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Lucky #37934

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A neighbor of mine, since moved, had got her from a friend of his, she had really no one to play with so she took up with my 3 dogs at the time. He decided he didn't want her anymore so he asked if we would take her, and of course we said, "Yes"! And we've had her ever since. She had been passed down from who knows how many people, and now she is with us. I don't know how old she actually is, so I gave an estimation, of the month that we got her, and her age is between what the vet and I estimated how old she could be. *~♥~*FOR ALL AARD MEMBERS: Please note that I have the software that I need to continue to make the AARD Framed Pictures for our Newest Members that has not had their pictures made as of yet. Some of you may have already had some made in the past, and they are in the AARD scrapbook. For those that have never collected your copy then may do so by going to the AARD Members Page #36879, look through the scrapbook and when you find your picture right click on the picture and save it to your computer. I have sent several to the Members that I had email addresses to. If you would like these pictures emailed to you, please let Rufus #29910 or myself know and we would gladly do that for you, and you would then have the original-sized ones. Now, for the Members that have never had one made: I will be collecting pictures from off each of your pages and will start to make the pictures, you will be notified on where to pick them up at. We have so many that I will be making and they will be posted on the AARD page #36879. We will let you know when your pictures are made and when to pick them up. Again, if you would like them emailed to you, please let us know by getting back with us when your pictures are made and posted. I wanted to apologize for not getting this done sooner and now that I have the software I will be busy with AARD and the Members, to make sure each and everyone has a picture to proudly display on each of their pages. We are Seniors and are very much AARD Proud! Thank you!! ~Lucky (AARD PRESIDENT RECRUITER)

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Hi Lucky!

You are a very cute dog! Would you like to be friends? ♥, Buffy

Come visit me, †Buffy Boe†, †Keely Fiona†, †Rose Muffin†, †Sadie Biscuit-Eater †, Bandit Smith and Zoro Depp, Charlie Rogers, Princess Hermoine, Rosco Boaz

6/9/2010 11:41:01 AM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

Thank you Lucky

Yes, mom sure does miss me. In case you don't know what happened, I had a baseball-sized tumor on my abdomen which turned out to be cancerous...Thanks so much for making me DOTD! My 2nd DOTD is just as exciting as the 1st. And it's even more special because it's a celebration of me becoming an angel. Mom just knows that I'm dancing up in the clouds today knowing I have a whole day devoted to me! ~Angel Ginger~

Come visit me, Angel Ginger

4/20/2010 6:55:50 PM

Vote Angel Ginger 40217 DOTD 4/19 .

. Hi! My name is Angel Ginger 5/17/98 - 2/12/10. I am a Mixed Breed from La Port, IN. My nicknames were:hound dog, Gingy, bandit. My birthday was May 17th.I went to obedience school for 3 years, DOTD 9-9-08, AOTW 12-13-08, DOTM March 09' and I would like to be DOTD on Angel Monday 4/18! My favorite tricks and treats were sit, shake and Begging' Strips, cheese. My favorite hang out was the windows. My favorite grub anything but fruits or vegetables, cat food. My Pet peeve was people giving the cats treats and attention! My owner was always feeding me treats which I loved! My Dogie hobby was watching at the windows for wild animals, eating the cat's food. Now I'm a Guardian Angel Watching over my family and DC! So please vote me DOTD on Angel Monday 4/19. Don't forget! Angel Ginger #40217 4/19 Happy Birthday: Mom Joyce 39275, Lucky 38023 and Sophie's 2 year anniversary on DC 75713

Come visit me, DC Angel Kisses Thank You, ADOTD 7/15/14, *♥* Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} *♥* VOTE Daily ~Grant 264816~ JULY DOTM *♥* Congratulations King Kodiak ~Winning DOTM June~, Misha ~Little Bear~ *♥* Dani ^^^^ Thank You ^^^^ Milestone VoTe 8,200 ^^^^ ON 4th of JULY ^^^^ *♥* VOTE Daily ~Grant 264816~ JULY DOTM *♥* Congratulations King Kodiak ~Winning DOTM June~, Tiffany ~*♥*~ Bandit ~~ VOTE Daily ~Grant 264816~ JULY DOTM *♥* Congratulations King Kodiak ~Winning DOTM June~

4/18/2010 10:41:29 PM

Hello DC Friends!

I know ... long time, no bark! Mom has been busy lately with new additions to the goat Pak. First, about almost 4wks ago mom and dad got 3 young pygmy goats from a guy up the road. They have a different color than the others she has here. That grew the goats from having 5 to 8. Then on March 28, 2010 Girly Girl had triplet babies again! Last year she had triplet nannys and this spring we have triplets again .. 2 girls and a boy. Now that brings the goat pak to 11. Mom has been busy more with the young goats she got from the guy up the road than the Newborns. She has been trying to get the 2 new nannys aquainted with the triplet nannys and it is work. But the Newborns are doing fine and mom has been tryign to make extra money to feed all these mouths. So, we will stop in from time to time on the DC. We posted just a few pictures at the bottom of Shadow's page(37741) of the Newborn baby goats. (2 solid black- girls, Black with white on it-boy) Enjoy! ~Shadow and the Gang and mom too :)

Come visit me, ☆ Liberty ☆, Baby #37994, Gizmo #41269, Lucky #37934, Rusty #38002, Shadow #37741, Taco #37875

3/31/2010 5:43:10 AM


Hi! My name is Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and yes, I was named after the character in the Highland movies and TV series. I am a West Highland White Terrier, which is a breed that originated in Scotland and can be traced back to the time of King James I of England. I am running the month of March for the position of Dog of the Month (DOTM) and would appreciate it if you could stop by my page 18686 and vote for me daily or as often as you can. The dog with the most votes at the end of the month wins the contest. Now for a little bit about me: I am Sgt. At Arms and Park Manager of the Westie Club. Treasurer of the Terrier Club. A-Team Tug-O-War Master, a member of the Peace Team, DC Friendship Club, BPM and the DC Sports Club. I made DOTD on July 4,2008 and again on July 23, 2009. My nickname is SweetPea although dad sometimes calls me donkey like in the movie Shrek. My favorite games are tug-o-war and fetch, although I also like to play keep away. I am mom's constant companion and have learned to detect when mom's blood sugar is running low and alert her to the situation so that she can eat something right away. My theme this month is Irish Poetry with authentic poems. Today's poem is To a Friend whose Work has come to Nothing by W.B. Yeats NOW all the truth is out, Be secret and take defeat From any brazen throat, For how can you compete, Being honour bred, with one Who, were it proved he lies, Were neither shamed in his own Nor in his neighbours’ eyes? Bred to a harder thing Than Triumph, turn away And like a laughing string Whereon mad fingers play Amid a place of stone, Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult. I've left you a vote in return. Duncan

Come visit me, Duncan *Gone 5/22 - 5/29*

3/14/2010 12:21:26 PM

3/6/2010 9:20:55 PM

Hi Ya Lucky

Long time no bark...Well just coming by with lots of Happy Birthday wishes for you...Watch out for the goats...Left ya a birthday vote too! JJ♥

Come visit me, John Joseph †Missing Our Squinty†, Sadie♥In Memory of Angel Taylonnie

3/6/2010 9:15:38 PM

Hey Lucky pal

Happy Barkday to you! Happy Barkday to you! We sure hope it is a woofderful day! We brought you a basket of fresh Florida strawberries too! Yum! Hugs and a vote sweet pal, Aussie & Rowdy

Come visit me, Aussie!, Hot Dog! Get Cookin With Us!, Rowdy!

3/6/2010 9:04:56 PM

3/6/2010 8:35:45 PM

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