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Simba the Lion King!

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We adopted Simba from an animal shelter. He was the last from a litter of 7 puppies who were taken from Virginia. The shelter advised us against the adoption because he was so shy and timid.Now he is a calm and loving member of our pack, a true leader.

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Happy Anniversary Simba

Hope you have had a great day, happy anniversary, maltee kisses, Jack

Come visit me, Jack, Lilly, Maggie, Mitch

3/22/2012 4:40:11 PM

Happy Anniversary, Simba

We hope you are celebrating and having lots of fun! Sending you a big plate of Salmon, rice, and veggies..Enjoy! Have a great day. XO..GIANT hugs and a special vote..Xena, Zeus, and Sam ;)'

Come visit me, ♥ Angel XENA ♥ 3/28/05 - 8/12/14 OFFLINE, ♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Thank You All So Very Much For Honoring My Memory ♥, Angel Gentle Ben - ♥ Thank you all SOOOO much. You've made it a wonderful week for my family ♥, Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

3/22/2012 4:30:31 PM

Happy 4 yr Anniversary!

You are a very beautiful boy! Whave not met before but we would certainly love to be friends with you. Please come by and visit us. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

3/22/2012 3:04:34 PM

Hi! Simba the Lion King!!!

You are very handsome! Happy DC anniversary Simba! Hope you have a anniversary to remember! Here is a vote, would you like to be friends? Collie Paws, SB

Come visit me, SashaBelle

3/22/2012 1:43:36 PM

Hi Simba...

Wishing you a Happy 4th Anniversary on the DC. Time flies, but the Dog Channel is so much fun!! Have a great day, and leaving you a vote...Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

3/22/2012 11:46:20 AM

Happy Anniversary Simba!

Can't believe it's been 4 years! We're leaving a vote for you! Hope you're having an awesome day! Hugs, Jasmine & Willow

Come visit me, ♥ Jasmine 16535 ♥, ♥ Willow 54488 ♥

3/22/2012 10:54:40 AM

Simba .*. Happy 4th Anniverdary on DC .*.

. Simba .♥ Our Lion King .♥. as we celebrate 4th Anniversary on DC .♥. our long-time fur friend, looking forward to more memories and adventures. Happy 4th Anniversary Simba Happy Anniversary a Beautiful Spring Day We made a Celebration Anniversary Basket of all your favorites Treats and a Charm for your Collar inscribed `` Simba Our Lion King `` ♥ Spring Day with Beautiful Weather .*. Especially Sharing Our Lion King, Simba .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥; .*. . "The afternoon is bright, with Spring in the air, a mild March afternoon, with the breath of April stirring, I am alone in the quiet patio looking for some old untried illusion. Shadow on the whiteness of the wall of memories asleep on the stone rim of the fountain, perhaps in the air the light swish of some trailing gown." Antonio Machado, 1875-1939 . .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥; .*. Lots of Shih Tzu hugs*hug*hugs* Tiffany .♥. Misha `Lil Sissy Angel Taylonnie` sending Kisses from the RainBow Bridge

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~ Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ...Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ...Please Vote ANGEL HEATHER #30655, September Dotm ~~~~~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations KING KANE, DOTM ~4~ August~*~♥~*~

3/22/2012 10:26:32 AM

Hi simba

Happy 4th DC Anniversary!

Come visit me, Bella-

3/22/2012 8:41:42 AM

Hi Simba :-)

Happy 4 year DC anniversary! I wish you many more! Hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella Boo Boxer

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

3/22/2012 8:25:57 AM

~*~*~Happy Anniversary~*~*

Come visit me, Pepper- Thanks Bella for vote 9000

3/22/2012 7:31:42 AM

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