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DOTD May 2, 2013. Thanks everyone!


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I am Benny's #27427 stepsister. I will not be living with Benny, but at Mommy's ex's house. She was a little stray Doxie, with a terrible burn on her back and Sooooooooo skinny and covered with ticks. In some of the pictures below you can see ticks and the burn on Dot Dot's back. Poor little girl just needed a good home. I only live about a mile from Benny, so Mommy comes every day to see me. She puts medicine on my burned back, and plays with me. Mommy will be my primary caregiver. When my back is all better and I have the rest of my shots this week, Mommy says Benny can come to meet me. I'm so excited! I hope he likes me. There is a great big yard over here, and it is safe to run off leash. Mommy's ex has not had a dog in a long time, but he is not home much and asked Mommy to help with me. I am just barely a year old, according to our vet. I am a tiny little girl, weighing ten pounds. Mommy is trying to teach me manners and basic training. It's obvious no one cared for me at all until I found my furever home.

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Dot Dot and Family~

Thank-you everyone for this honor of DOTD! We were all so happy to see my picture in the window. I have won once before, but this was is ever so special since I will not be on this Earth much longer. I have to be put down this week....I have maybe 3 more precious days here. So thank-you all so much once again. ♥ and Hugs, Buffy Boe

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8/22/2010 8:44:26 AM

*!*SHH~*~SURPZ #185465~*~SAT DOTD*!*

. .*.*.WELCOME FOXY (DO NOT MENTION DOTD).*.*. . Hi! My name is Foxy, I am a Pomeranian from New Brunswick Canada, MA ~&~ less than one year old my 1st Birthday will be May 10, 2011. My skin sister Diane, visited us from FL ~&~ my skin brother from Moncton, Canada. My mom, dad `n` family visited our neighborhood pet shop, as my skin sissy was looking for a pet ~&~ wanted mom's ideas. My skin sissy ended up persuading my mom to buy me, I kissed my forever parents, my little tail was wagging crazy, mom `n` dad, fell in love instantly could not leave without me!!!! I believe Angel Smokey my fur brother choose me for my mom `n` dad, so my parents would not be so lonely. My skin sister Diane, purchased my sibling fur brother, the next day, his name is Rusty ~&~ lives in FL. We came from a private breeder and was raised in their house and it shows with my spoiled attitude !!! I'll turn turn turn when my mom gives me my favorite treats, I have my parents wrapped around my little paw (bol)!! I love daily walks `n` rides in daddy's van. My puppy motto: ``When you are so young and little, you can get away with a lot!`` DC Furlings Let's Do this !!! Vote Saturday, August 14th, DOTD .*. Welcome Foxy to DC !!! Surprise Foxy's .*. Mommy Yvette .*. Puppy Kisses Foxy 185465 Happy Birthday to: Jewels 39863, Jack 101273 ***Vote everyday in AUGUST 2010 for our new COTM candidate ~*~MISS MILLIE 56699~*~ DOTM CANDIDATES ON DC FOR AUGUST 2010 ARE: ~*~:<*>:LIBBY & POLLY 67679:<*>:~*~ ~*~:<*>:~*- - ~MUSTAFA 20452~*~:<*>:~*~ HOTM CANDIDATE ON DC FOR AUGUST 2010: S I N G ~ 9 1 3 9 7 on HORSE CHANNEL. TeamDOTD August 14, 2010 SATURDAY NEWS

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8/13/2010 6:06:19 PM

8/13/2010 6:05:44 PM

8/10/2010 11:31:42 PM

hi dot dot!

just thought we would come by and leave you a vote because mommy said you are the happiest little thing and she likes it when you "run around"!

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7/6/2010 5:54:59 PM


Hi there're name is Shadow! Would you like to be friends? Her is a vote! ♥ Shadow

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6/18/2010 7:46:56 PM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

Hi Dot Dot,

Coming by to wish you a happy belated birthday. Sorry we missed it last week but mom hasn't been on DC much. Hope you had a great day.

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5/9/2010 12:09:59 PM

Hi Dot Dot and Mommy and Fursiblings!

We just heard from are all doing well!! Thank Heavens for that!!! We have all our TN and MS DC friends in our prayers and thoughts. Special news page for info on page # 176869 :) Hugs and love from Brie,Ty and Mommy Sandy.

Come visit me, . ♥ .

5/2/2010 5:20:28 PM


. “We lost our Beautiful Cowgirl Baby on August 17, 2009 to diabetes. She was a very brave girl and forever we will love and remember her.” ~ Diane ~ Sunday May 2nd, we will be honoring Baby #15925 with our DOTD Votes, we remember her courage when faced with diabetes and her sweet good-natured ways. Baby we have not forgotten you. This is a SURPRISE for her Mom, so please NO BLOGS, just VOTE SILENTLY and leave, there will be plenty of time for blogging later, when we celebrate Baby’s DOTD Honors, Baby #15925 Love Ya Team Dotd Gail Also please remember to DOTM Vote for Dusty #23848 every day in May! Happy Birthday: Zena 94763 Happy Belated 1st Birthday: Gershwin Lloyd Webber 168472

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5/1/2010 11:44:54 PM

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