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Miss you all! Sorry Mom has been so busy. We've had some exciting travels; I'll bark at Mom to share pics....


VIXEN  *Miss You DC Friends!*

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Mom & Dad had a 2 year old Pittie mix named Blitzen already, and for the last year or so they were contemplating the idea of finding him a little sister. Finally the time was right to make the commitment & Mom went on to look for a little girl Pittie Pup. She thought she found one at a shelter 40 minutes away, but when she got there the pup she saw advertised was too small for her age to be a good sister to Blitzen, he's an 80 lb toughie! So Mom asked to see some other puppies that might be Pitties. I came running right up to the front of my cage when I saw her come up! I was really excited, trying to get her to play with me! I could tell right away Mom really liked me & wanted to take me home, but first she asked my caretaker a lot of ?'s about me & waved her hand in front of me to make sure I would pay attention so I'd be trainable. Mom saw that I'm an aloof little clown. The shelter said I came in as a stray and I'm about 4 months old. Mom thinks I may be a bit younger- we'll find out at my first vet appt. I'm most likely a mix of APBT and a taller breed like a doberman Mom & Dad say; because I have long gangly legs for a Pittie! Mom took me home and Dad fell in love with me too.....and I even convinced Blitzen that little sisters are a good thing! Now I have to work on those cats....

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It's not bleeding but if my owner tries to touch it I pull back and yelp, They're a pic on my page it broke late last night 3/7/12 I'm not limping as much now hardly at all and it does not look as bad as yesterday but it was hard to tell if it was bleeding then but I don't think it was. I like ginger snaps and when my owner shook the bag I walked over pretty fast and when she threw one for me (It went about 8 (that's just a guess) feet past me I ran to it. But it's getting late 11:13 PM my time so I can't stay on. I'll be on tomorrow! Moose Mooko 162309

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3/8/2012 8:18:47 PM


Mom finally stopped itching, well most of the way at least. She had to take some more benedryl before bed last night. She was truly miserable. We thought all the people on Idol did great last night. But who knows. We do agree with who got the boot though. thank goodness they saved Else. We really like here. Has been raining all day today, so no fun out and about. No nice walks either. Looks like the rain has settled in on us so not sure if anything will go on tomorrow either. Not sure but I think oma and opa may be going out tomorrow. if so me and mom will just be around here and I may be able to convince her to cuddle some. Got some feta cheese and turkey for you tonight. Wishing you an awesome night and a super tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers, and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


3/8/2012 7:54:50 PM

Hi Sweet Vixen :-)

Wow, you are growing fast! Ten more pounds and you'll weigh as much as me :-) I think maybe you will be taller than Blitzen :-) Hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella

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3/8/2012 4:37:42 PM

Hi Vixen

Yesterday, I helped Mommy change the sheets on the bed, again. I usually keep jumping up in the middle of the bed over and over again making it next to impossible for Mommy to get the sheets on without making me up in the bedding! Yesterday I discovered a new game and this one Mommy laughed at instead of getting a little aggravated with me! She piled the old sheets in the floor while she concentrated on putting the new ones on and making the bed up with the comforters and all on it. Have any of you seen the movie Spooky Buddies? Well we have all the golden retriever Buddy movies on dvd or bluray and we had just watched this one a couple of days ago. There is this ghost dog named Pip that puts himself under asheet so he blends in with the Halloween costumes in the movie. His sheet is shaped like a puppydog. Well, Mommy turned around and i had somehow gone from wallering around on top of the sheets to getting myself completely wrapped up in them. The sheet was in the shape of a puppydog an kind of ealking around the room and I wasn't able to get out of it. I was going around like a ghost dog not able to see where I was or where I was going and she thought it was hillarious! Well here she is laughing and she even called Daddy up from the basement to see. I can hear, I just can't see. I am dying to see what is so funny so I am working franticallt to get out of that darned ghost costume to see what is funny so I can laugh, too! Now the harder I worked to get out, the more tangled I got and the more Mommy laughed. I just knew if I didn't get myself free soon, whatever was really funny would be over and gone! Sure enough, when I finally made it free from that doggone straight jacket of a sheet and emerged ready to enjoy a good laugh with the rest of them, all the laughter abruptly stopped and just as I had feared whatever was so funny had disappeared an I had missed it! Darned old sheet. I always miss the good stuff! I wonder what it was that was so funny that Mommy had tears in her eyes from laughing? Oh well, maybe next time I'll get to see what is so funny and laugh, too! I left a vote, lots of PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Cairn Cuddles from Maya, too!

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3/8/2012 10:39:41 AM

Hi Sweet Vixen :-)

LOVE your new pics! You are getting so big so fast! How much do you weigh now? You are just a complete cuie! Hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella

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3/7/2012 5:05:12 PM

wahoo for walks

oh that is great that you have been getting a bunch of walks too. sorry Blitzen did that. mom's brother's female dog doesnt like other dogs sometimes. not sure why. bet you dont act like that. Tonight is going to be a quick one. we were doing good all day. then mom had to clean and change water on both her fish tanks. That took a while. Opa has his eye surgery. It took all of 10 minutes with the doctor(mom almost typed vet, hehe). he is doing ok, but cant tell any difference yet. Mom and oma went out front and planted some bulbs, seeds and a tree. While mom was out there I watched her from the front door. She said a tree scraped by her neck, didn’t get the skin or anything. but after she came in she told oma and me that she was bitten by some bug. It was itching and had gotten swollen. It was right below her ear on her neck. Well about 15 minutes later her whole neck, shoulders, arms, head and face started itching like mad. She took a shower, put some calamine powder on it and took some benedryl. It took about another hour, but she is finally not itching so badly. But she may get tired. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, she saw that the stupid owner of the Colts let her man Peyton go. she says she isn’t a Colts fan anymore. We are going to watch her other man(the one she drools over) in a bit. So we have to hurry through tonight. I think things will not be so bad tomorrow. I know I get to go for a walk at the park tomorrow so I will be happy. mom had cheesy garlic bread today for lunch so I snagged you some. Hope you like it. white and regular cheddar on top, yum. Wishing you a great night and a fantastic tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


3/7/2012 4:21:19 PM

Bone Store....

Oh well maybe we do have one here after all!! You never can tell abt me Blitzen I love big stuff to chew on. It's a great idea and since I am a chewer Moma is always looking for things to let me work on to keep me occupied. Thanks for the info!! Well we are trying to remember to tell everyone that Sunday we will be leaving for Fla. We are driving down because of they will drive abt 7 hrs & stop somewhere & spend the night & the next day drive the rest of the way. We will be visiting Sandy w/Brie/Tyler/Bentley & Gail/Buddy/Coopie although Arlene should come down on at least one day. Daddy is much better although his blood pressure is extremely low. Not sure if him being sick w/those meds did something or not but they have taken him off his blood pressure meds for right now trying to get it back up again. Always something!! So you probably won't be hearing from us until we are down there. Taking our laptop but not sure how much blogging we will do. So until later take care & we will be talking w/you a/s/a/p.....hugs LilyPup

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3/7/2012 2:03:18 PM

Hi Vixen

I have been thinking a lot about snoring today. I have a very good friend that said he snores really bad. He asked me if I snored and I had to admit that I didn't really know, so I decided to try to find out the answer to his question. I decided I would take a nap and listen to see if I snored. Well that was a dumb idea cause I kept falling asleep!! BOL! When I sleep I am completely oblivious to everything that goes on around me, unless it involves food, going bye-bye or playing. I don't think snoring falls into any of those categories. Since I failed miserably at my snoring experiment, I decided to find out the answer another way. I asked Mommy. When I asked Mommy, she said she never heard me snore yet. I do, however, do what Mommy calls "woofing" where I make these quiet little woof-woof sounds when I sleep, like I am dreaming. My skin cousin Adam's family ( hehe Adams Family, get it? that's funny, the tv show ) ....back to my story....Adam and his family had a little Shih tzu named Holly that could wake the dead with her snore. She would drown out the tv or a conversation easy! My cat sister, Bitty, can really saw them off, too. Its a sound between a wheeze and a snore. Daddy used to wake her up and tell her to stop snoring cause he couldn't sleep. Think about that one....a cat that is named Itty Bitty snoring THAT loud. That's pretty bad. Mommy said Daddy used to snore pretty bad sometimes, but he hasn't been too bad for a while now. Can you imagine having Daddy and Bitty snoring at the same time. Whenever that would happen, Mommy would just give up and go in the living room and either watch tv, read, or sleep in her recliner. hehe I guess there is a reason the old timers called it sawing logs! Mommy says she didn't used to snore when she was younger ( like 55 is ancient or something. Its not like she attended gladiator fights at the Coliseum with the Emperor ) but she snores sometimes now. Then she told me the funniest thing. She said she has snored so loud before that she woke herself up with the snore!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Now THAT'S a loud snore! I never heard that one before. Now that IS bad. Doesn't that sound attractive? I wonder if she drools, too. I will have to check into that one. Well, enough on that. I am glad we are friends and i want to wish you a Happy Wednesday and hope tomorrow is even better! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie P.S. Maya sends her Cairn Cuddles and her love!

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3/7/2012 1:54:26 PM


Love the new pix. Your such a pretty girl! Hehe. So funny, you trying to get the paper! Its as big as you. Bol. Hugs, Chip

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3/7/2012 7:02:23 AM

howdy sweet Vixen

you know i bet you were trying to tell your mom that the litter needed scooping. thats the ticket. you have a method to all your madness. mom is not so big on putting things where they belong. she figures wherever i put things is ok with her, hehe. yep she is not only lazy but very laid back. now oma is always moving things, adjusting things, tweaking this and that. it kind of gets to be a pain, but we deal with it, hehe. I have to say how sorry I am that mom has made me be missing in action for a few days. As I have said before and will repeat now, IT IS ALL HER FAULT!! Ok now that I have that out of the way I can relax for a bit, hehe. so what has been going on in your life? I have had a couple of nice days actually. Got a good walk at the library yesterday and today was even better. I got a walk at the church field, then another walk at the library park. You know I was a happy camper. We had a few cold nights after the storms buzzed through. Then today it is warming up again. Got up to 75 today, but hoping for a cool night at least. They said it is going to be pretty windy tonight and even worse tomorrow. I will have to be careful not to get blown away, mom doesn’t have to worry about that though, hehe. me and mom are taking care of her brother/sisnlaw’s pups(they are really adults not pups and some of you will remember them as the heathen pups). Tomorrow oma and opa will be gone in the morning cause opa is having a second surgery on his eye. Then another one on the other eye next week. They hope this will help his vision finally. Mom is looking forward to tomorrow night and Thursday night and so am I, Idol will be on. So that means she will be happy and I will be cuddling, yea!! Well I feel bad for not being here the last few days so I have collected some yummies for you. I am dropping off some chicken tenders, some shredded chicken, some salsbury steak, some cheesy biscuits, some fried pork loins and some homemade chicken jerky. Hope you can forgive me(mom really since it isn’t MY FAULT, LOL). Wishing you an awesome night and a blessed tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


3/6/2012 4:23:34 PM

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