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Aug.12th my sweet baby boy went over the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken. He was the first of the group to join DC over 8 years ago. We will miss you so much my little man.


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Ozzy was my 50th birthday present. I found him at a breeder outside of Medford Oregon. I already had two females and wanted a male. He was so cute and tiny I fell in Love at first sight. We took him home and he became very sick from leaving his mother. I took him back to the breeder and picked him up 10 days later. He was fine to go with us then. He's been my baby boy ever since.

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Hi Love

We haven't been on here at all and finally I was able to talk mom into getting on so we could visit. Thats funny you sit under the table waiting for your mom to drop something...I always sit there and wait for my mom to feed be some too. She said she never seems to be able to eat any meal without giving me half of it. She said I am going to get so fat that you would be looking for another girlfriend that doesn't look like a piggy wiggy...I told her "I don't think so my Ozzy loves me no matter what, so give me another bite BOL. I think sooner or later you'll get some snow.....brrr, makes me cold thinking about it. I have a better idea....come through the tunnel to my house and we can snuggle all winter, doesn't that sound like fun. Mom said I am a great snuggler and kisser too BOL. Spanky is doing real good after his surgery and teeth cleaning....he is back to being grouchy Mr. Paws...hehe. Our new floor is very pretty but I didn't want to walk on picked me up and carried me to the front door to look out and then she went back to the kitchen. I had no choice but to walk on it if I wanted to get back to the kitchen for dinner. I did it and now I'm use to it so everything is fine. Rained here all day today so we didn't get to go out and play...rain might make my toes melt BOL. I will be glad though when these floors are finally done cause we have to stay in the kitchen while the guy is working and when he starts the kitchen then we have to stay in the bedroom. Well going to go watch mom take the dishes out of the china cabinet so it can get moved in the morning out of the way. I love you my little man and sweet dreams of me. Kisses and snuggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooo Love You Abby

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1/11/2012 9:01:31 PM

Hi My Love

How do you like our new picture your mom made us. I love it although my eyes that day were hurting me so bad that I didn't want to even open them. They are doing so much better got me the antibiotic filled at the drug store that my eye doctor prescribes. I had so much fun the other night doing Christmas with you and I could hear you crying with the toys that I gave must have really liked them. I'm sorry it was after Christmas that all the gifts arrived but in a way I am kinda glad it did or I wouldn't have been there to celebrate with you cause you would have been with just your family on Christmas morning. From now on mom says it is going UPS or FedEx cause she was getting worried that they had lost the box of gifts. I have to get my medicine and eyedrops in a few wants to go to bed and Sasha wants to go visit Sam before we do. Oh I heard you guys got a little bit of snow....yuck yuck yuck....I don't like that stuff, makes my toes cold and wet. Sweet dreams my little man and take your toys I bought you to bed and that will help you dream about me BOL. I talk to you tomorrow when your mom and my mom talk. Yorkie hugs and kisses.xxxxxxxxooooooooo Your Sweetie Abby

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12/30/2011 10:16:04 PM

Merry Christmas My Little Elf

Santa Paws is getting closer....I am getting really excited. Mom was looking for me lastnight and found me out in the foyer laying on the floor staring at our Christmas tree. She got a chuckle out of that and said "Santa isn't due for a few days sweetie". Mom plans on taking our pics today in our Christmas clothes that she bought us. I had to be groomed lastnight and it was horrible always. Mom got shampoo in my eye when I had my bath and it is all bloodshot and really is bugging me. Daddy lastnight kept putting a cold cloth on it and said it keeps tearing up. Hope I can keep both eyes open for my pics. Mom is not happy that your box for all you guys has not come yet...keep your paws crossed that it gets there today. I would have brought it to you all through our secret passage but it was too heavy for me. Spanky is loving his new runner and didn't even sleep in his bed lastnight....he slept on the runner. It is cushiony so mom didn't make him get in bed. He must have slept good cause he was up and ready to go this morning at 7:30....didn't have any problems moving around either. He got right up and ran....yeah you heard me right...ran to the patio door. Going to go get my morning snack now and Sash wants to go visit with Sammy and we all want to go say hi to Stormy. I hope your mom can find your hat and scarf when she goes shopping cause I can't wait to see those pics. I'll bark at you tomorrow and pleasant dreams...about me. Love you Ozzy and sending kisses and hugs your way.xxxxoooo Your Love Abby

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12/22/2011 6:02:05 AM

Hi My Love

Mom is going to get the box ready to ship today. I hope you like what I got you. Don't worry I didn't get you clothes cause I know you don't like them. I don't either but mom bought us new dresses so I'm going to have to dress up. Mom is going to put our pic from last year up until she takes my pic and sends your mom my pic so we can have a new one. I love your new pics and think you are soooo handsome with your new haircut. I've never had peanut butter and oatmeal cookies before but mom tried to get me to lick some peanut butter before and I didn't like it. Mom put a couple of your pics on my page...she let me pick the ones that I wanted and then put the rest in my picture file. Sasha is getting her bath today and you know what that means.....mine is coming soon, ughhhh. Supposed to be 57 here, guess we'll go out and play for awhile today. Did you go up on the hill to play too? Mom met this lady yesterday that lost her beagle to kidney failure caused by Prednisone....the lady was sooo sad and it made mom feel so sorry for her. Mom said she will never give me Prednisone again for my eyes but my bloodwork came back good. I only took it that one time and this ladies beagle was on it for 4 years. Doctor never even routinely did bloodwork to see if it was doing any harm. Mom told her if she gets another dog to take it to Dr. Brown at Jolly Pond. Well guess I better run I think mom is getting our snacks ready and I don't want to miss out on that. I'm giving you extra kisses and snuggles to hold you over until I see you again. Sure wish you lived closer cause that tunnel to your place is a me out. Love you my Prince. xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo Your Girlfriend Abby

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12/13/2011 7:01:24 AM

Hi My Love let me get on here to visit with you. I love your new pic but mom said as soon as my new velvet dress comes she will take my picture and maybe your mom could make us a Christmas pic together. Sure have missed you :-( I heard your mom mention to my mom that you had your bath yesterday...I know you hated that BOL I have to get mine again this weekend. Sasha got mom up at 2:00 AM sick to her stomach....she was real nervous lastnight because the wind and the rain was so loud and she wouldn't eat anything. This morning she was starving and really pigged down on her Arby's roast gave me a few pieces too. Its sunny today but only about 50 out. Have you wrote to Santa Paws yet with your list of things you want him to bring you? I have and Santa usually brings me everything I ask for cause I am such a GOOD girl BOL. Spanky on the other hand has not been a good boy but mom says Santa overlooks that. I do have your presents bought but mom is just waiting for Stormy's gift to arrive...hopefully today. Fill me in on what you have been doing for excitement....all us guys have just been playing and sleeping. I love playing with Sasha...I have to lie down on the floor so she can wrestle with me, she is soooo funny. Its a lot of fun when Sarah jumps into it and the 3 of us wrestle together. Mom gets the biggest kick out of it. Well maybe mom will keep the good work up and so we can visit more often...she said she would. I have to let Sasha go visit Sammy so I have to go. Snuggles and yorkie kisses for my Oz. Love you xxxxxooooo Your Girl Abby

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12/8/2011 10:13:06 AM

Hello Ozzy!

Stopping by with a hello and vote before we jump in bed. We hope you had a grreat day.

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11/29/2011 11:22:28 PM

Sunday 11/20 vote for Chewie 210570

Here is your Sunday vote.

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Hi! Keshia here with a Saturday vote.

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11/19/2011 5:56:02 PM

Vote 2,800. Enjoy your pictures, every time I stop by.

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11/16/2011 6:35:42 AM

Leaving a vote. So cute!

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