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Hi all! Not much going on around here lately. Weather's been nice for the most part, though the last couple of days have been a bit warm and humid. Big Sis is glad she has a new vehicle that has working A/C, though she's having to get used to the idea of it and still rides with windows down more than using the A/C :) Mom and Big Sis weren't too happy with kitty brother Shadow the other day. He lost his collar again. Granted, it'd been a good couple years or so since the last time he'd lost his collar. But they still weren't happy about it. Big Sis (technically Shadow's Mom) said it's a good thing she got him chipped, so she didn't have to rush right out and get a new collar. It took her a few days, but she got him another one. This one is orange for a change. She usually gets red or blue. She said with the orange one he'll look more like a Halloween kitty. Whatever. He didn't seem too happy about a new collar, so he ran off as soon as it was on. Bib Sis didn't even have a chance to take any photos. But knowing her, she'll try for photos soon. Mom finally got a new car last weekend! Yay! It's a cute little Hyundai Accent. Mom seems really happy with it. She calls it cute, and says it runs great and is really comfortable. Big Sis is happy for her, because she knows she was getting tired of having to get rides from people or borrow a car from someone at her church. She's also happy because she won't have to give her rides so much, too. Mom's talking about driving down to Knotts Island, NC, next weekend to give her new car a real good tryout and to visit a friend from her church. The friend knows about my crossing the Bridge and how much Mom misses me, and had suggested she check out his pugs to give her an idea of a new dog breed she might be interested in. She told Big Sis about the plan yesterday and told her not to be surprised if she brings home a pug. She's been talking about wanting a new dog, but also knows she might not be financially able to right now what with everything going on after the car accident a few months ago. We'll see what happens.


Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N

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I was bought from a breeder. Mom's boss at the time had bought a poodle from the breeder lady a year or so before, and when there was a new litter, mom just had to get one. Turns out the two of us (my sister Ginger and I) are the spitting image of each other, although I am a little bigger. I'm in a book! Portion of proceeds go to pet charities. Big Sis's book, Kismet and Tell, is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites!! Check it out at I crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/21/14

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4/9/2012 12:28:55 AM

~*~ Happy Monday Easter Blessings ~*~

. Cinnamon and Family, Monday hugs* Honey we love your main photo, Easter was fun, it was also, sissy Gracie's (who lives with our Mom - her 6th Birithday on Saturday) we have a Fun PaWty .♥. . . .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. . There is magic all around us, You can feel it in the Air; For the lovely signs of Spring time are unfolding everywhere; It's a time of Fulfilled Promise, It's a time of Hope and Cheer; Joyful time of Resurrection Blessed Easter time. Wishing You & Yours a Beautiful Easter . .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. . Easter Love `n` Blessings Tiffany `Lil Sissy Angel Taylonnie` Misha

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Hoppy Easter!

Hope you had a great Easter! Love ya!

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4/8/2012 5:43:33 PM

Hi Cinnamon

Happy Easter to you & your family. We are having a great day already. First a walk , then the Easter bunny left our baskets. There were lots of goodies in there.We ate the eggs already & some of the blueberrt trears and a large rabbit. Mom said we had to wait awhile to eat more. Keeping our paws crossed that your sister wins the prize,.

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4/8/2012 10:47:22 AM

Hi Cinnanom!

Hi everybody! Wow my first c/p im exited to see how this turns out! Dont blame me if its lousy blame the so called "Master c/per" AKA Honey Dew. Humf. Well I will start off with telling you what has been happening today! Earlier momma went to let me out of Papas workshop because hes out of town in Texas for this so called "job"? I dont know ive never had one. I followed momma home and I decided to stay outside for a while. Outside got boring so when I was inside I slept on my princess bed that has my Nanas scent on it. I couldnt find anything else with her sent on it so I asked momma to put nanas nightgown on my pillow and its been there for 2 years. Well about 30 minutes later I started hearing these horrable moaning sounds! I got OFF my princess bed to check it out. Turns out it was my so called genius sister Honey moaning in her sleep! I went and sat on her she STILL wouldnt wake up! Grr I finnaly gave up and went back to sleep. but, before that momma said we can possibly go to the snowball stand later and get a ice cream OR snowball, my pick! How exiting then I heard the catch Honey had to come. Lets just hope I get my own cone because im NOT sharing with that sleeping genius. Pawing a vote Snz snuggles, Lola Belle

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4/2/2012 2:12:39 PM

Hi! I wish that Mom would post a new picture of me cause I am stuck at St. Pattie's day and if I don't hurry I will miss out on Easter. Happy Easter and please don't hurt the Easter bunny.

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3/31/2012 8:51:37 PM

3/31/2012 3:16:29 PM

Cinnamon, So nice to hear from you! Here is our vote for you. Have a wonderful night. Love, Snickers & Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

3/27/2012 6:16:52 PM

Hi Cinnamon

Good to hear from you. I hope you are having a nice week. This week our weather has turned cold. yuk! Windows closed and the furnace is back on. Oh well, next week is April and the warmer weather will be back soon. Have a great night. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

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3/27/2012 5:11:50 PM

Hi Cinnamon

Well good luck to Big Sis' boyfriend, hoping he makes foreman soon! We survived the rain and thunderstorms and are now enjoying cooler temperatures up here in Northern Ohio. I don't mind the cooler temperatures however, all this rain has made the yard very muddy so we are once again stuck inside the stone runs until the yard dries out some. Moms been playing extra long with us at night because she knows we can't run around outside and it taking pity on us! Last night we all had popcorn as a treat while mom watched Hawaii 5-0. It was really good so I saved some for you, I hope you like it! Hope you have a good evening. Your Little Buddy Merlin

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3/27/2012 12:26:33 PM

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