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Hi all! Not much going on right now. Mom had a nice trip to Knotts Island last weekend. She says it's really pretty out there, and the person who invited her to visit has told her she's welcome to come back anytime, even if he's not home. Mom didn't come home with a pug, though. But she did say they were cute. Mom went back Friday afternoon for a couple hours to spend more time outside, since she didn't get to last time, and took some pictures and do some sketching. Mom is also having more machine trouble. She still hasn't gotten a new lawn mower. Thankfully her new neighbor has been helping her out and mowing her front lawn for her, since he knows about her accident and trouble she had with her foot afterwards. So just has to worry about keeping the back yard mowed with the little reel mower, and she can get Big Bro to help with that some. And now her washing machine is broken too - the knob controlling the water has broken off. She's been getting Big Sis to wash her laundry at her apartment. Mom's looked into finding a replacement, but since the washer is so old, she may just get a new one instead. Mom and Big Sis also spent some time yesterday replacing florescent light bulbs in the kitchen and garage. Mom needed help to remove the casings; she couldn't do it all on her own. Well, I guess that's all for now.


Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N

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I was bought from a breeder. Mom's boss at the time had bought a poodle from the breeder lady a year or so before, and when there was a new litter, mom just had to get one. Turns out the two of us (my sister Ginger and I) are the spitting image of each other, although I am a little bigger. I'm in a book! Portion of proceeds go to pet charities. Big Sis's book, Kismet and Tell, is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites!! Check it out at I crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/21/14

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what a cutie!! welcome to!! i left you a vote=] hope you will do the same!! bark back soon, okay? ♥ brandi

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1/5/2008 7:34:36 PM

Cute, Cute, Cute

Cinnamon is so cute! She looks just as impressed as I do when I get dressed. Are you sure we are not related? I like the smae hobbies too other than going for walks are for the birds! Hope you have alot of fun! Jesse

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1/5/2008 6:41:17 PM

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