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Hi Simone

We are soo happy that you decided to stay! We love ALL your new pics..and we think you look so pretty in your main pic! Hope you are having a great day..and getting ready for Santa Paws. We know you have been you should get something extra special! Your Mommy is right..don't let the corporate people get in the way of all the wonderful furiendships you've made. DC is a very special place..filled with love, concern, and support for one another. We are glad that we'll be able to see your sweet face and hear your wonderful bark for a long time! Have a great night! XO..Giant hugs..Xena, Zeus, and Sam ;)

Come visit me, ♥ Angel XENA ♥ 3/28/05 - 8/12/14 OFFLINE, ♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Thank You All So Very Much For Honoring My Memory ♥, Angel Gentle Ben - ♥ Thank you all SOOOO much. You've made it a wonderful week for my family ♥, Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

12/15/2011 8:16:49 PM

Hi Simone

Happy Thursday. Hope your week has been a good one. Not much going on here. The rain finally stopped & now it’s cold & muddy. What a great combination. The cold makes us want to run & play but mom is not happy with the way we look when we’re ready to come in. But we just tell mom, that mud baths are good for the skin & at least ours are free. Hehe WooHoo. Tomorrow is mom’s last day of work till after Christmas. Our skin sis & Chi Riley will be here on Sunday & will stay til after New Years so we won’t be on DC much the next couple of weeks. In case we don’t bark at you again before Christmas, we want to wish all of our fur friends & their families safe travel & the happiest of holidays. BBS. Regis, MisFits & Mom Beccie

Come visit me, MisFits~Money Abbie & Pooh ~ 136806, Regis ~ 116698

12/15/2011 3:28:08 PM

Hi Simone

Yippee!!! I am so glad you and your mom are staying here on DC. There sure is a lot of love here amoungst us DCers, just ignore those corporate poohs! I was missing you already! Happy Happy that you are back my friend!!! Your Little Buddy Merlin

Come visit me, Merlin

12/15/2011 1:20:50 PM

Hi Sweet Simone...

OMG! I'm so glad to hear that you and Mom are staying on the DC. There is truly so much love on the DC, and everyone just pulls together for one another in good times and bad. We are so glad that you and Mom decided not to leave. You are so loved, and we all love barking with you. No worries, bark when you can, and your "DC family" will always be here for you. Hope you had a great birthday... Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, my friends, Simone and Mom...Leaving you a vote, and lots of love and Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda and Mom Cindy

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

12/15/2011 1:01:15 PM

Vote #2440

Welcome back Simone and MOM! Marie and Garm

Come visit me, Garm- We are back for a bit

12/15/2011 11:20:05 AM

Yay.............Your Back!

I am so glad you are staying so we can form a good solid friendship! I am a real loving little guy as you will find out, Simone! I wiggle,twist, lick, you name it! And you just made me do 'em all! BOL! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and every other holiday out there.....Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

12/15/2011 7:51:54 AM

Hi Simone

We are so glad you decided to stay. Why do humans have to be that way .They should be more like us. We had two bad things happen to us we just ignore them now. There are so many more nice people here than bad. We only wish we could meet them in person . We just live to far away. Mom is not very brave when it comes to traveling alone. She has DDD. Direction deficey disorder ,bol. Really happy your staying --golden hugs and papillon kisses. Rusty,Ruger,Dani and mom

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

12/15/2011 7:40:16 AM


Simone, are you here to stay? :) Voted ♥ Peaka

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

12/15/2011 1:35:48 AM

DOTD 12/15 :•: Angel Moo 20452 :•: THURS

. You are who you hang with! My name is Angel Mustafa (aka Moo) on 2/8/10 my home became the Highest Courts of Heaven. My mommy saved me when I was 2 months old, I belonged to a friend of a friend, they weren't taking care of me properly. Mommy offered to baby sit, a few days became my whole life, minus those 2 months without mommy! I became a full fledged member of my family and celebrated my birthday on Valentines Day, mommy is my heart! People would pull over in their cars just too give compliments!! My favorite hobbies sleeping, traveling to Charleston, SC, laying in the sunshine, playing in the snow and stretching more than any furling anyone has ever met, it was an obsession..(bol)!! "A-Team Librarian" on DC, I'm running as Angel Moo in the dotd spotlight Thursday! Please come over to my page on December 15th, the best that's my baby brother's Jaxxy's 3rd Birthday! I would give you my paw, but I don't give paw, I "hold hands" ... Angel Kisses ~Angel Moo 20452~ . Happy Birthday to: Takota 12316 •°Angel Felix 21635 •° Dakota Blu 157332 •° Jaxxy 173668 •° Sadie 205208 . ``Reach for an angel high on a star; sends you Christmas wherever you are. Bringing you laughter and faith so supreme, touching your heart with a beautiful dream. Peace and goodwill in each loving home, part of the wonder God sends to you. Bless you, my dear ones this holy season may God's richest blessings, forever be tine. Glad tidings across the miles along with faith to make each day worthwhile. God's Christmas angels, precious and dear, for a Merry Christmas lasting through a New Year.``~Garnett Ann Schultz~ . :•: VoTe DaiLy •° In December :•: DOTM: Hunter 179220 HOTM: Quincy 157076 COTM: Charlotte 196844 BOTM: Roscoe 151531 . TEAM DOTD NEWS :•: THURSDAY :•: 12/15/11

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12/14/2011 11:53:00 PM

Hey Simoney

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Simoney, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu! Glad you are here. Even if we are not on the DC so much anymore and can say "hi" on FB, still like to give you a "woof" here on the DC! Love to you and your Mommy! Woofs and Hugs, Buddy & Mom Oh yeah, Scooby and Coopie say Happy Birthday too!

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

12/14/2011 8:07:04 AM

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