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Surprise Sunday •° VoTE DoTd •° April 29th!

. Vote Crash 235 \Surprise Nomination/ By TeamDotd . This handsome German Shepherd, from Irvine, CA. Now, 12 years old, Crash was rescued into a very loving home and family. He loves to hang out in the backyard, dig and sleep!! Please drop over to his page 235 and give this handsome Senior guy a vote on Sunday! Thanks so much!! TeamDotd . •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° ~ DC Birthday's ~ . Terra 34284 Shelby 103752 . ~DC Anniversary's~ . Angel Susie 159929 2yr @ RBBridge Sugar 176621 2y DC Anniversary •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° . ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ MONTH OF APRIL ~:•:~ APPRECIATE DAILY VOTES ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ . DOTM: COOPIE GIRL 31897 COTM: INDIE 208247 HOTM: Angel Pixie Dust 101958 ROTM: Slinky 231617 { Slinky belongs to Nico & Goog on DC } . TEAM DOTD NEWS °• SunDAY °• APRIL 29, 2012

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4/29/2012 2:46:58 AM

Hi Yukon

It’s me Scooby. I finally got mom to do some Scooby typing! It doesn't look like I will be the one to give your #6000. I would like to say thanks for remembering the anniversary of my arrival on the DC back in 2008. I was just a little dog, 8 lbs (now 12 lbs) with crazy fur that had spent lots of his life in a crate. Then, there I was in my new home, free to walk around, free to go out in the yard, free to grab a little snack of kibble whenever I wanted to; yes it felt great to be so free. I was already house trained, so I am not sure why I had to stay in the crate. Now I spend my time napping outside in the sun puddles, being scratched and sleeping in the big bed every night. I also like playing with Brofur Buddy. The only worry I have is keepin’ track of Ol’ Kitty Boy, you just never know where he is hiding and when he might jump out in Doggy Attack Mode! I really do have a good life! Woofs, Scooby

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

4/28/2012 3:10:18 PM

Hello Everydog♥ Delilah and Maggie here with an update! We are very sorry about not being on sooner to blog. Our aunt has been super busy with school. We were going to get on, and blog to everyone yesterday, but our aunt went to her boyfriend's house. She hadn't seen him since Sunday because he got his tonsils taken out, and he hasn't been at school. Our aunt has to take her EOC tests from Tuesday through Thursday next week. She has been busy studying, and trying to do any work she has missed. We probably wont be on much text week, but we will try our best. We were hoping that our aunt was going to come over this weekend, but she called our mommy, and told her that she wasn't going to be able to make it over. She told our mom that she would probably be coming over next weekend though. Y'all are going to be so proud of us! We have only had a few little accidents in the house this week. Our mom is very proud of us. We also have been doing a lot better about being on a leash. We are very use to our new home now, and we will now go into any part of the apartment without getting nervous, and turning back around. Our human brother and sister are doing good, but our sister has been sick. She had an ear infection, and didn't go to school the other day. We were super happy about that because we got to lay down with her all day. As long as she is asleep, so are we! We didn't get any snow. It's actually been warm the past few days. In the 70's to be exact. Our aunt has been wearing shorts. One of the days that she wore shorts it became a huge thunderstorm. We don't like storms very much. Everytime we heard it thunder we jumped. Anyway, she got soaked by the rain. Hehe. Guess that'll teach her to look at the weather next time. We are really happy to announce that we are almost to 100 votes! Our aunt is very proud of us, and our mommy is too. We just want to thank all of you for voting for us, and for coming by with your very sweet and sometimes funny blogs. We will do our best to do personal blogs tomorrow. Have a nice night. ♥ Delilah & Maggie

Come visit me, Delilah & Maggie♥ ((Offline))

4/27/2012 8:12:08 PM

Hi Yukon!

Hope you're having a nice day! Sorry we have still not been active. We don't plan to be on normally again for another couple weeks. Well, we have news on the baby finches. They are all grown up!! Last Monday they flew away. We were lucky enough to have the chance to see it. We saw the babies up and looking out of the nest, and then the just hopped out and left. One of the babies mom got a picture of on the ground as it was leaving. And lately we've been watching the parents (maybe other birds, but they look like the same ones) make a nest in the tree next to the other one. Hmm, hopefully there will be more babies to watch then :) Well, mom got us some rawhides the other day. Brandon finished his big one in about an hour, BOL! Then the other night Brandon was running around more than he ever had before. He circled around the kitchen, on the couch, off the couch, downstairs, upstairs, and into the wall. He's so silly :) Today was nice and sunny, and we finally had some time to get out there and take some pictures. We plan on working on uploading everything tonight or tomorrow. The past few days we've been having computer problems, thankfully it was an easy fix and only took a couple minutes once we had time to work on it! Have a nice weekend! Left a vote, *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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4/27/2012 7:38:34 PM


Hi Yukon, I had two moles removed. One turned out to be a cutaneous melanoma. The margins are clear so it looks like the vet got it all thankfully. The other mole was benign. The recover was fourteen days with an ecollar. I'm happy to be done with that!! BOL TGIF! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Here is a vote! Love, Snickers and Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

4/27/2012 7:17:25 PM

Hi Yukon

Darn, now I won't be #6000... Oh well, I tried. Thanks for voting for me. Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

4/27/2012 5:07:48 AM

Hey Yukon, Peaka and Angel Indigo

First off I really need to stop being gone for so long, but I always seem to be a busy doggy. So where to start, oh yes! Mom, her sister, and their mom took Lulu and I for a 8 mile round trip walk. Its the longest I have ever walked, mom was laughing because I pulled her the whole way, I was wearing my harness of corse, and when we got home I still wanted to walk when she asked me. I just love walks so much, I cant help it. The next day Lulu was limping, mom looked at her paw and saw that the pad on one of her toes was half off. She wrapped it up with some stuff to help heal it and put a sock over it so Lulu would not lick it or anything. Its pretty much all better now. As for the goats, since I think you all like to hear about them, well they are all doing good. Mom is sad and a little mad to beacsue Tabitha isn't pregnant like we all thought. After talking with her mom, since they both own the goat farm, they decided to sell most of the goats and just have a buck and two does instead of 4 or 5 does and two bucks. They just don't have the time since we all want to go traveling this Summer. So the goats that will be leaving are, Tabitha, becasue they don't want to wait another year to breed her and she is a mean goat. Angel, becasue she does not give as much milk as we need and she is VERY stubborn. And all 3 of Angels kids will be going as well. That will leave Holly who is a very nice goat, in fact she is the nicest if the herd. Mom is very sure she is pregnant since her belly is so round, her udder seems to be getting bigger, and she has not been in heat since January. She is due on June 14th. Mom is now looking into getting a Lamancha, Kinder, Toggenbreg, or a mix of those to be Holly's friend. She read up and found they give lots of milk with higher butterfat. As some of you may know my birthday is tomorrow, April 27th, and I am going to be 3! Mom cant believe how time goes by. She always says it seems just like yesterday that she picked me out. She says she got me a little gift, like she does every year. She can only afford to get me one gift, but I don't mind as she always gets me somthing that I love. I wonder what it will be this year??? I am scared now that this is to long and you have all fallen asleep so I will go now. I hope you all have a great weekend! Schnauzer Hugs & Cockapoo Kisses, Tobbers & Lulu P.s. You sound like me when I find something I think it yummy and mom thinks is gross. I'll be sure to look up your video.

Come visit me, Toby º Maya's My Girl

4/26/2012 6:51:28 PM

Hi! Yukon

Hi! That is cool that your mom's brother's name is also Ryan! That is very weird :) Hehe! Here is a quick vote, thanks for stopping by :) I will be offline till Sunday (hopefully), mom and her family are going out of town. I will be back either way, I promise :) "Friends are angels following you through life" Wishing you happy days today and in the future! Thinking of you till we meet again, ♥ SB

Come visit me, SashaBelle

4/26/2012 5:33:05 PM

Hi Yukon

Thanks for stopping in yesterday and helping me celebrate. Whaat a great day. All you doggies were so much fun. Have a great day today Bindi

Come visit me, Bindi, Eddison, Ladybug, Mandy, Molly, Sunday, Wynter

4/26/2012 6:30:20 AM

4/26/2012 5:05:12 AM

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