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hello everyone i hope your having a good day mom has been a bit sad sense buffys cancer seems to have taken a bad turn and hes getting worse so they gave mom more medication for him :( today is kinda gloomy outside and cold so mom plans to just stay inside and cuddle with us doggies, hope everyone is havign a wonderful day! your friends, Gucci, Mickey, Red, Moxxi, Buffy, Tazzy, Evo, Suki, And Synster

Come visit me, ♥ Gucci Loves Freckles! ♥, Evo, Mickey, Red & Moxxi, Suki, Synster, Tazzy & Buffy (motto)

5/1/2012 8:20:22 AM

5/1/2012 12:03:37 AM

Vote #6000


Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/30/2012 11:59:05 PM


So close! Tomorrow morning we will find out for sure if Campaign Coopie was the great success we think it has been. The month has just flown by, I really can't believe 30 days have pasted so quickly! Excited about tomorrow! Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

4/30/2012 9:07:32 PM

VOTE 5994

Hey Yukon..you're getting real close to that 6000th vote..6 to go.So how are you today? I've been outside in my hut sunning myself since it's warmed up again.My spring has been great so far thanks.I'm glad you're enjoying yours too.We didn't have any snow to speak of this winter so it felt like spring in January.After all the snow we had last year,it was very nice to have a mild winter..would love it to be like this every year.Well my friend,have a great day *hugs* and a vote Mugs

Come visit me, Mugsy 27341 ♥ IN LOVING MEMORY~4/15/2002-4/1/2015, Papi~278193~, PRESIDENTIAL PAGE~109695

4/30/2012 1:50:56 PM


Here is a thank you vote.

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4/30/2012 11:27:49 AM

Thank you so much for continuing to stop by Joanna's page for Pixie Dust last week when I wasn't online much and for your support all month. Mama has been so busy this week and when she's busy I hardly have time to blog! I'm not entirely sure how that works, but she works and then just the thought of that makes it hard for me to blog so late at night. I will catch up on my blogs though! I promise! Leaving a vote for you and a promise for more personal blogs very soon(ish). P.S. Tiny is almost at 19,000 votes! Woohoo!

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/30/2012 1:16:23 AM

4/29/2012 11:45:10 PM


Getting close to 6,000. Leaving a vote with hugs and love and we love your pictures and video....and it looks like we missed your birthday so we sure hope it was a great one....we love you Rocky, Rowdy and Buckster


4/29/2012 1:57:21 PM

Hi Yukon! :)

Hi Yukon! Jazzy and momma said I could blog today since I'm so behind because Jazzy usually blogs first. How are you? Hehehe, dressing up is lots of fun! Momma let me wear her gold medal she won from acing a latin test and Jazzy and I wore it and momma took lots of pictures. Oooh, Jazzy told me that thing you're eating in the pictures is cake. I've never tasted cake before! Is it yummy? Yesterday, momma went to Petco to watch a training class for me. There was only one dog in the class--another maltipoo--and momma watched what he could do. He was nine months old and momma was so happy because everything he could me, I, the four month old puppy, could already do--and more! That made momma very happy and she came home with four toys, a new leash, and a comfy bed for me! Oh boy! Jazzy has this comfortable bed and I'm always trying to go on it. Now I have my own! Yay! I've also impressed momma because I've learned of new ways to get her attention. 1) I walk on my two back feet with my arms straight forward and that makes everyone coo over me! 2) I hop on my two back feet and that makes everyone play with me. And 3) When momma is studying, I throw my toys out of my play pen and beg for momma to bring them back to me. It worked like a charm last night when momma was studying her philosophy book. She was reading about the soul and everything and WHAM! I thew my slipper out! Momma went up to get it and then I did it again! Momma didn't feel too much like studying and my Aunty Kristi didn't feel too much like preparing for her paper. So, they both put on some music and took me out of my pen to play with me! And then you know what? My Uncle Ethan joined us! We had SOOO much fun! Momma wanted Jazzy to join but that lazy head was snoozing! Hehehehehe, I offered momma to wake her up but she said no. I hope you have a great day and I chewed that votey bone of yours! ~Suki ♥

Come visit me, .•*´¨`*•. Suki.•*´¨`*•, Angel Shasta Sep. 5, 2002 to Oct 19, 2009 † Thank you for DOTD! ♥, Doggie Photo Place *Closed temporarily*, Jazzy

4/29/2012 7:59:04 AM

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