is Keely Shaye(169645) TRIP/PAR- - TY: I never received much feedback on having a party or trip..only a few commented..If anyone has any ideas,I sure would love to hear them...Remember,Princi and I have homes(virtual) all over the world,many in warm climates.We can always visit one of them.We could go to Rio again or Hawaii.We could gamble in Vegas or Monte Carlo.All the places are listed on our page 66654,feel free to check them out.We can have punch too...PACOS..BOL Well Friends,that's the news for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one.*hugs* Mugsy

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3/1/2010 1:27:30 PM


Hello Chi Friends..Did everyone have a nice weekend? We actually had sunny weather.I guess the snow is on it's way though,hopefully it just forgets about us. Now the news... DOTD: CONGRATS Aaliyah((139423) on being our 2/18 DOTD.. WAY TO GO GIRL!!! Speaking of Aaliyah,her mom Pauline has a good friend Pat,who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Please say a prayer for Pat,her family and Pauline..thank you. On April,Keiki Jaye(38246) and Spencer aka Bubbie(146822) Will be getting a new Chi sissy named Shawnee(169645).Stop by her page and see how cute she is.She will be joining the club.Her current family are "snowbirds" so won't be back north til April....I want to be a "snowbird" BIRTHDAYS: On Tuesday 2/23, please join me in wishing Keiki Jaye(38246),Bubbie(146822- - ) and Angel DosMan's(27747) Mom Veda a Very Happy Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA VEDA!! GOOD NEWS!! LilyPup(100232) and Angel Rico's(5284) dad Garry had his pins taken out and is healing nicely. Well Friends,that's the news for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one *hugs* Mugsy

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2/22/2010 12:46:07 PM


I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year.It's the Year of the Tiger.Mama says it will be a good year,because she was born in the Year or the Tiger..silly Mama. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday..so Party Til You Drop!! Wednesday is Ash Wednesday..Lent Begins DOTD NEWS: On Tuesday 2/9 Princi and I were honored with the title of DOTD Sweethearts #1.We are so thrilled and would like to thank all who voted for us..On Sunday 2/14 Chipper(39863) and his Sweetheart Breezy were honored with the title of DOTD Sweethearts #6..WOOHOO Chipper and Breezy. And last but not least..Today 2/15 Mambo(70360) and his Pak(93948) are DOTD..WOOHOO Solares Pak....WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!! What an exciting week for Chihuahuas..BOL. . CONGRATS to The Bayou Pups(67978)..They are celebrities as their SAINTS Snowman was on Local TV..WOOHOO Pups...The snowman was very cool and quite an odd sight since it doesn't normally snow in the Bayous of Louisiana...The weather sure has been STRANGE this year... The pups in the Baltimore/DC and PA areas are still digging out from the more than 3 feet of snow that they've had recently. I feel for ya..but better you than me..BOL. Well friends,that's the news for this week..Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one...Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!! *hugs* Mugsy

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2/15/2010 1:06:29 PM


Valentine's Edition Hello Everyone..I hope you all had a nice weekend.I know many of you got LOTS of snow.I saw pics from LilyPup,Chipper and DannyBoy and WOWEEE do they have lots of snow.You pups better not venture out too far,you'll get lost for sure.I sure am happy that the storm missed us..Now for the news... BIRTHDAYS: We have 2 Birthdays this week and both happen to be on Sunday 2/14 Valentine's Day.Please stop by and wish Bella(58100) and Mambo(70360) a Very Happy Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPS!!! NEW MEMBER: Please join me in welcoming Dallas #165090,a 2 yr old Chi guy from New Mexico. Please stop by and give him a warm Chi Club welcome when you have a chance. I was thinking that we need to have a pawty or go on another (virtual) trip since it has been some time since we did either.So please let me know your thoughts on what you might like to do and/or where you might like to go. Well my friends,that's the news for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one.Have a Happy Valentine's Day *hugs* Mugsy

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2/8/2010 12:58:26 PM


Hello Chi Friends.I hope you all had a nice weekend.I know a lot of you got snow,especially our southern friends,so I hope everyone is safe.We just had sub-zero temps..Now for the news Since many of you left comments that you look forward to the weekly news, it will continue weekly.Thanks for all the input,I appreciate it. BIRTHDAYS:We have 3 Birthdays this week..Today the 1st-Angel Jenny(24249)..Thursday the 4th-Roxy(9997) and Friday the 5th-Angel Tobi(39424)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!! FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS: On Sunday 2/7 it will be the 1yr Anniversary of Angel Jenny(24249)going to the Rainbow Bridge.Please keep her family in your prayers that day as I know it will be a sad day for them...We miss you Jen...YOU'RE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS NEW MEMBER:We have a new member..Please join me in welcoming Little Bit(137322) to our Chi Club.As some of you may know,her parents were in a car accident yesterday(Sun).They hit a tree and the car rolled onto it's side.The roof had to be cut off to get them out.Thank God they are both okay,nothing broken just banged up...WELCOME Little Bit!! Well friends,that's it for this week.Have a Safe,Happy and Healthy one *hugs* Mugsy

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2/1/2010 12:58:44 PM

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