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We're back from my long DC break and ready to play with our friends! Mom has been busy with the circus and school and between all the other websites she goes on she barely had time to visit DC. Well, DC is a higher priority now 'cause we want to spend as much time with my friends as possible. With tender licks & pawhugs, Goog & Niko


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So, I'll start from the very beginning. I was living at somebody's house with a female golden. I was starving and neglected. I couldn't move far and chunks of my fur was missing.A nice lady found me and took me in for six months. She couldn't care for me any longer, so I became up for adoption to the right home. My forever family found me and immediately knew I was the perfect fit. My owner is "Auntie" but she doesn't blog on dog channel (She is in elementary school)

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Left you a vote tooo Aroorooo

Come visit me, Keshia

3/29/2012 9:11:59 PM

Come Back, Nico!

Yesterday afternoon, Daddy went to take me and Maya out to potty because I was INSISTING I had to go out....Well, naturally Maya wanted to tag along, as usual. Mommy asked if he needed help and he said no. Well a split second later, Daddy threw me in the front door and hollered at Mommy he may need help, that there had been a brown dog out front and Maya took off after it. (I was on my leash but Maya was free as a bird!) Mommy went out after Daddy, both calling for Maya. Maya did good and came back and into Mommy's arms. Yay Maya!!Daddy asked Maya what she would have done if she had caught that dog. It was a pitbull that belongs to the neighbor up the road. He comes in our yard at night and poops! He is not a mean dog and that is why he ran from Maya and didn't turn to fight, thank goodness. Maya just told him it's our yard and to go home!!! BOL!!! At night before we go to bed, Mommy always has us perform for treats. Well since our trip to Petco Sunday, Mommy has been putting us in the down position and placing a treat on our front paws and telling us to leave it and we can't have it until she releases us from the leave it command. Last night, Maya was the star! I did okay, but that little booger had to ride on the coattails of her glory earlier and shine in her performance. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE STAR! Even Daddy said Maya was best! I am gonna have to come up with a way to get her to do something besides just chase Lucky so she isn't the's called sibling rivalry by humans, sabotage by me! Hehehe I thought of tricking her into rolling in the cow poop, but I discovered since the cows haven't been here for a while, its all hard and dried up! Darn! I thought of getting into the trash and coaxing her into the garbage on the floor then barking to get Mom and dad's attention, but today is trash day and the cans are empty! Foiled again! I know, if I can get Mommy and Daddy to let us both out off-leash, I could run over by the gazebo and bridge over the fishpond. She usually follows me and she could accidentally fall in the fishpond. It's real shallow so it isn't dangerous but it would warrant a scolding IF I can make it look like she JUMPED in on purpose. If they think she just fell or worse yet I knocked her in, she will get sympathy and get comforted so she won't be scared...but if they think she JUMPED ON PURPOSE she will be in trouble AND have to get that bath. Hehehe I think that just might work, and of course I will be a GOOD BOY! cause I will just stand there and bark at her so Mommy and Daddy will think I am alerting them out of concern for my little sister and telling her she should not have done that! I will be the GOOD EXAMPLE again and they will forget all about Maya's stuff from yesterday. Sometimes humans have a short memory, especially MY Mom and Dad, this just might work. I'll let you know. I'm not being a mean brother,just a bit mischievious like sibs do! Maya said to say hi! PuppyDog Kisses & Tail Wags, Chewie

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

3/29/2012 5:45:20 PM

Hey Goog, Nico, Cheesy,Figgaro Triangle,and Maggie

What's going on...? Bobo and The Cats

Come visit me, Bobo, Friendship is Pawsome!

3/28/2012 5:31:42 AM

Hi Nico

Did we ever ask you to send us pictures for our DC Friends photo album? If we didn't before, we are now! We tried to copy from DC pages but the resolution was too low on A LOT of the pictures and they were really bad prints. So could you mail us pictures of you and your siblings with the names on the back so we can include them and label them in the albums, PLEASE? Our address is: Laurie, Chewie and Maya Pinnell 8266 Germantown Rd Washington, MO 63090 Mommy is taking it a little easy today because she pulled something in her back or something. She is "watching her soap" right now. I am concerned about her because she is actually watching tv, not soap. Unless I am mistaken, that black box with people in it in the living room is what Daddy calls the tv, anyway. Daddy just went through the room and asked Mommy, "is that your soap opera?" Mommy said "yes." Now I really AM concerned AND CONFUSED because I have not heard one single person singing and I thought that they sang in operas. All I see in that black box is a bunch of people that never go to work (if they do, they never stay very long), love affairs, murder and the women cry a lot,the men are pretty much clueless, nobody has a dog OR a cat and the police never can solve a case or catch a criminal! And how in the world do they all fit inside that box?? But most of all, I think Mommy needs to take a pill and a nap so when she wakes back up, she will realize she wasn't watching her soap because that is in the utility room by the washing machine and that she WAS watching the black box! I went down to Daddy's workshop cause I was gonna check on him and maybe get him to come see how Mommy was hallucinating about soap, but he has a box down there that is smaller than the one in the living room and it must have people in there too because I heard music, I am talking people playing instruments and singing and everything! How do these people get in and out of those things? All the people I know are WAY too big to fit inside those small thin boxes. Like Daddy says anytime he can't explain something, It's one of Life's Mysteries! I have to go take a nap on the couch now so I am rested enough to play with Maya and make lots of noise during the news tonight! Daddy likes it when I do that! Who knows maybe when I wake up, I can watch the "soap" with Mommy.... hehehe! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

3/21/2012 3:25:28 PM

Hi Nico

I am confused, YES AGAIN! I know it happens a lot, doesn't it? This time its about humans and Movies. When they were here Saturday Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob and my Pawrents watched a movie called Case 39. It's a scary movie! They were talking about how great it is to get really jumpy and scared at a movie. Mommy said she loves to scare herself with movies. Are they nuts? Who WANTS to be scared? If she gets scared when she isn't watching a movie she doesn't think it's so much fun! What's the difference? She's still scared it just isn't by somebody like Johnny Depp or Hayden Christensen! BOL! I guarantee you if Daddy jumped out at her and chased her around with a kitchen knife or a chainsaw, she wouldn't think it was fun! and Daddy would be in a heap of trouble!! You realize that these humans pay money to be scared! They tell us to calm down and some of us get Thundershirts to wear in a storm so we WON'T be scared because being scared is a bad thing and not fun so they try to keep us from being scared. They will sleep with lights on, train some of us to be watch dogs, put in expensive alarm systems, travel in numbers, stay on the beaten path, all kinds of things to keep from being afraid of something whether it is being robbed, lost or just alone! Then they turn around and pay money ( a lot of it, I might add) to buy movie tickets or dvds and blurays or PPV on tv to watch something that scares the bejeebies out of them...where is the sense in that?! I am tellin ya, they are loving and sweet and I wouldn't trade them for all the chew sticks in anyplace but China, but they are a LITTLE unbalanced, okay nuts!! What do you think? Is it just me? Gotta go its quiet again and I can't see what they are up to. I tell ya it's a 24/7 job! Talk to ya later. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

3/19/2012 7:40:51 PM

Hey Nico

Left a vote. Your Pal, Kane

Come visit me, ~Kane~Thnx Molly for vote 28,000

3/19/2012 11:29:19 AM

Hiya Nico!

Hey pal! Hows my golden furiend been? Pawing a vote hows Hola? Love, Honey Dew

Come visit me, Honey Dew

3/19/2012 8:58:59 AM

howdy nico boy!!!

happy sunday to u :)

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

3/18/2012 1:09:00 PM

Hi Nico,

How have you been? I just came in from playing ball outside. I would have liked to stay out longer, but mom says that being outside is bad for my allergies right now. My belly is all red and now it's turning black from me licking it all the time and my front arm pits are all red. Mom is trying so hard to keep me comfortable. She's calling the vet tomorrow to see if there is anything else she can do. The good news is my ears are looking pretty good; normally they are my biggest issue. Another beautiful day here-highs close to 80 again. Might break another record. Have a great day. Voted. Shepherd hugs, Contessa

Come visit me, CONTESSA-It's hard to say goodbye to all my friends-So until we meet again---

3/18/2012 10:11:02 AM

`.`.`. Nico `.`.`.

Nico, a fun St. Patrick's day, playing with my sisters' and wanting some Corn Beef and Cabbage, but we settled on a yummmy Dinner and a snack. . Sunday Blessings `.`. St. Patrick's Day Weekend `.`. .*.*.*.Sharing..Especially.*.*.*. When Irish Eyes are smiling, Tis like a morn in Spring. with a lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the Angels sing. When Irish Hearts are happy All the world is bright and gay. When Irish Eyes are smiling Sure, they steal your heart away. May your Blessings outnumber The Shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go. . .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. . Shih Tzu Love & Hugs ~ Las Vegas Gals ~

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3/18/2012 1:06:35 AM

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