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My owner just created a new home page for me.


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Keuka came from the same breeder Nittany and Smidgen came from. I was ready for another black/tan doxie.

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Come visit me, Pepper-

11/6/2011 7:01:10 AM

Hi! Congrats on winning DOTD :)

Come visit me, Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N

11/6/2011 6:37:47 AM

11/6/2011 6:03:58 AM

I placed a vote for you.

I hope someone helped you through that door! You are too cute!

Come visit me, DC Christmas Photo Album for 2014. Christmas is over. Come back next year!, Delta Dawn is way cool!!! Vote Benny for June DOTM!!

11/6/2011 5:58:57 AM

Good Morning

Congrats on DOTD! Left you a vote. Hope you have a treat filled Sunday.

Come visit me, Carmen, Gema

11/6/2011 5:55:08 AM

Congratulations on DOTD

Great job! We left you a vote:)

Come visit me, Savanah and LiL-Bit running for DOTM FEB-33072

11/6/2011 5:27:21 AM

Congrats KEUKA♥

Vote 108 for your *D*O*T*D*! My mom's human parents both went to Penn State in Stae College, so Nittany Lion♥ Have lots of extra treats & loving for our star of the day★

Come visit me, GRANT of Silver Bullet ,Congrats Queen Gracie Nichole DOTM! Mom will get back on line by mid June♥.

11/6/2011 4:31:50 AM

•° DoTd 11/6, ROWDY •° ROCKY 82239, Sun •°

. •° Act cute, give lots of kisses and keep them wrapped around your paw.•° . My name is RowdyRoo, a Jack Russell. Mom found me in the middle of our cul-de-sac, scared & confused, no one claimed me, today is my Birthday in My Forever Home. •°•° I`m Rocky a.k.a Little Man, I am a Chihuahua •°•° Momma says: ``Rocket Man can he run! Mom still hasn't found the EverReady batteries in me!!``•°•° Were great buddies, share the same page on DC •°•° We love chasing squirrels & running back`n`forth along the fence line chasing go carts (bol)!! •°•° DC let's tippy-paw over, with a Dotd Vote, on Sunday, Nov. 6th!! •°•° Happy B'Day Rowdy •°•° Wags, Arfs, Woofs Rocky !! . Happy Birthdays: Zeus 202806 •°•° RowdyRoo 82239 . •°•° VoTe DaiLy •° In November •°•° DOTM: Carly Knight 11000 HOTM: Cocoa 202084 COTM: Thomas 127574 BOTM: Punkin 115843 . TEAM DOTD NEWS •°•° SUNDAY •°•°11\6/11

Come visit me, ~♥~Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~♥~ ~*~PLZ VOTE DAILY~*~ BENNY #27427 ~*~ JUNE DoTm ~*~ CONGRATULATIONS Queen Gracie Nichole, DoTm May 2015 ~*~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ~*~PLZ VOTE DAILY~*~ BENNY #27427 ~*~ JUNE DoTm ~*~ CONGRATULATIONS Queen Gracie Nichole, DoTm May 2015 ~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ~:•:~June 3rd ~:•:~ My 9th Birthday ~:•:~ ~*~PLZ VOTE DAILY~*~ BENNY #27427 ~*~ JUNE DoTm ~*~ CONGRATULATIONS Queen Gracie Nichole, DoTm May 2015 ~*~

11/5/2011 11:54:57 PM

11/5/2011 11:54:30 PM

Hi Keuka!

Pawing a DOTD vote fur ya, CUTIE!

Come visit me, ♥ Yukon & Peaka ♥, ., .., Indigo ♥ In Most Loving Memory ♥

11/5/2011 11:37:55 PM

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