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Merry Christmas. Thanks for DOTD friends



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My family lost their beloved dog Mustafa to lymphoma 2/8/2010. Broken hearts and all they logged onto my organizations website via family reference. Mom saw my picture and fell in love. A week later they put in a application. A week later they made arrangements with an adoption counselor to adopt me. A few weeks later they came to Ohio to get me and bring me home. We adopted him from a wonderful organization called Circle Tail.

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Haha, Sounds confusing! I bet your new family loves you very much already :) I love to play fetch too. Its the number one thing in my life! Bol. The last part of my motto says so, and my hobbies! Haha, Have a good day Jax! Licks & Love ♥ Zoey

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey

3/29/2010 4:16:24 PM

Vote 44 JAX from Angel Samson

AHHH, Jacques, MOO DOG (Mustafa) and his angel pal Samson are both looking at you from heaven with such love and happy that you are with Moo's humans! Mom Paula needs a new canine pal but has to really look into it for later this summer or early autumn! JACQUES for DOTD soon! I am asking for a second DOTD for Angel Samson since he is eligible now since it has been 13 months since he got his first one. I hope I can get a date and I hope Jacques gets his soon! They can celebrate together!

Come visit me, GRANT of Silver Bullet

3/29/2010 3:59:55 PM

Hi Jacques,

Nice to meet you ! Thank-you for the birthday wishes. So many special wishes from all our special DC friends, Golden Hugs & Kisses, Sandi & Gunner

Come visit me, Angel BabyhondaThank-you all for the special Day !, Gunner & Candy, Jake DOTD 6-12-09 Thank-you all !, Mutley ~ Best birthday present Thank-you all !

3/29/2010 3:42:45 PM

Hi Jax!

Zoey here, Would you like to be friends? Licks, Love, & A Vote ♥ Zoey The Ninja

Come visit me, Angel Chip *2/10/01 - 9/22/13*, Angel Mercedes, Zoey

3/29/2010 3:42:16 PM

Hi Jacques!

You're a cutie! We're so pleased to meet you! Leaving a vote for you! Hugs, Jasmine & Willow

Come visit me, ♥ Jasmine 16535 ♥, ♥ Willow 54488 ♥

3/29/2010 3:11:53 PM

Hi Jax and Mommy Abby!

Vote 39:) Went for errands today in the car, sharing a plain baked doughnut with you. Hugs and love from Breezer Bunny and Ty Wabbit.

Come visit me, . ♥ .

3/29/2010 11:08:06 AM


Welcome to your Forever Home and to our DC family. We are so happy for you and your family and look forward to getting to know you. We know Angel Moo is smiling down on you. Have a great afternoon and we will talk to you soon. Love, Abby, Tess, and Beau

Come visit me, Abby...In Loving Memory 7/29/1996-3/15/2014, Beau...In Loving Memory, Holli ( IN LOVING MEMORY), Maggie (IN LOVING MEMORY), Tess Easter Blessings, Tucker Here Comes Peter Cottontail

3/29/2010 10:33:42 AM


Hi! My name is Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and yes, I was named after the character in the Highland movies and TV series. I am a West Highland White Terrier, which is a breed that originated in Scotland and can be traced back to the time of King James I of England. I am running the month of March for the position of Dog of the Month (DOTM) and would appreciate it if you could stop by my page 18686 and vote for me daily or as often as you can. The dog with the most votes at the end of the month wins the contest. Now for a little bit about me: I am Sgt. At Arms and Park Manager of the Westie Club. Treasurer of the Terrier Club. A-Team Tug-O-War Master, a member of the Peace Team, DC Friendship Club, BPM and the DC Sports Club. I made DOTD on July 4,2008 and again on July 23, 2009. My nickname is SweetPea although dad sometimes calls me donkey like in the movie Shrek. My favorite games are tug-o-war and fetch, although I also like to play keep away. I am mom's constant companion and have learned to detect when mom's blood sugar is running low and alert her to the situation so that she can eat something right away. My theme this month is Irish Poetry with authentic poems. Today's poem is STANZAS TO ERIN by J. J. Callanan from The Poetry and Song of Ireland Still green are thy mountains and bright is thy shore, And the voice of thy fountains is heard as of yore: The sun o'er thy valleys, dear Erin, shines on, Though thy bard and thy lover forever is gone. Nor shall he, an exile, thy glad scenes forget - The friends fondly loved, ne'er again to be met - The glens where he mused on the deeds of his nation, And waked his young harp with wild inspiration. Still, still, though between us may roll the broad ocean, Will I cherish thy name with the same deep devotion; And though minstrels more brilliant my place may supply, None loves you more fondly, more truly than I. I took your vote bone while I was here. Have a great day! Duncan

Come visit me, Duncan *Gone 5/22 - 5/29*

3/29/2010 10:09:15 AM

Welcome to the DC Jax!

Oh boy, you sure are a handsome fella! We know that Moo had a hand in finding your furever family... great job Moo!!! Hugs, Cody


3/29/2010 9:51:36 AM

Welcome Welcome Welcome Jax....welcome to DC and welcome to your new home!!! We have been so very excited for your family as they have been waiting for your arrival. We know Angel Moo has been watching over with anticipation too.You are such a handsome labby boy. Mom Lori has always had a lab and adores them. Our Duncan is pretty special too. You are just beautiful.....hmmmmmm can you call boys beautiful? Angel Moo had so many friends that loved him and still do...won't be long till you are getting lots of furry friends popping in to see you. We are pleased to meet you. Have a great day. Looking forward to being your friend. labby Hugs, Cinder-Ella

Come visit me, Cinder-Ella- Now an Angel and free from pain 8-16-2012, Duncan- Birthday Boy!!!

3/29/2010 9:42:29 AM

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