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My owner just created a new home page for me.


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Our samoyed died a few years ago and we'd been thinking about another dog for a while. I ride horses and my riding instructor had a jack russel that we started to like. We were at a tack swap and a breeder had 2 jack russel puppies there. I begged my mom to buy us one and Patch became ours!

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Yesterday we got school off and Patch was soooo happy that we stayed home. Usuallly during the day hes all alone....

Come visit me, Patch

2/6/2007 5:51:57 PM


whats up c you later you are gettin a vote from me

Come visit me, cutie, honey, my boy, roscoe

2/5/2007 11:17:01 AM

HI from Arizona

Well we sure can see why they call you Patch, very handsome. A big welcome from the 3 of us out in AZ and a vote. We go to WI for the summer but not sure where you are. We are north of Madison and east of LaCrosse in the hills. We have a huge yard and love to run and dig and roll in the grass. One of our members suggested we add our birthdays to our motto so a lot of us have done that, maybe you can get Erin to do that so we can wish you Happy Birthday when it comes. Do you have booties to keep your paws warm when you have to go outside? Come give us a bark anytime. Bark at ya later

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2/4/2007 6:28:47 PM

thanks 4 the visit! and do u hav a valentine yet? if u dont u should get one!

Come visit me, ♥Dolly♥, *Snicker* {not mine anymore but i still luv him}, ~Max~, >Toby<

2/4/2007 6:12:56 PM

2/4/2007 12:19:34 PM

hi patch!!!!! welcometo dog channel! i LOVE ur name! and my owner LOVES jack russels!!! AND i LOVE ur pics!!!! (hehe) i am a dachshund!!!! im 1 year old too! but in may im turning 2. bark back!!!!! ~Max~

Come visit me, ♥Dolly♥, *Snicker* {not mine anymore but i still luv him}, ~Max~, >Toby<

2/4/2007 12:17:42 PM

Welcome Patch

The girls here are glad to meet you, you are a cute fella, you will meet alot of new friends and great things to do on the dog channel. Tell your owner everyone is putting our puppies birthday on their pet motto. Come visit the girls here and make some new friends.

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2/4/2007 8:04:13 AM


Hi everyone! I'm Patch! I hope you all like my doggy page. I gave my friend Erin soooo many kisses for making it! That's Erin and me in the picture. Aren't I so cute?!

Come visit me, Patch

2/4/2007 7:34:24 AM

Winter jacket

Since its so cold we have to put a little doggy jacket on Patch to keep him warm. He looks so cute!

Come visit me, Patch

2/3/2007 9:10:58 PM

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