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My hearing has gone kaput. I just watch the other two and that way I know if treats are coming my way. At night especially in the dark I walk right next to mom with my nose touching her leg. She bought me steps so I can get up and down from the bed but I don't use them.I just stand up and whine at her (she's my personal elevator).Life is good :)


Dodger     14698

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he was dodging traffic on a very busy highway.Told my hubby to look for him and see if he saw him laying injured or anything - as I was on my way to work.So he drove the side streets etc. and saw no sign of him so we thought okay he made it.Then a week later when I was at work my hubby called me and said "you know that dog,well he is here in the back yard smelling your flowers.Guess he felt this place was right for him.No one claimed him.He was skin and bones,covered in grease and his teeth were all brown.He just seemed to think he belonged with us.We don't know his real age so we celebrate his birthday the day he arrived.Sept.11th.2002

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Hello Everyone

It is always nice hearing from all of you too. Do Cotton & Rusty have web pages too or are you all sharing the same page? I know what you mean about going outside and then coming back in full of mud & dirty, but boy o boy isn't it fun Dodger! Too bad you don't live closer because you all sound like so much fun and I think we would get along well! I'd even show you how to blitz if you don't already do it, and I think Cotton & Rusty would learn to blitz quickly too with the both of us teaching them LOL! It is a whole 33 degrees today, HEAT WAVE!! I gotta go cause mom says we can go for a long walk since it's nice out, I'm so excited! I can't help it every time I visit I'm going to be voting for you! Bark Later. Ellie Mae

Come visit me, Cassie, Ellie Mae, Juliet

2/17/2007 1:49:49 PM

Hi Sweetie

Well everyone always tells my mom that I'm spoiled, so I'm glad to here the three of you are just as spoiled as me! You are so lucky little one and we are so happy for you. Mom cooks me special food too, my favorite is chicken, I LOVE CHICKEN YUMMY and of course anything my mom is eating! You want to hear something embarrassing? Well it all started because it got really cold here and when I go out my feet get cold and then I don't won't do my busy (if you know what I mean) anyway, my mom remembered that she had bought some boots for me and I never wore them. Well today she thought I should wear them... I can't even walk in them never mind do anything else, well I can pull them off and then mom laughs at me. Right now I'm just wishing for SPRING! Gotta go for now my friend, bark at you later. Ellie Mae

Come visit me, Cassie, Ellie Mae, Juliet

2/16/2007 3:42:05 PM

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a Great Valentine's Day. I did because mom got to stay home today because of all the snow we had. I'm not so happy about all the snow, cause being so short it's hard to see over the snow bankings and I think I'm missing out on something. Here is a Valentine vote for you cutie. Valentine Hugs & Kisses Ellie Mae

Come visit me, Cassie, Ellie Mae, Juliet

2/14/2007 6:47:21 PM

Hello From Maine

Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by! I noticed that you have added some more pictures to your web page... Is it your birthday party baby? We love the pictures, especially of the three of you at the party. My mom thought I was the only one that was so spoiled (hee hee), who wouldn't spoil us! Here's voting for you cutie. Ellie Mae PS With a face like that, no matter which way you wear your fur, your adorable!

Come visit me, Cassie, Ellie Mae, Juliet

2/11/2007 6:28:10 PM


Thank you for visiting me dodger.You are a very cute dog and i like your pics at the bottom of the page.

Come visit me, Brandy(RIP), Isabella(Call me Bella)

2/11/2007 9:39:26 AM


Thanks for visiting me dodger -Brandy

Come visit me, Brandy(RIP), Isabella(Call me Bella)

2/10/2007 8:08:46 AM

You are cute little dodger and so are your friends

you have stolen my heart cuz you are sooooooo cute and your friends are soooooooo have my vote.come visit us -Brandy and Lauren

Come visit me, Brandy(RIP), Isabella(Call me Bella)

2/9/2007 8:15:00 PM

Hi Dodger!!

Hello!! I'm a bichon frise too, I saw that my friend Ellie Mae beat me to you!! Come visit for me sometime. We voted for you!! Kisses!!

Come visit me, Nia Peppia

2/9/2007 5:43:30 PM

Welcome to the Dog Channel

Hello Dodger, we love your picture... Way too cute of the three of you. I'm glad you found a nice loving home to live in, it sounds like it was rough going for awhile. I'm a bichon frise too, come bark at me sometime. Here is your very first vote! Ellie Mae P.S. Wouldn't it be nice if every dog was spoiled rotten!

Come visit me, Cassie, Ellie Mae, Juliet

2/9/2007 4:40:06 PM

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