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Ceci  ~45285~  My Gma's In Heaven Now (7/3)

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My son Jim and niece Lauren and friend Kelly went to the Pound. Her face and sweet disposition - I took one look at her and I was gone forever!!

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Thank you for coming to see me and for your prayers. Have a great afternoon and I will talk to you soon. Love, Beau

Come visit me, Abby...In Loving Memory 7/29/1996-3/15/2014, Beau...In Loving Memory, Holli ( IN LOVING MEMORY), Maggie (IN LOVING MEMORY), Tess Happy Spring, Tucker Ahhhhh...Spring

1/22/2012 10:06:43 AM

Vote Honey 218255 DOTM January!

FBI Canine A police dog responds to an ad for work with the FBI. "Well," says the personnel director, "you'll have to meet some strict requirements. First, you must type at least 60 words per minute." Sitting down at the typewriter, the dog types out 80 words per minute. "Also," says the director, "you must pass a physical and complete the obstacle course." This perfect canine specimen finishes the course in record time. "There's one last requirement," the director continues; "you must be bilingual." With confidence, the dog looks up at him and says, "Meow!" Carri (Star) lost her Dad to Cancer please be in prayer for her & Star. Please pray for Juicy,Beau,Zeus,Shotgun.Regis,Pongo,JJ and Angus. Have a great day & Honey should be back tomorrow so then you won't have to put up with our corny Alabama jokes! Have a great Saturday! Ours is wet! Love you all!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Please vote us (#43042) DOTM in June!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Skipper

1/21/2012 7:04:07 PM

Hi Ceci

Thank you for helping me win DOTD. I really enjoyed having THE BARKERY in the spotlight. What an exciting day. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy 21471

Come visit me, THE BARKERY ( recipes welcomed )

1/20/2012 4:50:41 PM


Thank you for your prayers. I am feeling better today. Bugging Mom for treats. bol!! You should see Mom trying to give me my medicine. It's a liquid. Yep, not a pretty sight. She gets me in a death grip and then forces the syringe in my mouth and squirts the yukky stuff down my throat. She makes up for it by giving me one of my favorite treats. I guess I've forgive her. bol!! I hope you are having a nice week. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Alabama Gang #43042 June DOTM!, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

1/18/2012 6:15:54 PM


we miss you and your precious mom!! We haven’t been on here for several days. The dc was driving us crazy and then mom just couldn’t get things going. So very sorry about that. and oh boy have we missed being here and all of you too. last night was a rough one for me and mom. We think we both had a bit of a stomach virus from our oriental food we had yesterday. Still a bit yucky, but mom spent most of the day letting me cuddle with her on the couch. Oh and we didn’t stay in the hut all night either. I was so antsy, mom said we would just come in. she didn’t really get to sleep until after opa left for work. Hope we go to the hut early tonight. We will not be here tomorrow for sure, but I am going to do my best to make mom get on here at least every other day from now on. I will not be deterred. Tomorrow is our big shopping day and we have a lot of places to go. mom says we will do the vet next week. Then tomorrow night mom is going to be one happy camper. Her main man is back on tv, twice a week. Yep American Idol and Steven Tyler are back on tomorrow. so with all the running around during the day and Idol at night I don’t think we will have a chance to get on here. oh you know mom cut my hair really short last week. Well she got me a sweater at Petsmart yesterday. It was 40% off and is a Martha Stewart, hehe. very easy to get on and off so I like it too. yep yesterday we had a day out, the library park(wahooo) and Petsmart. And it even stopped raining the whole time we were out. then as soon as we got home it poured down. Today we had really bad storms. Lots of wind and even some nadoes in the area. We didn’t get anything too bad though. and now it is much colder. Tomorrow is going to be cold and sunny. Cant wait. Well I think I have barked on enough tonight so going to get going. Dropping off some homemade chicken jerky and some just off the stove pork roast. Have a fabulous night and a fantastic tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


1/17/2012 4:34:50 PM

Hi Ceci and Mom Kathy...

Thank you for the wishes for my 5th anniversay on the DC. We are so happy we joined the DC, and have been blessed with sweet and wonderful friends, like you guys and your Mom. It's the best thing we have every done. Hope all is well with you and Mom, and you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. Wishing you both all the best for the new year. You both are always in our hearts and prayers, and are very special to us...Love, prayers and Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda and Mom Cindy

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

1/17/2012 2:04:43 PM

Hello Ceci!

So sorry about your gramma. Sending some hugs for you and your mom. We used to be on DC before but we've been gone for about a year or so and just recently started coming back on alittle bit. Thanks for stopping by. I have a little min-pin brother named Chip. Not sure if you've ever met him or not. I hope you have a great day little cutie and come visit anytime. Your friends, Chey and Chip

Come visit me, Cheyenne Silvermoon RIP my sweet girl, Chippewa "Chip" Silvermoon RIP my sweet little man (Bum)

1/17/2012 9:46:56 AM

Hi Ceci!

Thank you so much for welcoming me to the DC and leaving me a vote for my DOTD run! It was sweet of you to stop by and I really appreciate it! Everyone on the DC is so nice, and my siblings and I love being members. My sister said that people were so nice to Mommy when she was sick, just like when your Grandma was sick and later when she passed away. Have a great day, and a wonderful weekend, and I am pawing you a vote! Love 4ever, Arial

Come visit me, ANGEL - RIP ANGEL PONGO. . . *PLS USE STEPHENS CITY GIRLS 4 MESSAGES, ANGEL PONGO 07/16/1998 - 07/23/14. I AM WITH ANGEL DANA! VT T.J. 4 DOTM!!, ARIAL - RIP ANGEL PONGO. . . *PLS USE STEPHENS CITY GIRLS 4 MSGS, GABY - RIP ANGEL PONGO. . . *PLS USE STEPHENS CITY GIRLS 4 MESSAGES, HOPE - RIP ANGEL PONGO. . . *PLS USE STEPHENS CITY GIRLS 4 MSGS, IN MEMORY OF ANGEL SHADOW WOLF 7/03/95 - 9/18/2009, In Memory of Isabella Michelle of Tibet 06/26/2000 - 2013, THE STEPHENS CITY GIRLS (Gaby,Hope,Arial,Angel) Pls. temporarily use this pg. for all posts. VT. SCOOBY 4 DOTM!!!!

1/13/2012 10:17:46 AM

Vote Honey 218255 DOTM January!

Dog Show In Heaven It was a slow day in heaven so God phoned Satan to see what was going on. "It's slow here too," says Satan. "Well," God said, " I think a dog show might be fun. Let's put on a dog show." "Sounds good," says Satan, "But why are you calling me? You've got all the dogs up there." "I know," answered God, "But, you've got all the judges down there!"----------------------------------- HE HE HE!! Ain't it the truth! Woof!! Today's DOTD is a surprise! Please don't let the Cat out of the Bag! Get it! Cat out of the bag! No....I don't either but please just go by page #101529 and leave a vote. Honey was to be gone 2 weeks from last Sunday not her choice but nothing she could do about it so we agreed to help her. She's afraid "Out of sight, out of mind". No way! Dc could never forget Sweet honey. So please just bark by her page and grab that Dog bone!Be sure and read TT3's newsletter for DOTM,DOTD and Birthday and pray request: The newest 2 Angel's from DC are Louie and Gracie. Have a wonderful,blessed day! Love ya! Poochie of the Alabama Gang

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Please vote us (#43042) DOTM in June!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Skipper

1/12/2012 8:45:07 AM

Vote Honey 218255 DOTM January!

KEN-L RATION Hero 1985 Villa, a black Newfoundland, was from Villas, New Jersey. Villa was a half grown puppy when during a severe blizzard, she started to bark from her dogrun. After several minutes she leapt over the five foot fence and ran across to the neighbors yard. The snow was so thick, that visibility was zero, and the winds were howling at 60 miles per hour. The neighbors 11 year old girl, Andrea Anderson, was out looking at the storm when the wind blew her across the yard. Unable to see, she had become stuck in a drift, and was unable to free herself. Villa heard her cries for help, escaped her cage, and found Andrea. Villa had to circle the child several times before she could manage to free herself from the drift. Villa, then led Andrea safely to her home. Dogs are hero's! But we don't have to tell you that!No more bad fish vote Mr. Pish for President 2012! Today's DOTD is a surprise so please don't tell! Just go on over to page #225615 and vote! Honey will be gone this week and next week to. Let's all vote for her and show our support! Be safe and happy! Love ya! Alabama Gang rallying for Honey!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Please vote us (#43042) DOTM in June!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Skipper

1/11/2012 6:40:41 PM

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