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For Christmas, 2006, my daughter and husband gave me a dog collar with a note attached that read "Insert dog here". They had decided I had greived the loss of my first dog, Poha, long enough. I needed to give my love to another puppy.

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Hope you had a great Saturday! Sorry I didn't blog last night, Mom and grandma went out for chinese food and then went to go see a friend and didn't get home 'till late. Mom came home, and ended up still being hungry at like 11 so she ate some more chinese food. Mom LOVES chinese food, so she wouldn't let me have any. After she told me that, she dropped a piece of chicken on the floor. haha, sucker! It was pretty tasty but I like the beef jerky the humans eat! That's good! I had a great day, went out to the beach (Semiahmoo) and mom got some new pictures of me. (Which are already uploaded on my page) I got stung by a bee or something and mom missed a really good picture of me, so she really wants to go back someday soon and get the picture! Hopefully it will go as planned. I swam alot, so I got a bath when we got home because apparently I stink. Whatever...Bol. I gave mom the stink eye for that bath, I hate baths. and then layed down and took a nap for a few hours while mom relaxed and watched a movie. Then I forgave her and we went outside and I played with the frisbee. Mom needs to get a new one of those for me! And some new tennis balls. I'm out! Can you believe it!? All I have left is a squeaker ball full of water, it hardly squeaks! No fun! Well I hope your having a good weekend! Good night! Licks & Love ♥ Zoey ★ Please vote my picture of me in the clovers, Best dog days of summer photo! Page 2 in contest. (If your in the contest, I am voting for you as well!) ♦ Goal: 12,000 votes by October 1st

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8/13/2011 10:56:09 PM

Hi Tess!

Happy Saturday! Today is in the 60's and mostly cloudy with some sun :) Since it's the weekend we've just been working on pictures, uploaded our new ones to DC, including Muffin and Peanut's "wedding" shot. Oh, and we forgot to say, yesterday, we got that "Pet zoom" training thing to help with our barking problem, since we bark at everything. Well, it sure works! We are running late tonight, since we lost internet connection at around 7:30pm until now (around 9:50pm), so that put us way behind :( Left a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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8/13/2011 8:38:49 PM


i mean -25

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8/13/2011 4:38:59 PM


its not that hot. the hostest its been is 40. is it cold there in the winter, how cold its like -1

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8/13/2011 4:38:22 PM

*-:★:- Tess-:★:-*

vote 83 Another boring day here. At least the sun finally came out. Mom entered me in that dog days of summer photo contest. So if you could vote for me, That would be great, I'm page one as of today. Thanks. Still nothing new today. Hope your all having a good week, and tomorrows friday! Woohoo! Moms thumb is doing better. It is just kinda annoying her now. Bol. Have a nice night. Licks & Love ♥ Zoey P.S. To get to the contest, You go to your "My Account" and once you get there, On the left of the screen, with all the pink/red dog tabs. Under club dog, You will see a section of blue, with blue links. Click on "Dog Contest" and you will be taken to a place with two contests to choose from, they will also be in blue links. Click on "Dog days of summer photo" Then under the bulldogs picture, a blue, "See All Entries" Scroll through and look for my main picture now and you click on it, and then the "Vote for this dog" You can vote for me daily until September 2nd, Thanks so much!

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8/11/2011 8:24:18 PM


i gto dreesed in my overals and plaid shirt today and ran around outside and napped a bit. bark u ltr. beag;e bellyrubs -kodi

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8/11/2011 4:36:11 PM

8/11/2011 7:38:35 AM

*-:★:- Tess-:★:-*

Cloudy day, again, Boo! So today was a boring day. I played with my squeaker tennis ball and ate a pig ear and some biscuits. Thats about it. Bol. Mom cut her thumb with a knife today (way to go mom) So, no complete personal blogs tonight. Sorry! Well, Keeping this short. Have a nice night, Bark at ya tomorrow! Sweet Dreams! Licks, & Love ♥ Zoey ♦ Goal: 12,000 votes by Oct. 1st ♦

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

8/10/2011 9:00:51 PM

*-:★:- Tess-:★:-*

Its a cloudy day here today too. We want the sunshine back! Bol, Its not quite rainy season here yet! (Which is pretty much all year except August! haha) Have a good day. Zoey

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey ~Goodbye Friends ♥~

8/9/2011 2:27:16 PM

A Long Lost Vote From Woody...

Hey there furiends...It's been a busy and rough couple of weeks here and mommy and I were forced to take some time off from DC. I really hope you'll understand and I've missed you all more than you can imagine!!! With fair and everything [which is now all over with, wahoo!] there wasn't much spare time around and then a couple days after that mom's grandpa passed away. Seeing as he was in his mid 80's, he was slowly getting weaker and weaker but it was still pretty unexpected at the time. BUT there is alot to be grateful for - grandma was right there with him when he passed and he also didn't have to spend one night in a hospital or full-fludge nursing home. All the out of town family has now returned home and things are finally getting back to normal [for the most part] - not to mention our internet/fax/phone was out for 3 straight days...ah, the joys of Windstream :) BOL. Anyways, can anyone catch me up on what's new with my canine pals while I was gone? How have you been doing lately? I also want to apologize for any birthdays or congratulations I missed as well...love you all :) Leaving a vote and lots of Cavi Cuddles...Woody

Come visit me, Woody - *HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY JULY 13TH!*

8/9/2011 12:23:33 PM

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