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My mom has a FB page ( Julie Ulrich from Mn) but we don't get on there much. She also has an Instagram @worldfamousju. We have loved all our furfriends on DC and will miss you all. Basenji hugs and BarooOos to you all.


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My mom was vacationing in Mexico when she met a basenji (from Canada) on the beach. She thought he was adorable. Upon returning home she saw that some basenji puppies were up for adoption (it WAS the right time of year=we're only born in the winter) She picked me-the brindled male runt. My mom had NO idea what she was in for...I destroyed thousands of dollars worth of things over our first few years together, but 14yrs later I know she doesn't regret a minute of our time together!

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hehe mom use to have some barn cats but ended up giving them to her younger causin when her kitties passed away ♥Tequila

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5/5/2012 5:22:51 AM

Hi Benny Boy!

Oh YES...frosty paws are SOOO nummy yummy! I love the peanut butter flavor...mmm...I just lick away, and it's SO yummy, and good on a hot day! High Paws to THAT! And me you and Reese and Meika SURE gotta go over for custard mmmmMMMMMM! hehehe! Snugglies and HAPPY FRIDAY Benny ol' Boy! :)

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5/4/2012 7:57:40 AM

Hi Benny

Hi Your An Old Puppy Your So Handson And Have a Vote You Voted On My Page My Name Is Dixie I Was Dog Of The Day And I Said Lets Go On Your Biog What Dog Food Do You Eat? I Eat Iams Life's Better Its The Adult Large Breed So Have a Great Day I Love My Doggie Food:] Love Your Friend Dixie:]

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5/1/2012 1:53:51 PM

hello everyone we are sorry for the copy and paste mom has lost internet and is in school right now useing there access so we just wanted to let everyone have a heads up on that moms working on finding a different place to get internet acess from that will be cheaper :/ anyways i hope your all haveing a wonderful day, yesterday started out so nice mom got to hang with her friends and us doggies got to go for a nice run but later it started to rain heavily :( today mom is brining buffy to the vet because he seems to be having much more pain and is limping a lot mom is just hopeing and keeping fingures crossed his time isent comming soon to leave us mom isent ready to let go :( your pals, Gucci, Mickey, Red, Moxxi, Tazzy, Buffy, Evo, Suki, & Synster

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4/30/2012 11:07:24 AM

Hey, Benny! Vote #862 for ya

It's Ruby the Border Collie!! How have you been? Man, it seems like FOREVER since I've been able to blog. Actually, I think that it HAS been forever!! I mean, Missi had control of the computer for the end of March and beginning of April, and Paul our cat was using it a lot those times too. Spirit Cloude the budgie even managed to squeeze in some computer time, but not me!! Now we've got a baby calf to take care of, too! Speaking of the baby calf, Mom finally decided on a name for her! Annie :) Took her long enough to think of one, didn't it? Well I sure like that little calf. She's pretty cute. I especially like helping Mom take care of her!! Though, Mom may deny this - she says that running around her, dropping the ball in front of her then giving her the famous "Border Collie Stare" doesn't really qualify as "helping" ... but hey, it's the best I can do! Mom is hoping that I'll have some new pictures on my page soon ~ But I can't say that I feel the same way! I used to be pretty good for Mom, when it was photoshoot time.. but now that I've realized that whenever the camera is out, that means my ball will be thrown, I just grab my ball, drop it and go hide behind anything I can! Mom say she really doesn't understand why I hide behind stuff while I'm waiting for her to throw my ball. I told her (for like, the hundredth time) that I can't let the ball see me, I have to stalk it! She said there's no sense in that, but what does she know? Well I suppose I have to get going .. the vet's coming in just a little while to burn Annie's horns off, so I have to finish up my blogs! I sure hope that you'll come visit me soon - I've missed visiting YOU!! Here's a vote for you, have a wonderful day n' don't forget to drop by my page!! Border Collie Kisses, Ruby Tuesday Rose 121766♥

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4/30/2012 10:40:48 AM

HI Benny

I tried to celebrate my DOTD longer but all the doggies here were saying "get over it you are not dog of the day today" they are pawty poopers hee hee. well I am having a great week anyway. Mommy has been busy trying to get some cat away from a familly. she says that the one guy at the house beat one to death on last thursday. the spca has not come to get the other ones yet. Mommy told the officer that she would go get them this week if they had not got them. She is hoping that the lady willl just give them too her. well I better go get mommy off to work, you have a greaaaaat day Bindi

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4/30/2012 7:19:31 AM


Just wondering, How'd you get your name? So i think there might have been some confusion, my bad! I didnt mean DogFancy cover dog. That would be pretty awesome though! I meant I was on DC, here, their main page yesterday. Hehe. Have a nice evening! Licks, Love, & Prayers ♥ Zoey Lynn

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4/25/2012 3:52:28 PM

Hi Benny

Wow that's neat that you have a cousin that's a Havanese. And your cousin lives about 45 minutes from me! That's really cool. I wonder if my mom knows your Aunt being that they both own Hav's! What a small world! I was bushwacked, shaghied and outwitted on Sunday! Mom got me and gave me a full spa/grooming treatment. She clipped me down, trimmed my paws (which actually felt good), scrapped and cleaned my teeth and then gave me a bath and blow dried me in the drying cage. Then I got a royal brush out and finishing trim. It was actually rather relaxing except for the clippers cause I don't like the noise they make. So anyhow she took pictures and posted them on my page. Can you believe that??? What am I going to do with her. I thought because it was a cold and rainy day, we would just lounge on the couch and she would read a book and I would take a nap but NO, she sat down, I jumped up and she snagged me and that was all she wrote! So now I'm a clean golden boy that smells really good! She snagged Gwen too. Then she told that puppies it was their turn tonight! They go to the vets on Wednesday for their 6 mo. rabies shots so mom wants them smelling all pretty too! We get no respect I tell you! I think she got to much fresh air on Saturday cause her and dad were at a SASS shoot, all that fresh air and cold air must have effected her brain and thats why she's now on this "clean the dogs" campaign. And we are under a snow warning on top of that! April 23rd and we had to cover the plants last night and are waiting for the snow to fall tonight. Don't know if we will get any or even how much we will get. East of here got hit hard but the weather reports are all over the place, another example of how you don't have to know what you are talking about to be employed with the weather service! BOL Well I hope you had a great weekend and you didn't have to have a bath! Enjoy your evening! Your Little Buddy Merlin

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4/23/2012 12:49:52 PM

Hi Benny

So Glad you are going to be in my book! I am very excited!! Maya will be too! I am gonna get caught up and back to my regular blog!! Just wanted to say thanks for understanding! Mommy is pretty much back to normal so like the terminator....I'll Be Back!! hehehe Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie

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4/19/2012 7:21:53 PM

Hi Benny, Cat food is the best!! BOL We try to get to it every chance we can!! Here is our vote for you. Love, Snickers and Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

4/19/2012 4:03:40 PM

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