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we sadly lost mazey mae at 4:30am on march 10th :( .....before she passed she had been drinking a lot of water and had a urine infection but when she stopped eating and laid around not wanting to get up we took her into the vet to get looked at, sadly the morning after the vets is when she passed away.... we did find out she had diabetes an passed away from that :( ....i love you my sweet angel


† Angel Mazey Mae ~♥~I Love You Chewy~♥~ ~†~ R.I.P  june 20th, 2006-march 10th, 2015~†~  ..last new pix added

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well mazey says i need to say more on how i got her so hear it is....Ok so this is why i was getting a puppy, my dog was just given away and my grandpa promised me he would buy me a pup and my mom said ya ok we can do that so my sister was helping out to well one day i was sleeping and my sister comes and wakes me up and while i was half asleep she told me we were getting puppies and i just got outta bed got dressed and we were on are way to get mazey mae..once their she was the only female left and my mom said i could only get a female well lucky for me i picked her she was the runt of the litter well we had to hurry up pay $75 for her load up molly mae and my new pup mazey mae and go and pick up maverick moose whats realy funny is mazey mae is just one day older then maverick moose!!

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Soft Dog Treats 3 (2 1/2 size) jars baby food beef or chicken 1/4 cup dry mild powder 1/4 cream of wheat Preheat oven 350, combine all, mix well, drop on a greased cookie sheet bake for 15 mins or until brown. refrigerate to keep fresh. We got one for tuna fudge, if she wants that on let us know and we will give that to her also. Voted

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2/28/2012 6:02:36 PM

Sat, Surprise •°Dotd Nomination, Feb 25th•°

. Vote DoTd, Dani 154608°• Surprise Nomination by Noah/Byron ``Never let a lap go empty or a drop crumb go uneaten.`` Beautiful Papillon from Trent, SD and her name is Dani aka Woogie Bear Ma Barker & Deputy Dawg .*. also, please {Vote 4 her in the BaxterBoo Contest Plz.}.*. Dani's, Momma saw her picture on the Internet and she was so cute she couldn't resist. Dani cannot see her Momma, when she cuddles her so near, yet Dani know's Mom's love, it's in the words she hears. Dani cannot see her Daddy, when he holds her by his side, but still she knows Dad loves her when he tells her so with pride. Please tippy paw to Dani's page 154608, with a surprise Dotd Vote on Saturday, February 25th! . °• •°• •°• •°• •°• •°. Happy 5yr Anniversary, Jasmine 16535 . Happy 3yr Anniversary: Doby 125604 •° Charlie 125607 . Happy Birthday: Sadie Cat 31806 °• •°• •°• •°• •°• •° . DOTM RUNNERS APPRECIATE DAILY VOTES: Alley-Army Brat: 216483 Lil'Bit & Savanah:33072 COTM: CHERISH 17622 . TEAM DOTD NEWS •°• Saturday •°• 2/25/12

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2/24/2012 10:00:58 PM

2/24/2012 10:00:29 PM

Sorry for the c/p tonight. Thank you so much for stopping by our page and helping us get dotd we sure do appreciate it. Momma went and got us some special treats. There being so many of us the whole bag in GONE. She also make us some whole make ones and they just come out of the oven. Can't wait until they cool and we can eat them up too. We are leaving you a thank you vote. Have a great night and thanks again for our dotd. Hugs & puppy kisses

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2/24/2012 6:36:23 PM

Mazey my ♥

Im sooo sorry I didnt make it on for Valentines day! Your brother knows what happend im sure he will tell you...*Nudges you* dont worry my love its not your fault* hands you a box of chocholates and a love letter inside it...I love you sweetie ♥Jackson

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2/24/2012 10:45:45 AM

oh sorry. I own three rabbits.

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2/18/2012 5:58:38 AM

what did all your dogs die from?

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2/17/2012 12:20:03 PM

Hi Mazey

Yeah it looked like she was getting bugged a bit, haha. I love flems. They're cool bunnies. I'm sorry about your bunny that passed!

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2/17/2012 7:53:29 AM

Vote 820!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you got lots of belly rubs and dog-friendly candies!! Love you!! Love, Onyx♥ .

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2/15/2012 9:33:32 AM

Vote 819!

Hey, your bunny looks like Momma's Jester! What's it's name?? How've you been Mazey Mae? Love your new pictures! Sorry this is soooo short! I gotta run, though. LOTS to do today!! Love, Angel Twinky♥ . So one SHORT c/p. And then the rest will be personal! Momma's going to fix up our profiles and combine a few together. Though we might have said that already. Juicy has gotten better! They raised $1,800 on the site and Momma's little cousins dad matched it! Which jumped it up to $3,600. And then Momma's little cousins mom put in the rest! So the surgery was done and she's getting better each day. Thanks for your prayers everyone! It means a lot. :) Now, Momma has an appointment to get her ribcage checked out cuz when she came back from bootcamp it had begun to pose as a REAL problem. Her ribcage didn't form correctly for some reason and it hurts a LOT. She's hoping for some surgery to correct it. MOMMA IS SUPPOSED TO GO VISIT DOMINO TOMORROW!!!!!!!! She's SUPER excited about that! Let's hope everything goes well and she is able to go see him!! That's all for the c/p! Thanks!

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2/11/2012 10:00:17 AM

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