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Hi Gang

Marlowe here, its been busy at my house, the painters were here and we had lots of repair done and then there are mom's flowers she has to attend to. Well while they are outside working, I am cooling off in the house with the AC :))) It is getting hot here and we had several thunderstorms, thank goodness poor Sara Catherine does not have to be scared anymore, I don't think there are thunderstorms at the Rainbow Bridge. Mom still misses her, the other day she took me to the groomer and when she saw the cage that Sara Catherine always occupied while getting her bath, well she just cried. You know how that goes, you lost some friends yourself. Take care and sheepie kisses to all.

Come visit me, BB, Marlowe member of the SNH A-Team Herding Team, Sara Catherine

5/31/2012 8:21:22 PM

Hi Alabama Gang

Happy Thursday. Hope all is well at your house. Abbie has not been feeling well. She was throwing up, wouldn’t eat & had diarrhea. Mom gave her some Pepto and started her on hamburger & rice. She seems to be feeling better now. Her tummy has been acting up off & on over the past few months. It may be her anal glands causing the problems. She has been to the vet just about once a month a lately to get her glands emptied. But mom is thinking that it might also be the result of the Science Diet food that she has been eating. Mom has been feeding Money, Abbie & Pooh the Science Diet food that I won since Halloween in October. So Abbie will now be eating the same food that I eat. Since my food is made for dogs with allergies & sensitive stomachs, mom is hoping that Abbie will no longer have the tummy issues. My liquid anti-seizure meds arrived today. So in the morning I will begin the tapering off process. I haven’t ever had any liquid medication so hopefully I will take it without any problems. Since I have been taking pills 3 times a day for the past 3 months, I automatically open my mouth for mom so that all she has to do is pop the pill in. Somehow I think getting the liquid down mw may be a lot more difficult. Oh well, I guess if I won’t take the liquid then mom can always soak the liquid up with a paper towel & feed me the paper towel. We all know that I wouldn’t have any problems eating the paper towel. BBS. Regis & MisFits

Come visit me, MisFits~Money Abbie & Pooh ~ 136806, Regis ~ 116698

5/31/2012 5:12:59 PM

Welcome you two

You found the best home, your new Mom and Dad have the best hearts, everything will be OK now, talk soon, Donna Lee and Zack

Come visit me, Zack

5/31/2012 4:16:41 PM

Hi Alabama Gang!

Hope you're having a nice day. Yesterday and today we've had some internet problems. Yesterday it was too slow and messed up, and today for awhile it was completely down. Of course it's back up now and is running a bit better than it was earlier, so we told mom to help us get on DC now! Left a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon, and Peanut

Come visit me, DOTM Page ~ SEPTEMBER 2016 DOTM: Heather 30655, Muffin, Brandon, and Peanut, Small Dog Club

5/31/2012 3:30:23 PM

Hi Dan and Ann

Welcome to DC and to a wonderful family!!! You guys are sooooo cute!!! We know that your new mom and dad will take excellent care of you!!! Sorry that you didn't get to know Lady better - but she'll be looking down on you all the time. Have a great day. Sophie

Come visit me, Sophie

5/31/2012 4:51:55 AM

Hi Gang

A special welcome to Big Dan and Little Ann...we're so glad that you found such a great home. I'm sure that the two of you have already started to realize what a wonderful home you have been rescued into, but let me tell you just how blessed you guys are. Your mama is such a wonderful person, and your new furblings are pretty amazing too. My mama and I think that it was meant to be, the timing of your new mama finding you and giving you a forever home. She has been through some tough times, but you guys can help her through it. We are still praying for you all. How is the family doing now, how's your mama? Leaving a vote and maltee kisses, Jack

Come visit me, Jack, Lilly, Maggie, Mitch

5/31/2012 12:42:09 AM


it was a little cooler 77* today... mom met her friend today for lunch they had a nice afternoon...then mom came home and vacuumed and the cats made sure she did a good job...hehe.. tonight mom and dad had leftovers form the card banquet last mom and dad are watching the Hatfield's & McCoys on History channel...hope you had a nice day...leaving a vote, peace, luv and angel puppy kisses...angel lita

Come visit me, Angel Lita -#102560--

5/30/2012 10:01:16 PM

awwwwwwwwwww arent you too cute

mom says she had a dog that was similar to Little Ann a long time ago. well it seems like a long time ago. her name was Luddie(after King Ludwig of Bavaria) and she says she was super smart. so glad you were saved by a wonderful family. you will love it there. How are you tonight? We had another hot one here. we did get out and about though. so we went to the church field and that was so nice. And we went to the dollar store too. I love it there. I have a special friend there that always makes sure mom gets me a toy. She just got a new min pin pup. We got some fried chicken at popeyes while we were out. well mom forgot that chicken has started upsetting my tummy now a days too. so I got a huge bowl of it. skinless of course. But it didn’t take long till I was really sick. It was a bad one today. mom gave me meds, but she had to spend a large portion of the afternoon sitting with me. mom and oma have decide I cant have any kind of meat except my turkey at night. Not fair. But I guess I would rather do without than be as sick as I was today. mom has a few things to do tomorrow, but she does hope to have more computer time. we will see. We didn’t get any rain today at all. But we did get some last night. I sure hope we get it tomorrow or mom says she will really have to water. I have some chicken for you tonight. And of course a vote too. Wishing you a wonderful night and a terrific tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers, puppy slobbers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus, momma Kay and Baby Louie


5/30/2012 8:28:03 PM

Hey Alabama Gang

Wow! What a busy last few days we have had. This last weekend moms second oldest brother came out with his family, he and his wife have two little girls. Lulu and I had a great time with the little grils. The oldest, who is 2, loved playing fetch with us and petting us. She can say both our names, only she says mine with a P. So now mom calls me Poby becasue she thinks it sounds cute. They came on the 25th and left on the 29th. We all had a super fun time. We sold the two female goats on May 20th, mom says she thinks they got a good home. Now mom just has Gideon, the buck, and Holly, the doe. Holly will be having her kids withen the next two weeks or so. Mom cant wait and said if Holly has a girl she may keep it. She would have to get another buck though. I guess we will wait and see. I suppose it doesn't really sound like we were busy but trust me it was a lot busier then it sounds. I hope you all are having a great week! Schnauzer Hugs & Cockapoo Kiss, Tobbers & Luly p.s. The puppies look so cute! Is your family going to keep them?

Come visit me, Toby º Maya's My Girl

5/30/2012 8:02:10 PM

Hi Big Dan & Little Ann,

What cute names for such adorable puppies! I am so happy that you found a great furever home and you will be very happy and loved much by your new family. Here's a vote for you. Shepherd hugs, Contessa

Come visit me, CONTESSA-It's hard to say goodbye to all my friends-So until we meet again---

5/30/2012 8:01:14 PM

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